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  1. You did a nice job. I used to have the Revell version of this kit with the Mobilgas decals, but I never did build it. I knew it was small, but seeing the $20 bill really shows me just how small it really is.
  2. That looks great. I love the paint job.
  3. The actual name of the color as I have read it is Black Coffee, which, as all of us coffee drinkers know, is a very dark brown. However, to the eye of almost anyone out there, it's a black truck. 😉
  4. I thought I would share this email from Dave Natale at AITM. Ford WT9000 https://aitruckmodels.com/product/ford-w-9000-blue-mule/?mc_cid=e6059455a7&mc_eid=c8368b0b6a Mack R800 https://aitruckmodels.com/product/mack-r-800rsx/?mc_cid=e6059455a7&mc_eid=c8368b0b6a
  5. It looks great so far. I look forward to seeing how it turns out. I've been wanting to do this as a future project.
  6. It takes a little work, but it is very similar to the suspension in the amt White Freightliner DD kit.
  7. This is a 1978 catalog and it mentions the garbage truck. I guess they were going to try and revive the project. So how about that Coca Cola trash truck? lol. I know the wooden master is still out there, but it was never turned into a kit.
  8. That is excellent. That aluminum steer/2 hole drive combo brings back so many memories.
  9. Outstanding work. I saw Road Movie. It's a shame what happens to that truck at the end.
  10. That turned out fantastic. That is a nice color choice.
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