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  1. http://georgeklass.net/gassers.html?fbclid=IwAR2OCmOFvQOy8SQvrnWyYlnWJ6Lv2CSk6b169sCbdUwSdywp7WXjoV_NTIs
  2. That's a very nice build. I bought this kit when it first came out, for "parts". I wanted the American 5 spoke Mags, slicks, and "Wedge" engine for other projects. I bought the 2nd kit to build stock. Your's is an inspiration. Thanks for the Share!
  3. Some "Clears" are very "Hot". You have to let the base coat "set" for a few days. And, as others have said...humidity has a play. Don't try to sand fresh paint...let it alone...
  4. Nice job on a tough kit to make "look right".
  5. I like your direction...but, I would have to have used a Pontiac "mill"...
  6. BONDO glaze. Hands down. You may have to apply/sand several times, but you don't grind the plastic down.
  7. A kit you weren't planning on building....but had the "Good stuff" for another build?
  8. Nice look! I have 3 off these kits...but, I have "robbed" parts off of all of them for other builds....
  9. Looking good! I had a 1/1 '71 GS. It was a nice ride. Had to change it to an electronic ignition, because the rain came through the hood scoops, directly over the distributer. I always said, that if this car had been kitted in 1/25 scale....Monagram would have sold a million more.
  10. Alabama...huh? That's Me....Sheffield...like ...England. North West...Alabama...
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