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  1. Thanks. It didn't turn out as the idea I had when I started. Hit a"snag" with the BMF. Used Satin Aluminum but it was too shiney. After 3 coats of Flat, it still was not the "oxidized" look I was after. All a 4th coat would have done was just add more buildup and a loss of detail LOL The "missing " door handle was something I had done before, but wasn't planned for this build. It came about because I broke 2 passenger handles ( had extra chrome tree...but thats another story) trying to get them off the sprue!
  2. Pretty much "out of the box". No problems yet.
  3. Dragon and Eduard 1/48. Kempf, Mohnicke, Steinhauser, and Klimke.
  4. Need some decals. Went to the site, found the decals I need, but the last post...was 15 years ago...
  5. Nice direction. Like you, I've had this kit several times, but never built it. The billet was my turn-off.
  6. Why build an air compressor when there are many readily available for you application at reasonable prices out there?
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