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  1. Hello all, Saw one at a train show, no name brand. Looked on Grainger, prices range $60- $350. Cannot tell what the quality difference is. Maybe there is none nowadays. Fellow modelers have told me that LED ones burn up. Florescent would be good as that is the light we show and compete under. I would say $100 range is fine. Also they rate by dipolar, read the Wiki, still not sure how that affects it, if any for our use. Any brands, links, pics you could provide would be a help. Thanks
  2. I remember installing a silicone hose kit on my freinds 92 gt, correct blue! Love the paint, very clean build.
  3. Thanks for all your help and kind words. So the grill is a earing from about 1990 in my " that's something I sould hang onto bin". Always pays to raid the clearance bins.
  4. Thank you, I was going for a steampunk look, and wanted to echo a old carival calliope.
  5. Seek out Dr. Crankys videos on you tube, he is my insperation. Also try and find AK Interactive magazine, its available for download. There is no rules, so your canvas is wide open, I think the replica stock guys have it the hardest. Oh you got me thinking.......
  6. Thanks every body for the kind words. Means alot coming from you guys!
  7. My first posting in the under glass. Built for my local IPMS club build where it took 1st place. Revell kit with old AMT 289 Cobra engine.
  8. Hey all, Tried to get as many close ups of turbos carbs, etc. Files are to big to upload, so posted link to my Fotki album. Eric http://public.fotki.com/HondaRacer1124/car-showstrack/outlawatco9-14-13/
  9. Hi everybody. I'm looking for opinions on the the best time to mask and paint the black mid body trim so common on 80s cars ( Ferrrari 308, Pontiac Fiero etc ). Also this would apply to window trims now. The sequence is where I'm confused. Do your clear coat then paint trim? Would you polish first? Thanks, Eric
  10. "Correction, Bones. Those 4 ships don't know it's M-5's game." Great episode, forgot about that ship. Lee Don't kow if you did this on purpose but your 3 photos match 3 angles in the episode exactly. 1- view of drifting Constellation on the viewscreen when first approached by Enterprise. 2- rear view flying into the planet killers maul. 3- side view was when scotty got impulse back. this scene looks very toy like on newer TVs. looked good on my parents 19" b/w TV when I was 7. The effect on the nacelles looks great!!
  11. I recall reading that the wrecked USS Constellation from "The Doomsday Machine" (one of my favs) was constructed from the AMT kit for time and cost saving. In the remastered edition it's now cgi and looks much better, but I think that looses some of the charm of show. Much like cgi Yoda compared to the muppet & Frank Oz in The Empire Strikes Back. And yes I'm that geeky..... Love the models!
  12. DOHC refers to an engine that has 2 camshafts per head. Common on inline 4 and 6 cylinders. If you had a DOHC v-8 you would 4 cams all together ( 1 exhaust and 1 intake cam per head ) Great response guys, thanks. I'll have to find a AMT willys. Always liked the look of the motor.
  13. Your detail work is excellent. I also applaud the exhaust finish. Can you give us a "how to"? I'm following for sure.
  14. Felix that is just so clean, as always. Hope to see it in person soon at the JSMCC.
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