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  1. aarondupont added a post in a topic more possible new resin bodies   

    Vega body would be outstanding. I'd be good for at least two. Aaron Dupont
  2. aarondupont added a post in a topic Early 60s Dragster   

    Great build! I remember these in the early 60's. They were all business! And there were a lot of innovations going on. reat time in racing! Aaron Dupont
  3. aarondupont added a post in a topic NEW UPDATE shipping out 6/1Gapp & Roush 4 door Maverick   

    Chuck; I'd be interested in a body and decals. Aaron Dupont
  4. aarondupont added a post in a topic Need olds'cool inspiration? Dan Post's Box set   

    Mine came yesterday. #998. Anxious to dig in.
  5. aarondupont added a post in a topic What if? Jungle Jim Altered   

    That looks like the "Mr Unswitchable" GTO funny car. Nice work. And nice twist to make it your own. Aaron Dupont
  6. aarondupont added a post in a topic The big C   

    Prayers coming your way! Aaron Dupont
  7. aarondupont added a post in a topic Need to find a Shelby Hood   

    Patrick: If you need just the tear drop bubble, try Scale Models by Chris. I just picked one up from him. It was very nice! Hope that helps! Aaron Dupont
  8. aarondupont added a post in a topic Gremlin XXX   

    Nice build so far! I love different cars. This would probably have fit into the Altered Coupe/Sedan class back in the day. You've given me an idea for another build. Aaron Dupont
  9. aarondupont added a post in a topic Bad habits   

    Hi all: I have a tendency to work five to eight projects at a time. When I get an idea, I've got to pull a kit, start gathering pieces parts, making body mods or chassis mods. I end up detailing three or four engines at a time, chassis, same thing. Then suddenly I'm completing three or four models at the same time. I rarely was models before priming. I never soak resin bodies in Westly's or soap. Usually I sand the body before primer. If I have a problem during primer, then more sanding. And mostly I've GOT to cut myself at least once after replacing exacto blades. I super glued my finger closed last night after a new blade cut through my skin like butter. I was told that Crazy Glue is the same formula as used in emergency rooms. But hobby ACC works well! Aaron Dupont
  10. aarondupont added a post in a topic Batto Trucking Co. (Crosley)   

    I got a resin body off ebay. It was kind of thick, but workable. I used a Winged Express chassis under mine. Aaron Dupont
  11. aarondupont added a post in a topic Red Metal Flake 56 Nomad Revell   

    Jason: When spraying neon paint, spray it over a flat white base. Then the color covers great and the neon pops! I' plan on picking up some Folk Art paint tomorrow to try out. Thanks for the vids! Aaron Dupont
  12. aarondupont added a post in a topic 1950's Car Test   

    Hi all. This 62 year old got a 96% A Chrysler and De Soto crossed me up. Well done everybody!
  13. aarondupont added a post in a topic Jim Zakia/Alt Chevrolet 1/25 '55 Chevy gasser decals?   

    Matt: I have a set of decals for the Red 55 Chev. They seem to be the same as the Black one. I believe I got them from Jack at Tp End decals. I hit the name on my favorites and it now comes up as being on Facebook. Check that out. Jack Smith I believe is hos name. I've used a few other sets of his decals and have had great success with them. Aaron Dupont
  14. aarondupont added a post in a topic Early '60s style C/Gasser........A '51 Studebaker   

    Excellent build! I have one of the diecast Studdy's. This is what I wanted to do it, but without the tilt front end. I also have a resin body. You've given me inspiration with your build! Aaron Dupont
  15. aarondupont added a post in a topic 53 Chevy project question   

    With the top cut in four pieces, Put styrene in the gaps until the pillars line up. Putty and sand. Aaron Dupont