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  1. Seems like a lot of work for not much return. You'd be better off investing in a nice 3d printer and be done with it.
  2. What irked me ? How about I've been waiting on the VA to complete my claim.. 2 years.. but I see in the news today they have a $ 6 +million budget to "refurbish" the lobbies of VA hospitals.. I guess we can at least be comfortable while we're being denied medical services ..
  3. I was in 29 Palms once, I'd rather have root canal ..
  4. If you are not a veteran, you do not have the right to make smarmy , sarcastic comments about the military, just say "thank you" and leave it at that .. fair enough ?
  5. Dance Instructors ? Glad you took the time to be insulting on Veterans Day.. you are the very epitome of the 10% my Drill Instructors warned us about. Good luck with that..
  6. Our DI's in boot camp told us, there is always the "10%" that ruins it for everyone else ....This has proven true in every aspect of my life, including this forum..
  7. ....and here's the elitist attitude this place is famous for. could you possibly be more condescending ? Jeeeezzzz this is what bothers me about this hobby & why I don't really associate with many people involved in the hobby.. the snarky, smarmy, anal-retentive attitudes really grind my gears.
  8. First car was a 1969 Plymouth Roadrunner and a 71 Fury III sport suburban, ugliest green ever. Then a 66 GTO , 86 Shelby GLHS, had another 69 RR while I was in the Corps, 98 Dodge Ram 2500 lifted 8 inches with 35's, 03' Ram 2500 and now a 77 Dodge Ramcharger .. if it's not a MoPar, chances are, you're wrong ..
  9. HAHAHAHA, coulda got a KB HEMI and won some races.. oh well, Chevy is always good for second place ...
  10. I got the revell Mclaren Mustang. Pretty dissapointed. It's not even close to being accurate. Oh well..
  11. My brother in law was in the Navy AND drove a Mazda Miata .. 'nuff said
  12. This could very easily turn into a scene from The Walking Dead.. Bob's Burgers ..
  13. I only make positive comments in regards to peoples work. I have never offered criticism in regards to someones ability. You can't read tone, or inflection through a forum post, generally. So to avoid the potential issue, I reserve comments for builds that appeal to me only. Feelings get hurt at the speed of light on the interwebs & 50% of the time boils down to misinterpretation of anothers words. Of course the other 50% unfortunately are people with nothing better to do with their time except for being jackasses ..
  14. Ok, you obviously didn't serve, Your opinion is inconsequential to me. I'm done with this discussion. If you'd like to continue it, PM me.
  15. And Happy 239th and Semper Fi .. I was an FO for 3rd Bn 2nd Marines Wpns. Co. 81's plt. KILL! ( btw , you were in country the same time as my eldest brother )
  16. Hey cobraman, did you serve ? If you didn't your comment is unwelcome. I served, I take ribbons & badges deadly serious. They're earned ( most of them ) in blood. To use one as decoration on a model is disgraceful. Unless you earned it. It was a valid question. Anybody who served would understand that ...
  17. Anything built after 1972, without 8 cylinders or a Prius. allll chick cars. Men drive trucks anyway.
  18. Republic of Vietnam Service Medal ? I seriously hope you earned that & didn't put it on a model to be cool..
  19. There are no bad groups, only bad leaders .. it's that simple.
  20. PONG, got a lot of miles out that comment ..LOL.. I've been to war gents.. video games have zero to do with killing. No more than Roadrunner cartoons made us abuse coyotes .. human depravity has been an issue since we crawled out of the primordial ooze .. Can we please get back to kits that cost $2 ? Where are they ? I can't even find a builder for $2 !!!
  21. Video games kill people now ? I guess there was never a murder until PONG was invented ? How is this even pertinent to the discussion ?
  22. Personally, I think the hobby has gotten way out of hand, in regards to pricing. It's pretty sad when you can order a kit off line cheaper than you can get it at a show. I understand there's a certain "collectability factor" to the hobby, but I don't collect. I build. That's what these are made for, to build. Not sit on a shelf in pristine condition. Hoarders are another issue that pretty much affects every other hobby too. Gents, if you're 75 years old have 18 copies of the same rare kits, why ? What could be the possible reasoning behind this. Most of the current kits are stale rehashes of old kits.. Moebius seems like the only "original" kit maker out there.. Prices on everything are insane these days, but modeling in general is no longer a "cheap" hobby anymore .. which is sad. By the time you buy the kit, paint, tools etc etc, you could by 2 pre-owned video games.. crazy when ya think about it. I'll trade, swap, sell whatever, but I won't pay more than $15 for any kit. So basically I buy rebuildables .. more fun anyway and more to the point, it's what the hobby is all about. If it keeps this way, the hobby will price itself out of existence.. I know the $2.00 kits are never coming back, but $25 for a re-issue, unoriginal kit is silly .. won't pay it, and there more than a few of us that feel this way ..
  23. Every build this cat does, simply amazes me .. mad skills Ira.. !!!
  24. Please explain the difference in chassis. and what are you basing this on ? Because you are 110% wrong ..
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