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  1. Here's my revell 1969 Dodge Charger. I built it using some parts box peices.. CB and antenna from a revell kenworth. Wheels from amt 67 GTO. Paint is restore competition orange and decals are mixture of eBay and the amt kit. Still have to mount the push bar and put tailights in it. My revell kit is missing the tail lights
  2. Some sharp!! Ill be definitely taking a couple. How muh weight do you think a fella could put on it before flexing??
  3. Nothing mean about a Detroit, just the torture to the mechanics that have to work with them or to the parts guys looking parts up for them.
  4. We need a 1/25 389!! In the worst kind of way.
  5. Use an Cummins isx from auslowe for an engine, definitely do able
  6. Yea I built a replica of a 70s w925 by amt an the 1:1 had a short hood with a 1693
  7. Man that looks sharp!! There's an identical freightliner in town color and all
  8. Where did the 1/25 hood come from and cab?
  9. Very cool! See quite a few North American CAT trucks here and never really grew to liking them at all, one came into work for fuel filters once and there was like a four filter system and very complicated looking wiring/pollution gear. And resembled nothing of the older c15's
  10. Lookin awesome jt!! Your orange paint scheme takes dedication!! Haha I'd love to see your shelfs haha
  11. Chris guthro


    So a guy is Making a ford body?? Any estimate or time frame!? Yea I don't mind buying a few decal sheets, the car sticker I may be able to buy somewhere! And get penske made in vinyl sticker! Same with the number 2 and maybe brads name
  12. Hurry up and start selling them kw hoods!! I want atleast 2!!
  13. Chris guthro


    Okay thanks for the lead. Does anyone make a resin nose peice for the ford to convert the Chevy cot amt makes??
  14. Chris guthro


    Maybe not but really if I had the miller logos on the truck, and a couple on the top corners of the trailer
  15. Chris guthro


    Hello, I'm lookin to build a brad keselowski NASCAR hauler, would anyone know where to get decals, either the miller lite white or blue scheme, or preferably the alliance truck parts decals
  16. Wow that thing is unreal! Amazing work on the wrecker body
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