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  1. The rear spoiler has been painted too. Two pieces of sheet brass soldered together. Yes it has a clear Lexan section in the middle.
  2. The taillights are the same cloisonné style affair as the headlights, but the red tint had faded to a rose color. I over coated them with X-27 Clear Red to restore (or improve) their luster and depth.
  3. The wipers are PE, and they get "origami'd" with a half dozen bends/folds into decent looking 3D parts. The one in the foreground is before bending it into form. Fine tuning is needed for each one during the actual installation to fit the windshield; after the wiper blades are painted on…
  4. Despite all my test fitting during the early stages it took the better part of an hour to get the chassis and interior parts to fit all the way inside the body and the wheels to be in their proper places. But it was worth it… The vents have been shaded and the filler caps installed.
  5. The (brass) winglets have been painted and the fasteners added. Now they go in the slowly but continually growing collection of ready to install subassemblies.
  6. I made gaskets for the water pump and installed it for the last time. I made the belts from sheet styrene cut into strips then beveled into the shape of a V-belt. I semi formed them before cementing them to the pulleys. (I painted the insides and edges black first.) Careful trimming of the ends created a net fit that was filled with the cement. Then I hand painted them black. The seams are in this shot, but not visible from any angle.
  7. The body has been clear coated. I used urethane thinned almost double the usual amount to compensate for the extra dry and warm weather.
  8. I drew up new artwork and printed a set of the 24 w/roundels. I had hoped that sealing the Ecurie Francorchamps fender scripts in clear would make them usable, but no such luck. They disintegrated too as soon as they made it to the body. So I drew and printed new ones of those too. At least the Ferrari badge I cleared as heavy as if it was a cloisonné survived the application.
  9. Well that's unfortunate… If only I knew someone who could make replacements...
  10. I installed the clear headlight covers too. The recess they fit into is about as deep as the covers are thick. Installing them after clear coating would make them not fit flush at all. Hopefully the clear will help make them flow with the body even more.
  11. I started doing the chrome trim. I blacked out around the windshield and rear window to look like the rubber seals. As you can see the front fender no longer has orange peel… The headlights are Mylar backed lenses. The pressure sensitive glue had lost its stickiness so I cemented them in. I had masked off the hood scoop opening with liquid mask before painting the yellow to retain some detail.
  12. And the black is done... (I drilled the mounting holes through the plastic first.) The top one is the one piece 3D printed plate; below it is the new, more in scale, (37 piece) one. Maybe only a subtle difference, but worth the effort to me. A thin coat of clear and it's done. I'll add tags closer to the end of the whole project.
  13. I made the license plate light housing and added it to the holder. Just loosely assembled…
  14. The license holder is made of brass too. I had to anneal it to get it to conform to the tight U-channel shape for the bottom section.
  15. The interior is fairly simple. The seats are molded to the chassis. I used some old Testors for the blue on the seats. The shifter is a straight pin cut down to fit; provided by the kit. The dash has some nicely molded in detail, so I hand painted it with silver and gray and used clear gloss for the gauge faces. I didn't see the need to make gauge decals since visibility is limited through the windows. Getting the dash to line up with the windshield opening was fun. A tiny drop of 5 minute epoxy was used to tack it into place while the body was on the chassis so I could slide it around until it was properly positioned. Then it was reinforced with CA after it was dry enough to remove. I did the wood grain on the steering wheel a bit heavy to show up through the windows when it is assembled.
  16. I decanted and airbrushed Tamiya TS-47 Chrome yellow for the color. I built it up in four light coats spanning two days to get an even but not heavy finish. I'm not worried about the orange peel on the left front fender; it looks worse than it really is, and it will get cut and buffed before clear coating.
  17. Thanks Jason and Ray. The backside was done with 11 more "backwards" pieces and drop-outs to create the stamped effect. It will be silver so I started building the color up in light coats to help hold the pieces in place. Now that the characters have had the fillets added to them and a coat of primer, they are starting look presentable.
  18. After a day of chasing tiny pinholes I primed the body for the yellow with a nice even coat of white. There's a better than 50/50 chance that most of the pinholes would be filled in by the paint, but it wasn't worth the gamble.
  19. The same plastic was used to make the "raised" face with dropouts for the tags. All the tiny letters for the state and the main characters are individual pieces. There are two layers for the larger ones. They were arranged by hand with a scalpel and tweezers and held in place with clear gloss. (That's 25 pieces.) That "assembly" was applied as a single piece to the brass. I know it looks a bit rough, but once I add the fillets to the letters and numbers it will look better.
  20. You got that right Andrew.
  21. FWIW, today is the three year anniversary of when I started this project. I designed and 3D printed a license plate for it; even started painting it, but I didn't care for the way it looked mostly because it was too thick and had no back side detail. So I made another one from scratch. I've used similar processes to this to make other plates. I started with some 0.005 sheet brass. I cut this blank and drilled some holes. And then I cut a plastic "rim" from .005 sheet plastic and attached it with clear gloss paint.
  22. Looks like I got lucky; after some searching I found a pair of Precision Miniatures Ferrari Lusso knock-offs I can donate to replace the missing ones.
  23. The kit comes with these nice preassembled wheels and tires. Unfortunately two are missing the knock-offs…
  24. I machined these knobs to mount the Wink mirror to the brackets.
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