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  1. Engine Capacity Restrictions (a) Forced induction: Maximum capacity = 4184 cc (255.3 ci) (b) Aluminium block: Maximum capacity = 4600 cc (280.71 ci) (c) All other engines: Maximum capacity = 7112 cc (434 ci)
  2. One of my latest dioramas ive build .... Base on my favourite Saloon car we call them down here in New Zealand , that we race in our summer months on dirt ovals .. this is a pic I took of the real car , so you guys get an idea of what we race .. And here's a few of my diorama ....
  3. WOW !!! WOW WOW .............. Super cool Diorama !!
  4. Here's my latest build !!! the tractor unit is AMT K123 kit , and the trailer is scratch built from styrene.
  5. Well decided that it was time to build another diorama and I thought I would combine both my hobbies into the one model.Scratch built the table and Rc car chassis , which is a complete copy of one of my cars , Rest of the bits are from the Fiujmi garage kit.
  6. Someone call a exterminator there a dead bug in the yard !!!! Awesome work .... love all the detail !!!
  7. awesome diorama , love all the detail , great eye for detail Richard !!
  8. Well thats cool , we had a hot wheels theme night for our model car club a few years back , and one of our members build the same hot wheels car... heres a pic..
  9. The video that Brett put up is of what we called Teams racing .There are 2 teams of 4 cars on the track at one time and its raced over 10 laps .1st car to do 10 laps wins Normally you have 2 cars racing and the other 2 cars block.. We also flag race too . which is most of the time as teams racing very hard on the cars and drivers.. http://youtu.be/DvhCmUcdkhk
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