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  1. Southern Fried added a post in a topic Bugatti Royale Type 41 Coupe De Ville   

  2. Southern Fried added a post in a topic what glue do you use   

    Depends on what i'm gluing...
    Most areas of unpainted styrene. plastic...engine, heads, trans, or anything that will be painted later, straight up Testors Liquid. Works just fine.PLUS you have a short time frame to position it right.
    If it's an area that needs a little more time to set in the position I need...Testors Liquid, 50%, with a mix of 50% Testors Tube stirred  in, OR Super Glue/Krazy Glue Gel.
    Metal to styrene  or metal to metal? SG or KG Gel.
    Painted parts, that need to be "scraped" at the attached point? Same Testors Liquid.
    If I want parts to be literally "welded" together...Tenax Z7.  Mostly used on aircraft seams. Bad stuff.
    Lastly, clear parts? Aleenes "Tacky Glue". Holds the part . Dries clear.
    I can buy a years worth of all, for what some of the exotic glues cost in a month.
  3. Southern Fried added a topic in Car Kit News & Reviews   

    Any trouble with the AMT '66 Nova??
    I'm well into a build ( 3rd one attempted...none finished) and have ran into a small problem.
    The chassis/engine/interior are almost finished. However, when I do a mock up, everything lines up. The axle/spindles are centered in the wells, and the radiator support is in the correct place, however, the grill seems it will be a non-fit, as if the support is too far forward???
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  4. Southern Fried added a post in a topic 57 Chevy Gasser   

    Sorry, I misunderstood. I thought it read "El Camino"...
  5. Southern Fried added a post in a topic 57 Chevy Gasser   

    BTW...there was no ...'57 Cameo...
    Just sayin'...
  6. Southern Fried added a post in a topic 57 Chevy Gasser   

    Excellent build. The driver is a "kool" touch!
  7. Southern Fried added a post in a topic 1965 GTO Convertible and Hardtop   

    Nice builds ...of a sucky  kit...
  8. Southern Fried added a post in a topic 1970 Torino GT   

    I had the pain of watching my Uncle park one. Let it sit for years, and slowly be absorbed into the ground.
    He was gonna' "fix it someday".
    It's a rust bomb now...
  9. Southern Fried added a post in a topic Overwhelmed by NASCAR die casts.   

    Thanks for the replies. I didn't mean to imply anything wrong with NASCAR, it's just my Brother -ln-Law would get into a subject heavily, then usually get burned out and get into something else.He had a great income, and no children, so he pretty much spent what he wanted to.
    It had never occurred to me about driver dedication. That would be a quicker way to sort this stuff.
    There are some really detailed and cool cars that I will keep, but I have also thought of donating them. There is a local Childrens Home here ran by churchs's that I am going to check with to see if they have younger boys. , plus the Toys For Tots organization at Christmas. Even if they have no knowledge of NASCAR, I think they would like to have them just to play with.
    Again, Thanks for your replies.
  10. Southern Fried added a post in a topic What Car Do You Wish To Be A Model That Isn't?   

    I'M STILL WAITING ON A '40/'41 Chevy Coupe...
  11. Southern Fried added a topic in General   

    Overwhelmed by NASCAR die casts.
    I apologize if this is not  Model Cars Mag subject. I don't know where else to turn.
    My Bother -In-Law passed away in March of this year. As he had no other relatives living, I "inherited" everything he had. He was into NASCAR , for reasons I never knew, from the mid '90's until the mid 2000's.
    While trying to administer his estate, , take care of his Widow, and deal with the VA, OPM, and other Government Agencies, it was pointed out that there were several "Storage Rental" facilities, where items had been stashed. Among tons of personal effects that were stored, I came across 7 large plastic "tubs" that contain nothing but NASCAR products. Seems that every 1/64 scale car, 1/43 car,and 1/24 scale car, and ANYTHING NASCAR related item for that era were bought. 
    Transporters, pit crew dioramas ,clocks, signs, even "gloves" are there. Not just "carded" cars, but high dollar, Limited Edition, carefully boxed, highly detailed, editions. Both 1/64 , 1/43, and 1/24.
    I started an inventory, and Internet search of what I could sell these at, and give to his Widow. I researched Ebay, and several other sites. I finally gave up at the 400 count mark, and am sure that there will be over a 1000 of articles/cars here, or more.
    In no hurry to to sell these off, with the amount of work that will be involved.
    My thoughts are just to seal them up...stow them...and let my Kids/Grandkids deal with it when I am "gone".
    What say ye?
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  12. Southern Fried added a post in a topic AMT '66 Nova info?   

    Thanks for the info!
  13. Southern Fried added a post in a topic Most fun you had in a car. KEEP IT P.G.   

    PG huh?
    How about "evil fun"?
    My Senior year of school, 1974. I had a '56 Chevy Bel Air 2dr hardtop. Beautiful Turquoise paint job...except for the front cap/hood. The previous owner had wrecked, and replaced it. Cap was flat black, with the fender wells removed. No bumper. It had a '68 L48 350 out of a Camaro, with an unknown year factory aluminum intake and Holly 650, unknown aftermarket cam, along with a M22 4 speed, and 4:10 limited slip posi out of a Big Block Camaro. Fenderwell headers with Turbo mufflers.Leaf springs out of some year Rambler station wagon that were stiff, fit perfect, and gave it 3 inches of extra "lift" without shackles. It cleared the American Torque Thrusts and M50's with no problem. Front buckets from a Camaro. This car would hook up and scream.
    We lived "rural" Alabama. 
    There was a family down to road from us that lived pretty much "primitive". Old folks. Well water, no car,no phone, old house. I got to know them well. The "Old Man" of the family was about 80 years old. He was known by everyone in the community, and always walked/hitched a ride out to the local country store 3 miles away. Somebody always gave him a ride, to and from the store.
    He was "hitching" one day, and I stopped and offered him a ride. After buckling him in (lap belts only) we started our trip.
    Once he was in, I "launched" this rocket to an almost wheel stand. He was not prepared. He tried to reach, and hold on, to the dash...until I hit 2nd gear...which pushed him right back into the seat. He had almost grabbed the dash...when I hit 3rd gear. Back into the seat he went again. I leveled it out, and he held on to the dash the rest of the way.
    We got to the store, and I told him I would wait for him, and take him back home. He said it would be a long time before he got finished shopping, and that he would get home just fine. I think he "hitched" with someone more "mature".
    He NEVER let me give him a ride again...
  14. Southern Fried added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    AMT '66 Nova info?
    Finally started the '66 Nova after 100 years of putting it off.
    Going along pretty good. Question is, the instructions call for dropping the headers into the frame, installing the engine, then glue the headers on. Can the headers be installed on the block BEFORE installing the engine? Will it fit with the headers on? I've only glued the firewall in.
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  15. Southern Fried added a post in a topic How about some love for the BIG Pontiacs   

    Great thread.

    Back in the day when Detroit just went wild.

    Our first "New" car was a 1961 Impala. 2 door hardtop. I think the tag was around $2400. Not the
    "biggest" GM, but these excellent "big" GM builds here brought back memories.

    I was 4 at the time.

    At age 6, we went to Canada in it.

    From Canada.

    At night time driving, me and my Brother would swap out sleeping. One on the back seat, and one on the "hat rack" above, under that giant back glass. Wind flowing from Dad "cracking" the window.

    Keep the pics coming...I may dream some more.