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  1. I'm too lazy to look through all the pages so im not sure if this has been said, so sorry if it has. I think that if dodge needs a small compact car, that this would definately be the one, i wont argue with that. But i dispise the fact that it has the "Dart" nameplate on it. It is probably meant to sell the car but it doesnt have the "mean looks" of the original darts, IMO. It looks foreighn. I know thats because, well, it pretty much is but i think that they should have been creative and come up with a new name that would sell the car. It reminds me of the Ford Flex and how in its concept stages had the "Fairlane" nameplate on it. I was a full size SUV while the fairlane (in the 60's at least) was an intermediate, family sadan/coupe. So once agian, sorry if it has been said but, i think it should have a different name cause it kind of soils the "Dart" name, IMO.
  2. That is crazy!!! The pictures were unbeleivable! As for the video, i was like "this is so weird but i cant stop watching it" haha.
  3. i dont know if anyone said it already cause im kinda in a hurry but you could get the revell 32 ford 5 window coupe and chop the top and the grill and find steel wheels. i was gonna do that down the road a little.
  4. i comment on what stands out to me. someone said earlier that it might have to do with people being a fan of that builder, but i personally dont look at who built it before i comment. most people here could probably build better then me but i dont have the time to comment on every single persons post. plus (i dont mean to offend anybody) but if you see something you dont like you arent allowed to say anything about it, which almost leaves you no choice but to not say anything at all. while i always appreciate a good attempt im not gonna completely lie and say something looks really good when it doesnt. i would rather someone tell me they didnt like my build then lie to me and tell me it looks good even when i know it doesnt.
  5. that looks like something i would try to do haha. speakers in the firewall, thats just good stuff!
  6. the overhaulin nomad wouldnt happen to have the 572 in it would it?
  7. we had a little heat wave here in california where it was really humid and nearly impossible to do anything outside but i wast and its been nice now!
  8. I have a question. Why do we keep wasteing technolagy on cars that dont last very long, for instance you have an engine that will go 500,000 miles but the car will only last 12 years wich would probly be somewhere around 120,000 miles so then you have a broken car and a perfectly good engine that will go to wasted. Also dont we all hope that NOTHING, EVER breaks cause if it does your gonna need a computer guy from NASA to fix the dang thing (sarcasm of course). In some cars you cant even change the transmission fluid so how long before you cant even change your own oil? i guess we can say bye to the days where your car breaks down and you fix it on the side of the road, for god huh? just my 2 cents
  9. i always use model spray paints but i wasnt sure if you could use automotive spray paint (like from a auto parts store) on models so can you? and if you can what do you have to do for prep? any help is appreciated.
  10. wow that looks really awsome. definately cant wait to see more
  11. thanks guys, i still have to figure this stinking top thing out though
  12. alright so i got this for my birthday and have been working on it ever since, quit a bit the last few days and its almost done probably next Saturday because I'm not building during the week right now but anyways here it is i have a little more than that done but I'm too lazy to take pictures right now so thanks for looking
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