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  1. Steve, Nice work. I have an old Johan '62 Plymouth and Dodge that I thought about upgrading but I wasn't sure what I could use for underpinnings.. I'm watching this with interest, Cheers, Ian
  2. Hey all, Been out of the loop for a while, I take it we lost Harry? I've seen some of his kits for sale on eBay, and I wondered Cheers, Ian
  3. Sweet! I have this same kit squirrelled away for a rainy day. Keep up the great work, Cheers. Ian
  4. Harry, Great job as usual! Love to watch your work.. Hope you get better soon Cheers,. Ian
  5. Jim, Sweet job on the Charger. I see those boys everyday on I-75 between Ocala and Gainesville. Where did u get the decals? Cheers,. Ian
  6. Oh that's a serious bummer. I would love to see someone go crazy with the aftermarket resin for the old Monogram classics!
  7. Ok Art, where do I get that resin body for my Duesy's? I love it! I can't wait to see how this turns out! Cheers, Ian
  8. I have this same kit with a missing side panel. How did everything go? I love dredging up old threads. I did, however, save the pics for reference... Cheers, Ian
  9. nicky, Superb work! Where did the carbon fiber come from? Cheers, Ian
  10. Gergo, Thanks for the info. Its really cool. Its just old, and I like it.. Cheers, Ian
  11. Hey all, Found this in my travels today. The owner was kind enough to let me get pics. I'm guessing by the split window, its pre-1953, but I don't know if the military markings are legit or not; Come to find out, the owner uses it in WW II reenactments...Way cool tho, I would love to own this..
  12. Nice, any more progress on the 32? Mike had some good stuff...Anyone know if his sedan body is available yet?
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