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  1. BRBO International 4070B moving van

    I changed my mind on the trailer. I'm saving the fresh kit that started this build for another truck. When I built the suspension, I mounted the axles below the springs instead of on top of the springs per the kit instructions. I realized my mistake and then the idea hit me. I had some 15 inch trailer wheels and tires made by Mo'Luminum, so, I modified the body of an ebay built-up I bought years ago. First, I completely cut out the trailer's wheel wells. The upside-down axles help to make up for the change in ride-height resulting from the change of wheels. Scrap sheets of plastic were placed over the holes in the floor left by the wheel wells. A paper template of the wheel arches on the side walls was drawn, and filler pieces were made from 2 broken side walls that I had in my spares box. I cut the filler pieces to shape and ground the back sides thinner so they would cover the wheel arches. Here is my filler piece installed. Here it is mocked up with its new wheels .
  2. Some more Newray 579's

    When I was leased to Diamond Transportation I hauled quite a few combines and have been looking to build a truck hauling one. Finding a combine has been the hard part. We carried Case/New Holland and John Deere.
  3. Some more Newray 579's

    I love the combines. I would love to find one. Your builds are nice.
  4. That turned out very nice.
  5. "Food Lion" Brockway 457 Daycab

    That is an outstanding build.
  6. Freightliner FLB 1/25 AMT conversion

    Outstanding work so far.
  7. BRBO International 4070B moving van

    A wind fairing has been installed. I scratch built some new mounts for it.
  8. My first Big Rig

    Very cool. I love the story as well.
  9. BRBO International 4070B moving van

    I finally have a day off, so hopefully I can work uninterrupted. I'm creating more of my own parts on this one. I wanted to eliminate the clunky appearance of the kit stack, so I cut it apart. I am going use K and S aluminum tube for the air cleaner stack. If I can get the upper part of the air cleaner stack bent properly without denting, then I will do that. If not, I do have that upper portion saved and its seam basically eliminated to attach to the top of the air cleaner stack. The muffler was cut away, puttied and sanded. It will be incorporated into the new part I'm making. The cut down parts as compared to an assembled kit part. The lower braces were left on the frame. Another part I had to copy are the door handles. They just need to be trimmed and cleaned up. Here are the clamps I made after modifying and copying the kit part shown with the tubes intended for the intake and exhaust stacks.
  10. BRBO Mack R685ST

    The Mack looks great, but that trailer is outstanding!
  11. Heller 359 wrecker

    This is really cool. I love the 1:1.
  12. International Transtar 4300 Restoration

    That was a very nice build. Good luck with the rebuild.
  13. BRBO International 4070B moving van

    Not much of an update since a recent wind storm has forced me to do some repairs at home, but at least I was at the bench for a little while today. I cleaned up the tail light area a little with some putty work and sanding.
  14. Brockway 457 Daycab

    I look forward to this one.