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  1. old gearhead added a post in a topic New York model stores?   

    I was going to suggest Polk's Hobbies but they went out of business in December. I use to go there as a child in the'60s when they had 5 floors on 5th Avenue, and began visiting them again in the early '80s because they carried Heller, Tamiya, Fujimi, etc. Oh, well.

  2. old gearhead added a post in a topic Best AC Cobra in 1/25 Scale   

    The only AC Cobra in 1/25 that I can think of is the AMT 289 (I guess it could have even been the 260) Cobra from the early '60s. Excellent kit for it's day and holds up well today. The first issue included the stock steering wheel and Halibrand kidney beans where as subsequent releases did not include those.

    If it's a 427 you're after, then 1/24 scale is all that you're going to find. The Revell-Monogram was a good kit, as stated, however for some reason fender wells are absent from this kit.

    Fujimi did a series of 427 Cobras (in 1/24) but I don't know anything about those.

  3. old gearhead added a post in a topic Detail Master Ignition Wire   

    I buy bulk quantites of 30-gauge wrapping wire to use as ignition wiring because I'm cheap and this is just a hobby. The wire is definitely on the heavy side but if installed carefully (cut to prototypical lengths, use wire looms, etc.) it is convincing enough for me.
  4. old gearhead added a post in a topic Clear coat sanding...'63 Avanti   

    Like Don Yost says. Although, on the occasions when I have extra heavy orange peel or graininess in the paint I will start with 2400. Go easy with the coarser grits and let the media do the work.

    It may be due to my heavy-handedness, but I usualy need to go in with polishing compound to remove very fine scratches left behind from the sanding. The compound is applied and rubbed out in straight strokes perpendicular to the direction in which the sanding was performed.

    After sanding and polishing I go in with Novus #2 polish, which really brings the paint to a shine, and exposes areas where further compound polishing is called for (followed by further application of Novus #2). When I'm satisfied with the finish at this stage the wax is then applied.

    I use this procedure for finishing clear coat paint jobs as well as naked paint jobs.

    Keep a rainbow assortment of Sharpies handy for the inevitable burn-through (not so much of a problem with clear-coated paint jobs).
  5. old gearhead added a post in a topic For Bugatti Atlantic fans   

    Ralph Lauren lives the next town over from me. It must've been his '57 250TR that I passed on Route 35 in NY last year.
  6. old gearhead added a post in a topic Anyone want to guess what I am building in 1/16   

    Daimler SP250?
  7. old gearhead added a post in a topic my dislexica   

    I usually get crucified for doing medium-well around my house. Sometimes I'm tempted to serve steak tartare on a bun...
  8. old gearhead added a post in a topic my dislexica   

    There ya have it. Take note Ed Shaver. Thank you Ken.

    Thank you, Harry. Yeah, I'll take the cod.

    Well, time to go grill up some hampergers...
  9. old gearhead added a post in a topic "Holy Grail" Models?   

    That IS funny. Great idea, eh? That's really nice work - if I bother to do mine now I hope it turns out half as well! Geez....just when you think you're one of the cool kids...
  10. old gearhead added a post in a topic ALPS Decals   

    Who'd you find?
  11. old gearhead added a post in a topic my dislexica   

    I often wonder if many people who partake in singular and isolated activities that involve extended periods of intense and creative focus may be "blessed" with some level of Asburgers or autism. It seems that being uniquely or artistically talented is just as symptomatic to either of these conditions as are impaired learning and indifferent social intercourse.

    Whats's OCD, BTW?
  12. old gearhead added a post in a topic "Holy Grail" Models?   

    Etzel's Frontenac, and maybe another one of his '25 Duesenbergs (mine was damaged in a fire).

    When Lance Sellers releases them: the 1911 Marmon Wasp (1st Indy winner) and the Miller/Ford Indy car ('35?).

    The 1st-release Revell Porsche Carrera Speedster. I know, I know, that guy had a case of "new" ones on Ebay last month, and each kit went for reasonable money, but I was too busy preparing for my daughter's wedding to follow the auctions and bid. Oh, well.

    I was able to bag the Revell 1/25 VW Microbus (the '67(?) release w/box art that graphically aped the popular BBD&O VW ads of the day) for less than $30.00, including shipping. Box is a 9 out of 10, kit is complete, and there's only 3 tire burns - 2 minor and easily fixed, but the steering wheel rim is totally melted. No biggie.

    Another "Grail" that I finally nailed is the Revell '57 Nomad w/Sam Hollingsworth's car on the box. Perfect condition, the box nearly a 10 (the only reason I wanted this kit, really); the kit is just as crappy as I remember it, though, and I won't bother building it. I'm thinking of combining the Revell new-tool '56 Nomad and '57 BelAir to build Hollingsworth's 'Mad and, of course, use the box as a back-drop for the display.
  13. old gearhead added a post in a topic 1969 Shelby GT500   

    Nice build! I'm in the midst of finishing one of these right now. Was yours molded in yellow? Yikes! It seems like I've been painting this kit forever. Great job on that engine, BTW. I was thinking about adding the smog stuff, but I just want to get this thing off the bench now and move on to some other builds.

    I haven't ever posted pics out here, but I'll try to get some up of this car and a Revell '67 'Vette that's being finished up as well.

    Nice work!
  14. old gearhead added a post in a topic '66 Nova   

    Very nice Nova. I do my scripts and emblems with the "foil first, paint next" method all the time; don't "scrape" the paint, use polishing compound. Go easy, take your time, and you should see good results.
  15. old gearhead added a post in a topic Model Factory Hiro 1953 ferrari 500 f2 update 2   

    I don't know how many of you guys have built Hiro kits, but looking at this build you'd have no idea how relatively crude they are and how much work has gone into this build to get it to this level. This Ferrari is truly outstanding. Beautiful work!