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  1. Autocar A64F

    This truck isn't too far from being done, but there is still plenty of work to be done. The engine and transmission are installed and are being tied into the frame with air and fuel lines. Hosted on fotki[\url] The color of the frame is Testors Gloss Dark Blue #1211. Hosted on fotki[\url] The sleeper, fuel tanks and front bumper have all been painted Alclad Polished Aluminum. This was sprayed over a coat of Valspar High Gloss Black Lacquer. Overall, I am pleased with the results but it is my very first time using Alclad and there are things I did learn for next time. The tanks are resin items I bought years ago from SourKraut. They were sold as long Mack R tanks. However, If you look at the pic I posted, you will see the fuel tanks are basically identical to the Mack R kit's round fuel tanks. That's why I used these. The cab and hood are being painted and will be shown in the next day or two. Thanks for looking. If the text in this post looks like a "clickable" link, ignore that. I'm not sure why I'm seeing that.
  2. NICE! I love how you added the hand truck to the bumper.
  3. 1974 Dodge Bighorn - Done!!!

    You did a nice job on this.
  4. Kalmar Ottawa Yard Tractor

    Great job! I like how this is turning out.
  5. Autocar A64F

    I've been pretty busy but there has been some progress on this one. I made some modifications to the frame. A new rear cross member was fabricated. Hosted on Fotki.com The Cummins NTA-370 and the transmission from a Road boss kit. Hosted on Fotki.com On the 1:1, some versions had the air cleaner tube coming through the side of the hood while others have the air intake set up the same way as the Autocar kits. For the turbo charged Cummins, I have seen this version of the hood used, so I modified the hood and used the cowl plate from the Road Boss. Hosted on Fotki Thanks for looking and I will update again soon.
  6. White Road Boss & Logging Trailer

    This is a nicely detailed model. Nice work.
  7. White Freightliner

    Really nice work. The paint job is nice and definitely fits a 1970s truck.
  8. White Road Commander II

    That looks great. I wish I could get my hands on one of those.
  9. IH Transtar Eagle II FINISHED !!

    That came out nice. I really like it.
  10. This build is looking great, I used the same Ken Smith article to do an Astro years ago. I like all the plumbing and scratch built valves you added as well.
  11. 1/87 Freightliner build

    That's a great little build.
  12. 1974 Dodge Bighorn - Done!!!

    No. That builder isn't a member here. I guess yours makes only the third I've ever seen in scale.
  13. IH Transtar Eagle II FINISHED !!

    I like the color choice. Even if the masking wasn't perfect, it still came out pretty decent. I hope to eventually be able to mask good enough to be able to make curves in the tape. I'm talking about the sleeper sides. Where it curves up, I have a hard time with that. Nice job overall.
  14. Autocar A64F

    The truck in the pic is basically what I'm going for.
  15. Autocar A64F

    I moved my photos and cancelled Photo Bucket.I'm on Fotki now so they should be visible. What Force said about Photo Bucket is true. They did it without warning.