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  1. I will be starting a new progect soon I'm building a 1/25 White Freightliner log truck. I've always liked the look of cabover semi trucks and living in southwest Louisiana I see filthy old log trucks all of the time. I'm planning on building the day cab version, I'll post progress pictures when I get started.
  2. I'm starting my first project since finally getting back here after a few years by redoing an old project. Several years ago I chopped up a 1/18 diecast 1940 Ford coupe and made it a 1950's dirt track race car. I will probably take it apart strip and repaint the car add new aftermarket race car decals and a figure or two ending up with a diorama. I,m going for the scene of a driver that has just won a race getting his picture taken. I will post some pictures as soon as I can this is an idea of where I'm going with this project.
  3. I'm Back

    Hi everyone I've been gone for awhile had a few family issues for the past few years. But I have a new computer and access to the internet again so I plan to hang out here again.
  4. OK, here are the finished pictures of Bubba's Toxic Waste Disposal.
  5. HI guys It's been awhile since I've posted anything in the forum because I have not been building anything lately. I started a project a few weeks ago though called Bubba's Toxic Waste Disposal its a redo of something I built back in the 80s in 1/24 scale. I went a little bigger this time I started with a 1/18 scale die cast 55 Chevy pickup added a scratch built garbage truck back end and a slimy monster. I still have to finish the Bubba figure a trash can for the monster's tentacle and the base, here are a few progress pictures.
  6. Flying Hummvee

    I'm not sure if this project belongs here or not but you gotta admit it's cool as all get out, defiantly going on my future projects list. I see a motorized rotor blade in 1/25 scale with figures just like in the picture. I found another picture.
  7. 1/18 55 Chevy Dirt Track Car

    Well I should be able to get back to work on the car know my last purchase of a couple of bucket seats from e-bay will be here today. I was going to try to cut up the bench seat and use it but it just does not like right, plus I have that cool looking photoetch 5 point racing seat belt now. I have been holding off starting the roll cage until I have the seat. I'm having second thoughts about converting the pickup into a car hauler too. The 1/25 scale semi truck tires would work but the wheels look totally wrong, I may just get a trailer for the race car and do a kinda rusty old rat rod look on the truck.
  8. 1/18 55 Chevy Dirt Track Car

    I got the 55 Chevy truck I'm using for the race car hauler in the mail today, the 5 point racing seat belt came on Saturday.
  9. 1/18 Henry J Gasser

    I really like this one....I love converting die cast cars into models that look more like the real thing instead of toys great job.
  10. 1/18 55 Chevy Dirt Track Car

    Here are a couple of pictures of the Chevy truck and racing seat belts for the car that I got on e-bay yesterday.
  11. 1/18 55 Chevy Dirt Track Car

    Thanks Ron, I'm still working on the car it will probably be done well before the truck is though. When I get the truck I'll have to take it apart and draw up some plans for the wedge car hauler back end. I have seen some plans but there all in 1/25 scale it's not like the thing will be very complicated though it looks pretty straight forward. I decided to go with the wedge bed design because all I need to use to build it is sheet plastic I'm trying to decide if I should paint the truck Plum Crazy to match the car. P.S. I just paid for the truck and ordered a racing seat belt setup for the car they will be shipped tomorrow I should get them both next week.
  12. 1/18 55 Chevy Dirt Track Car

    Thank you all for your comments I just won an e-bay auction on a 1/18 scale 55 Chevy pickup to use as a wedge bed car hauler. This is a picture I found of what I want to do with the truck.
  13. 1/18 55 Chevy Dirt Track Car

    Thanks Tom I was wondering if 1/25 scale semi tires and wheels might work I have plenty of them around.
  14. 1/18 55 Chevy Dirt Track Car

    I found another race car hauler picture that I like better I'm bidding on a 1/18 scale 55 Chevy pickup to use on e-bay. I hope I get it but I'll have to get my hands on some bigger wheels and tires for it and a duel wheel set up for the back, then I can use sheet plastic for the ramp.
  15. 1/18 55 Chevy Dirt Track Car

    Thanks for the comments guys. I remember seeing some cars with the doors cut out like that. I think it was so they could get to the driver easier in case of an accident or he could get out of the car quicker. It was usually the passenger side door so that the drivers side door was still intact for protection. I just like the look with the door cut out too, the tires and wheels are from a diecast model of The Car from the James Brolin movie of the same name. A friend of mine gave it to me after it was broken by one of his kids, to use for parts.