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  1. SpreadAxle added a post in a topic Trailmobile 40 footer   

    It's almost done, so I wanted to update and share a few pix. Just some detail painting and other minor things remain.

  2. SpreadAxle added a post in a topic Peterbilt 379 and Timpte Super Hopper   

  3. SpreadAxle added a topic in On the Workbench: Big Rigs   

    Trailmobile 40 footer
    For my GMC Astro daycab I'm building a 40 ft trailer. I made it using 2 of amt's 27 ft Trailmobile trailers. The kits used are the amt Trailmobile doubles and the amt Trailmobile 27 ft van which has the Metro Freight System markings on the box. If you can find this kit, it has only one trailer in the box and the dolly.
     The springs I used are the springs meant for the converter dolly. I used those because they match the length of other tandem axle springs. The center spring hanger comes from a junked amt Wilson livestock trailer suspension. The wheels come from an amt Trailmobile moving van. I started detailing the suspension. Still ahead is painting the body and making the signs for the side walls. I'm going with the roll up door from the kit.

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  4. SpreadAxle added a post in a topic My pair of Peterbilt 377s   

    Very nice.
  5. SpreadAxle added a post in a topic "Old Blue" restored   

    Weight savings was the main reason for the shorter bumpers. Every pound of weight counts on a truck. Also, for some fleets, When the bumper got damaged on either end, their shop would cut off the end.
  6. SpreadAxle added a post in a topic "Old Blue" restored   

    Thanks everyone.
  7. SpreadAxle added a post in a topic AMT Peterbilt 359 California Hauler Wrecker   

    That really looks nice. The matching oil drum is a nice touch.
  8. SpreadAxle added a post in a topic All K-Woppers, let's see them K- Dubs   

    My K121. There's some great builds here on this thread.

  9. SpreadAxle added a post in a topic all White - Autocar here   

    This is the Autocar dump truck kit converted into a tractor. Originally built as a logger, I rebuilt it into this "Michigan Train".

    Converting the engine into an NTC 350, air lines and fuel system details, swapping in the main and auxiliary transmissions from a KW W925, and the rear trailer was shortened with the "dolly" built as an integral part of the trailer rather than a separate unit. The colors are Model Master Classic Black with a Testors light blue frame. Unfortunately, the truck has to be rebuilt, but the trailers will be pulled by a matching Road Boss that is still being built.

    There are some nice builds posted here.

  10. SpreadAxle added a topic in Under Glass: Big Rigs   

    "Old Blue" restored
    I 'm lucky enough to have something few are able to keep.This truck and trailer are the first I ever built. Built in July 1991, It's the 1991 re-issue of the Mack R and pulling the AMT Amoco tanker. I restored it back in '09 and it had to be redone again. The color is Testors Dark Blue which is what I originally used. I had to shorten the frame a little to repair it. AITM 2 hole steel wheels, trailer air lines, shortened bumper, rain cap, very minor weathering, and an air cleaner cap from the parts box, are among the few things added to the truck. As to the trailer I did minor weathering and damage, made a set of front fenders from another AMT tanker, added a holder for some traffic cones among other small things. It feels really good to still have this one after 24 years. Thanks for looking.

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  11. SpreadAxle added a post in a topic My rediculous amount of in progress trucks.   

    I have about a dozen that are underway. Like you, I get an idea and jump right in on some basic assembly. I promised myself not to start new ones until these are done, but it doesn't always work. I do find that if I'm really stuck on one, I move to another for a much needed break.
  12. SpreadAxle added a post in a topic Caterpillar TC 660   

    That's pretty ambitious. I'll be watching this one.
  13. SpreadAxle added a post in a topic 1/16 cabover   

  14. SpreadAxle added a post in a topic Dodge Bighorn   

    That looks really nice.
  15. SpreadAxle added a post in a topic rusty gold   

    Some great weathering work.