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  1. TV/Movie Vehicle Community Build.......Contest

    For one of mine I am going to try to build the 67 Plymouth Belvedere GTX from Tommy Boy. I am going to do it as the car toward the end not the nice one:)
  2. Tuesday Morning

    So who wants to pick up a jeep commando and the snow plow for me? I dont live anywhere close to one of these
  3. Fast 5,......Really ?

    I just seen the preview and thought it looks good. I enjoy car movies weather they are stupid or not. One thing I like about all the fast and furious movies is all the action with cars. Oh and Jordana Brewster
  4. Were these kits ever made?

    That kit is the wrong body style, I think What I am looking for is a FJ-55 I also added a dodge to the original post.
  5. Were these kits ever made?

    I am trying to find a few kits but am having problems. First one is a 1970 Ford F-100 pickup. I have found a 72 resin kit on ebay but it has the wrong grill. Second I am trying to find a 1967 Toyota land cruiser. Third is a 1950 dodge truck. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. Lighting

    Thanks for the help!!
  7. TV/Movie Vehicle Community Build.......Contest

    He is doing the car from Highwaymen. That will work diymirage.
  8. Ok Here is the official thread for the TV/Movie Vehicle Contest build. Lets start off with some rules. Contest Starts Today, Sunday, December 12, 2010 Contest Ends Sunday, June 12 2011 Only 2 Vehicles can be entered by one person. All vehicles cannot be prebuilt, mush be built for this contest.(if you use an existing kit it mush be completely disassembled) The Vehicle must be a match to a vehicle one would see on tv, whether in a movie or tv show. When you submit your entries, please try to show a screen shot of what you are building. (Example: If you are say building a car after it gets into a wreck try to show a screen shot of that scene.) You must post pics of your progress from start to finish!! Ok now for the rest............. When The contest is over I will start a poll for everyone to vote for their favorite build, we will let the voting go for a couple weeks. The winner will get a 1 year subscription to Model Cars Magazine:) This is were I will list the entries for each person: 1.Bigern26 - 1967 Plymouth Belvedere GTX from "Tommy Boy" 2.Bigern26 - ? 3.Brokentail58 - Chevy Truck from the show "Chips" 4.Aaronw - Jaghearse from "Harold & Maude" 5.Jordan White - 1986 Jeep J10 from "Twister" 6.Craig Irwin - 55 Chevy 150 from "Two Lane blacktop" 7.Craig Irwin - 64 Lincoln "Deathmobile" from "Animal House" 8.diymirage - 68 Cuda from "Highwaymen" 9.Danno - 1957 Chrysler convertible from "Crime Story" 10.Danno - 1960 Ford squad car from "Crime Story" 11.Wheelman - Monte Carlo from "Ace Ventura" 12.Railfreak78 - 58 Plymouth Fury from "Christine" 13.Railfreak78 - Chevy City Stocker from "Days Of Thunder" Thanks for playing and have fun building!!!
  9. Looking for interest...........POLL

    I was hoping for a little more interest but I suppose we can start this. I will start the official thread on Saturday, Dec 11............So keep watch for it in the community build section.
  10. Tractor Trailer Community Build

    Thanks all, Oh and I am far from finished, I still have to find a trailer, rims, tires and a few other accesories. I might start another soon..............I am thinking Snow plow!!
  11. Lighting

    I have been wondering what kind of lights and wiring/batterys people use when making cars lights work and for diorama lights. I am thinking about making working lights on a car and I want my first diorama to have some lighting too.
  12. Looking for interest...........POLL

    One of my Favorite movies!!!!
  13. First build in many years

    I got the decals on and a few other touch-ups finished. Here how it sits now!!
  14. Tractor Trailer Community Build

    I got the decals on and a few other touch-ups finished. Here how it sits now!!
  15. First build in many years

    Well Here she is so far, I have to put on a few decals and finish painting a few things. I am going to put on a headache rack and once I find a trailer I will add air lines. I am also going to buy better rims and tires once I find a good set. Getting closer to being done!!