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  1. '73 Camaro (Replica)

    This is a replica of my real car with all the visible features that make it unique. I bought it 35 years ago this month, but it didn't look like this back then; this is how it looks currently. It is a '73 Rally Sport with a healthy '70 Camaro engine I put in it. It has the original LT-1 manifold and a Holley 750. It also has aluminum heads and cast valve covers. I put a 700R4 transmission from an IROC in it back in '86 and a C4 Corvette monoleaf front suspension in it in '88. Oversized sway bars, sub-frame connectors and custom made traction bars are just like on the real car too. The interior is appointed exactly like the big one down to the driver's seat & harnesses, Wink mirror and fire extinguisher and "modernized" to '73 factory passenger seats (with patterned velour), and console (with Hurst shifter and graphic equalizer). Floor mats and Auto Meter gauges were made to match as well. The paint is the same GS Admiral Blue (toned by undercoat to look more correct in scale) and the stripes are decals I made to match. The wheels have the proper offset and knock offs.
  2. LHD Gulf Seven

    Thanks Peter. Non-functioning, but hopefully realistic looking is the plan. The water temp, oil pressure, volts and fuel housings were roughed out next…
  3. LHD Gulf Seven

    This was a factory built Caterham model from Tamiya I bought in 2002 so I could display it next to the Red Super Seven I built and heavily modified/detailed to show the difference between what the kit builds straight from the box and the changes I did. I took it apart and I am going to make it Left Hand Drive along with some other upgrades. I had already begun tinkering with it when I took this picture of it looking like a pile of junk.
  4. LHD Gulf Seven

    The gauges will be Auto Meter brand. I started off with the tach and speedo and a small vacuum gauge. They are milled so the lenses will mount from the inside like the real ones.
  5. Saturday 9-22-18 at the Costa Mesa Fairgrounds. 88 Fair Drive. 92626 Building 10.
  6. '73 Camaro (Replica)

    Thanks for the kind words everyone! The tires are old Tamiya items, (not sure what kit they came from). They were Michelin TRXs, but the tread was more like second generation BFG Radial T/As, which I had on it at one time. So I sanded the Michelin lettering off the sidewalls. They were the only tires I could find with the right sizes for this project. Here's the real car.
  7. LHD Gulf Seven

    After Swiss cheesing the dash I reinforced it on the back (front?) with .020 x .070 thick strips before risking a fracture.
  8. LHD Gulf Seven

    I decided on three different sizes of Auto Meter gauges.
  9. LHD Gulf Seven

    I started the dash when I did the basic conversion to left-hand drive. It was intended to be just a blank place holder but I decided to use it anyway. First I trimmed out the bottom edges and then I started making the holes for the gauges.
  10. ’73 Camaro

    It's done!
  11. ’73 Camaro

    This is going to be a model of my car. Ive owned it for some 30 plus years and have made several changes to it during that time. It was bone stock when I bought it, but as it aged, I did some upgrading. Im using the AMT 70 Z/28 Camaro kit as the base. The body needed some standard clean up and there were a couple sink marks in the left front fender and header panel that needed to be filled and one in the center of the roof (from the interior dome light). The Camaro script on the deck lid, the lower rocker panel trim and the upper side window drip rails were removed. All the panel/trim lines were scribed in deeper including the line between the Endura nose (now fiberglass on mine) and the sides of the tulip panel/trunk torsion spring cover. I also removed the rocker panel trim and rescribed that area.
  12. ’73 Camaro

    Thanks guys! It was a fun project. Now if I could just find a '68 Vista Cruiser kit I could complete my collection of cars I've owned... I get the Mylar from the vinyl shop I buy all my plotter materials from. Any store that sells vinyl should also have Mylar.
  13. ’73 Camaro

    I'm not a fan of the door protector trim, but I hate door dings more. And since they are on the real car I had to make them for the model from scratch… I also made reflective mirror faces for the rear side view mirrors from Mylar. You can expect to see this in the Finished section soon. I think I just ran out of parts...
  14. ’73 Camaro

    Mike, yes, you are correct on all accounts. Here's a photo:
  15. ’73 Camaro

    Thanks guys! it sure is handy having the real in the garage... I didn't have any aluminum tubing the right size to make the exhaust tips so I turned them out of 6061 stock.
  16. ’73 Camaro

    Yes, it is really close to being done. Those bolts were easy since the real ones are 7/8 of an inch. The tough ones were the 5/16 hex heads for the battery cables. I make them on my mill. I put a set of driving lights from my first car (the Vega Kammback) on the Camaro; they were OEM Mercedes Benz units for a 450 SL. I sourced a pair from the Monogram MB 450 kit and cast copies. Got the front wheels on it now too…
  17. ’73 Camaro

    Thanks guys! Sub frame connectors are installed as is the rear suspension. I machined the nuts, bolts & washers for the traction bars this morning.
  18. ’73 Camaro

    Making some serious progress on it today. Interior /chassis installed. Engine/trans/front sub frame installed…
  19. ’73 Camaro

    Thanks Chris. When I had the headliner reupholstered on the real car I didn't reinstall the driver's side shoulder harness/holder since it has a four point harness. I also did not use the sun visors; instead I made adapter plates that mount where the visors would to accept the brackets for the Wink mirror. Today I made the passenger side shoulder harness and holder then installed the scratch-built Wink mirror I made almost exactly two years ago to the day.
  20. ’73 Camaro

    Custom drawn plate and frame and the rear bumper installed…
  21. ’73 Camaro

    Thanks Chris! The molded trim for the chrome on the taillights was pretty soft so I made a pair of brass compound punches and cut the chrome rings from the new Warbird Decals chrome stripe decals.
  22. ’73 Camaro

    Thanks guys! Got a chance to spend a little more time on it... Machined the breathers and the five point air cleaner hold-down nut.
  23. ’73 Camaro

    The refinished glass has been installed. Still one more decal to apply to the inside of the rear window. I couldn't add it until the glass was installed and I could see how to line it up.
  24. ’73 Camaro

    Hi Larry. First of all, Thank you! I draw the art in Adobe Illustrator. Having the real car on hand and being the one who striped it, I just scaled them down and tweaked them to be printable. The dash was masked and airbrushed (by me) but for the model I just took measurements from the kit dash and drew decal artwork to fit it. (My "real" job is being the decal artist for Scale-Master Decals.)
  25. ’73 Camaro

    Thanks guys! I got the core support installed along with the battery and scratch-built terminals and custom made decals. (Ironically just put new battery in the real one too.) I also detailed the radiator cap. Machining the 5/16 terminal screws was fun, they came out smaller than the shavings around the mill.