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  1. I believe this sleeper is called the Penthouse. Able Body did build sleepers for both FORD and MACK. It closely resembles the sleeper in the Superliner kits, but there are differences.
  2. That is an outstanding build. I love your paint job. It makes me want to build mine, but I'm saving it for a later project,
  3. OUTSTANDING!! I love what you have done to the trailer.
  4. I like the added details like the trailer brake handle and the seat belts. Nice work.
  5. Thanks Chucky. This is only the second 1:1 real-life version of this trailer I've ever seen. The spare tire carrier is different and the glad hand box sits higher. Otherwise, definitely the kit trailer.
  6. Here is an advertisement photo of the Fruehauf tanker trailer that was the basis for amt's kit.
  7. You did a nice job. I used to have the Revell version of this kit with the Mobilgas decals, but I never did build it. I knew it was small, but seeing the $20 bill really shows me just how small it really is.
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