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  1. LHD Gulf Seven

    Thank you David! A little paint and a couple custom made decals and they are coming to life.
  2. LHD Gulf Seven

    This was a factory built Caterham model from Tamiya I bought in 2002 so I could display it next to the Red Super Seven I built and heavily modified/detailed to show the difference between what the kit builds straight from the box and the changes I did. I took it apart and I am going to make it Left Hand Drive along with some other upgrades. I had already begun tinkering with it when I took this picture of it looking like a pile of junk.
  3. LHD Gulf Seven

    Thanks Pete! Get a load of this... I got the ignition parts back from the grower. I'm impressed with what he could do with my files. The coil actually slides onto the mount as a full sized one would. I still need to make some hardware and the decals.
  4. LHD Gulf Seven

    I finished the header. Added the studs/washers/bolts to the head flanges as well as a gasket. The welds were added to the joints where the tail pipe and connector pipe meet the muffler. The finished exhaust system.
  5. LHD Gulf Seven

    Muffler & tail pipe. With heat shield and connector pipe.
  6. LHD Gulf Seven

    The connector pipe between the header and muffler is done. I machined the hardware (with lock nuts) and made a gasket too.
  7. LHD Gulf Seven

    The battery is done, slightly weathered/dirtied up. (I can't attach the cables until I know how to route them after I install it.) The top terminals are scaled correctly so the positive one is a hair larger diameter than the negative post. I drew all the art and printed the decals.
  8. LHD Gulf Seven

    I finished making the battery cables for the side terminals. (The hex heads are the correct size.)
  9. LHD Gulf Seven

    I milled flanges to attach the exhaust system to the header.
  10. LHD Gulf Seven

    The pipes were bent from brass tubing. The rear bracket is brass sheet.
  11. LHD Gulf Seven

    The muffler was machined and etched with the logo.
  12. LHD Gulf Seven

    1/12 scale Caterham.
  13. LHD Gulf Seven

    Thank you David! Heat shield for the muffler rough cut from brass and reinforced with aluminum rings.
  14. LHD Gulf Seven

    Side terminal connectors for the battery made from brass.
  15. LHD Gulf Seven

    Thanks Guido! The header had already been modified to work with the other LHD converted pieces from when I wrote the Scale Auto article chronicling how to do it. It was in two pieces still as it comes in the kit. I cemented them together and filled the seam and ejection pin holes. The flanges have been drilled to accept the mounting hardware (that I still have to make).
  16. LHD Gulf Seven

    The master cylinder is done. The cap was machined as were the fittings and mounting hardware. The seals between the reservoir and cylinder were made from soft vinyl. The decals were drawn and printed by me.
  17. LHD Gulf Seven

    I finally got around to bolting the starter onto the engine. Just needed to make the hardware…
  18. LHD Gulf Seven

    I added the side terminals to the top and notched the rib in the main body to match.
  19. LHD Gulf Seven

    Today's project was to make this Mallory HyFire6 ignition box in SolidWorks.
  20. LHD Gulf Seven

    Thanks for the kind words Tim! The ribs around the top and bottom (with correct notches) have been added as well as the end details (flat panels).
  21. LHD Gulf Seven

    "Made" this for it today. Designed a Mallory ProMaster Coil in SolidWorks. Then I made the factory mount to go with it. I'll have them grown separately and assemble them to this configuration, and then add my own milled hardware and wiring.
  22. AMT and MPC Please Put Out Significant Kits

    I know you are wrong on this, I suspect you just made it up. There is no way anyone at Round2 who knows anything would tell you 'We don't know how to make them." as you claim. If that were the case, kindly explain how they managed to mold (quite well I may add) the recently released Piranha set with clear bodies (in clear and yellow tint). I know the reason(s) why they opt to not reissue some kits with clear bodies. But your claim is downright misinformation.
  23. LHD Gulf Seven

    I milled the top of the battery so it snaps onto the brass body of it.
  24. LHD Gulf Seven

    Hmmm… What will this be…?
  25. LHD Gulf Seven

    The parking brake lever was at the wrong angle for a LHD application so I cut it off the boot and machined a new one. The handle is rubber.