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  1. My version of the Freightliner FLC

    Nice job, love the paint work, you did a nice job on the stripes very accurate!!!!
  2. fuel lines on chevy titan

    I'm doing the fuel lines on my titan, and I want to know, does one line connect to the other tank?, and does the other go to a splitter and the go to the fuel inlet to the fuel pump? Can anybody help?
  3. Air brush help

    Mark thank you so much for the insite, the freightshaker looks great!!!!! I have a testers compressor that gives about 30 psi so I will get on youtube and get craken
  4. Air brush help

    Hay guys I got a little compressor and a badger air brush today, I'm a rattle can guy. BUT I want to learn how to air brush. Do anyone have any free advise? I checked the forums but found nothing. Can anyone give me some insite?
  5. Pete 378 Car Hauler

    Nice job JT love the detail
  6. 70's Great Dane Reefer

    Nice job on the weathering and detail is GREAT
  7. Pete 378 Stretch (Under Glass, Now)

    JT the inside of the cab looks awesome, You did a real nice job on the dash. The stretch looks good! JT I have a question, is that the earlier 378 kit from Italeri? KUDOS on the truck another great creation!!!!!!!
  8. Lubafilter help

    I'm working on a chevy titan and I need to know were the lines are hooked up on the filter Please
  9. Chevy titan help

    Guys I'm desperate here, I need some pictures of the shift linkage and also how the luberfilter is hooked up. Tim sent me some pictures from hanks website that I have. But I need a little better pictures so I can build my own shift linkage HELP
  10. I'm putting together the shift tower, I want to use a small copper rod, and bend it to shape. Can anyone give me a picture so I can fab up the parts
  11. oil tank help ( titan 90 semi truck)

    I guess that's what you call it, I saw it on hanks picture brochures.
  12. I have a chevy titan I am doing. I saw a oil tank picture on hanks website. It was on the left side of the frame. The kit has one but it doesn't have a place in the directions to put it on. I'm going to put it on, but my question is where do you plump it to? block or supercharger? HELP!!!
  13. Beall trailer & LoneStar with Flames

    I like the flames, I will someday learn how to do that, where do you get the info on how to do that? Is that all with an air brush? NICE NICE
  14. Freightliner, Finally Got it to Sit Level....Page 3

    JT nice job, is that a the AMT stock kit that you stretched ? You did good!!! That cab is no fun I have been there. Love the headache rack!!!
  15. KW W900 and flatbed trailer [first builds]

    That was the first truck, That I built. And I was hooked. You did a nice job. The paint job is really nice!!!