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  1. Southern Fried added a post in a topic How about some love for the BIG Pontiacs   

    Great thread.

    Back in the day when Detroit just went wild.

    Our first "New" car was a 1961 Impala. 2 door hardtop. I think the tag was around $2400. Not the
    "biggest" GM, but these excellent "big" GM builds here brought back memories.

    I was 4 at the time.

    At age 6, we went to Canada in it.

    From Canada.

    At night time driving, me and my Brother would swap out sleeping. One on the back seat, and one on the "hat rack" above, under that giant back glass. Wind flowing from Dad "cracking" the window.

    Keep the pics coming...I may dream some more.
  2. Southern Fried added a post in a topic AMT 1969 Corvair.   

    Great imagination, Man.

    Looks good.
  3. Southern Fried added a post in a topic 68 corvette   

    Nice build.
  4. Southern Fried added a post in a topic '81 Chevy El Camino   

    Love it!

    I have 1/1 '80 Camino SS. Currently in black primer. It came in Black/Gold. 305 HO. Buckets and console

    I enjoy taking it out every once in awhile.

    Every time I do, I get asked at least once if I want to sell it.
  5. Southern Fried added a post in a topic 1967 Impala SS 427 "Baldwin Motion"   

    Yeah, knew that.


    Don't care for the '67 "Stinger" scoop. And, it's "fictional" build.

    Workin' on it now.
  6. Southern Fried added a topic in On The Workbench   

    1967 Impala SS 427 "Baldwin Motion"
    Yeah...I know...they never made one.

    However, got burnt out on aircraft again, and dragged this kit back out.

    I bought this kit when it first came out.
    My Parents had a '67 Impala SS 327 with Powerglide trans when I turned 16. Same color as the one on the box.
    It was "my" first car ( they let me drive it).
    I had lusted after the Badlwin Motion Camaro's and Chevelles from the parts ads in Hot Rod magazine. in the late '60's.

    I had built the kit engine, way back, using the valve covers, and other parts, from the Revell '67 Chevelle. Then, I started the hood some several years ago with the scoop from an unremembered Corvette kit.

    Starting back building again, here's how I "ordered" mine.
    L-88 ( I initially wanted the 3x2 setup, but knew I would get burnt out detailing it) I think the Holley is from the AMT '69 Torino with added piece. I'll use a trademark Baldwin "Fly's Eye" air cleaner.
    Power disc brakes up front. I robbed the discs and booster from some other kit.
    Marina Blue.
    I "deleted" the option marked "Cheesy Side Pipes", and checked "Chambered Exhausts". I'll scratch those.
    Still debating the white side stripes. May go with just the one on hood and trunk.
    Picked up the AMT '63 Vette for the American mags. I've got narrower ones for the front in the parts box
    Frame and small black parts painted.

    I think I'll enjoy this build.

    Please excuse the temporary "desk". I have been forced "underground" (basement) and haven't set my stuff up yet.

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  7. Southern Fried added a post in a topic It doesn't make any sense   

    I started trying to buy a '67 Mustang Fastback that was sitting in a back yard back in 1975.

    I kept stopping for almost 5 years. I always got the "Gonna fix it up" reply.

    It's STILL sitting there today.

    Not worth even trying to restore now.
  8. Southern Fried added a post in a topic Model Kits Containing Records (you remember those...)   

    I had this one. Is it the one where you hear the gear changes?
  9. Southern Fried added a post in a topic Tell me about Revell '58, '63, and '64 Impalas.   

    "Party Pooper"....
    Thanks for all the input, Guys!
  10. Southern Fried added a post in a topic Revells next release from the Model A Roadster tool - a 30/31 Coupe   


    Thought I had clicked on an "Armor Modelling Site".

    You know. Where the discussion turns into a "5 rivets too many" breakdown.

    I welcome ANY new 1/25 '28 - '31 Ford Coupe kit.

    MUCH better than the '32 in my opinion.

    As to the Chevy motor...I can fix that. If I want to.

    Gimme' a body and fenders.

    I'll do the rest...
  11. Southern Fried added a post in a topic AMT Mustang-GT Funny Car   

    I love this kit.
    It's been around a long time, but still nice.

    I've "modified" several.

    It, and the Nova platform, have contributed a lot of parts for other builds.

    Reminds me. As a kid, our church would have a Christmas, Boys gift/Girls gift exchange in the various
    age classes.
    Boys brought a boys gift, girls brought a girls. Taped numbers on the gifts. Put paper with numbers on them in a bag. Reached in and got a number. Matched up with gift.

    I remember going to K Mart and picking out the Nova.

    Spent several nights laying in bed, trying to figure out a way to draw "my" number...
    Dreaming of building that model.

    I think I drew a "Slinky"...

    I'll be watching this...
  12. Southern Fried added a post in a topic Tell me about Revell '58, '63, and '64 Impalas.   

    I hate convertibles...large ones.

    Do I get a "pass" onna '65 409?
  13. Southern Fried added a post in a topic 69 AMT GTX   

    Looks good. I plan a base Wedge Road Runner.
  14. Southern Fried added a post in a topic Tell me about Revell '58, '63, and '64 Impalas.   

    Man...I was hoping no one would remember this one. I don't wanna' do 3!!!!
  15. Southern Fried added a topic in Car Kit News & Reviews   

    Tell me about Revell '58, '63, and '64 Impalas.
    I've done the AMT's several times over.

    I'm planning on stock builds from '58 thru '67 in the future.

    Already have the AMT's.

    Got the Revell '59, 60, '65 '66 AMT '67 and Lindberg '61

    I'll do small block and W motor each for '58 - 64, then the same SB/BB for the

    Pros, cons?
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