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  1. dougp added a post in a topic 1966 Buick Riviera Cannonballer….   

    The pictures don't do it justice, it looks soooooo awesome in person. Great job Erik.
  2. dougp added a post in a topic B5 1970 Revell Hemi Cuda update   

    Paint looks great, the front and rear looks great.
  3. dougp added a post in a topic Mercedes "Blue Wonder" Transporter: 1/28/14 "Outside" photos posted   

    Absolutely beautiful, fantastic build John.
  4. dougp added a post in a topic 56 Chevy 150   

    Very nice, are those snow tires on the back?
  5. dougp added a post in a topic Last Builds of 2013   

    Thanks for all the great comments. The color schemes where chosen to match the colors in the race team name on each car to give them each their on personality.
  6. dougp added a post in a topic Last Builds of 2013   

    The straight liner theme build was based of pictures of 1:1s and Revells Sox & Martin kit. We have a commercial build coming up in the new year and my wife and I were going to build commercial wreckers, her the Revell GMC wrecker and I the Kenworth. Our idea was to build them as a family run tow company. So we decided carry the tow company theme to our drag cars as the team owners. She built hers basically box stock and I modified mine for "more power".

    Our race team:



    Thanks for looking...
  7. dougp added a topic in Under Glass   

    Last Builds of 2013
    I haven't posted here in a while due to medical issues, so here are my last two builds of the year. Both were completed for our clubs last two quarterly theme builds, 63-67 road racers and straight liners.

    The road racer was based of pictures of SCCA and Trans Am 69/70 Mustangs, Phildaupho's wip (http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=42593&hl=%2Btrans+%2Bam+%2Bmustang) and Revells 70 Boss 302 kit. I used the kit engine and scratch built the oil breather pipe, air cleaner, remote oil filter, radiator and modified the intake manifold and coolant lines. The firewall detail was removed and engine compartment washed for the just raced look. The interior was gutted, console removed and the trans tunnel rebuilt with sheet styrene. The lower portion of the dash removed (based on 1:1 pics), scratch built the instrument panel using pe gauges. An aftermarket roll bar was tweaked to fit with a parts box seat and safety harness. The body was cleaned up, wipers removed and the fuel filler moved up to the edge of the trunk lid. The undercarriage was also reworked, washed, scratched built exhaust and ebay supplied resin wheels.

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  8. dougp added a post in a topic 1st WIP - Topkick: Update 05/28/13 She's Complete   

    No, the boat got shelved for medical reasons. I've just started building again and hope to get the boat going again soon. Also, keep up the good work, your products are fantastic. I just finished up a 67 GTX using your dual plug valve covers and a SMBC dual distributor. I'll be posting soon in under glass.
  9. dougp added a post in a topic 2011 Chevy Firebird Z/TA   

    Tom, where was it located in Spokane? If I get a chance tomorrow I want to go by and check it out.
  10. dougp added a post in a topic static and dust problem   

    Dryer sheets will leave a residue which will mess up your paint. I learned along time ago never use towels or rags dried with dryer sheets or softeners on a 1:1 from a paint and body man. Because they pick up the residue from the softeners and dryer sheets and transfer them to the surface you're going to paint.
  11. dougp added a post in a topic 56 Del Ray   

    Thanks guys. Hi, Erik, we missed you and your builds at Goodguys.
  12. dougp added a post in a topic 56 Del Ray   

    Thanks for all the great comments. Tried to keep it simple and quick, but I can never leave them stock, so the snow ball started rolling. She ended up being my best build yet.
  13. dougp added a topic in Under Glass   

    56 Del Ray
    This build was entered in our club's tri-five chevy build. It started as a Revell Del Ray kit with minor modifications as I attempted to maintain the classic styling ques of the tri-fives. The exterior was dechromed, debadged and the side molding from under the side windows to the horizontal trim was removed. Flipped, gently recessed and painted '55 AMT Nomad bumpers replaced the kit oversized chrome bumpers. Body was finished in Testors Inca Gold and Tamiya Yellow.

    '09 Charger seats with the headrests removed replaced the front bench seat. The rear seat was reupholstered to match the buckets using strip styrene and putty. The door panel centers were cut away and filled with sheet styrene and p/e parts used for the details. The shifter and console were from the parts box and the interior was finished in Inca Gold and Testors flat light aircraft gray.

    The engine compartment was shaved and a detailed Chevy 5.7 from the 99 Silverado kit stuffed in. The custom radiator was taken from the C5-R LeMans kit and the engine cover from a parts box hood scoop.

    The chassis and suspension components were cleaned up and the front was lowered and additional 2" scale inches. The kit exhaust was shortened and fitted to the new engine with the addition of aluminum exhaust tips. The tires and wheels are from a Revell Tuner kit.

    Thanks for looking...
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  14. dougp added a post in a topic '68 Charger R/T   

    Another great mopar, nice build
  15. dougp added a post in a topic 1969 Daytona in Silver and red - Completed!   

    Very nice, love the color combo...