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  1. that is so cool, i cant even describ how cool it is haha, nice work
  2. i love these things, there a guy around the corner from me who has one in his garage, yellow with custom wheels it looks sick
  3. yeah dud i think thats a charger in the background, but anyways the gtx looks cool, the paint is smooth
  4. i did this in about 2 days and forgot to put a lot of stuff on, i wasnt happy with it at all so i wanted to refinish it. this i what it looked like at first and this is what it looks like now, what you cant see is that its lowered and has stock looking white wall tires on it i put in felt for the carpet and the trim still needs to be finished thanks for looking
  5. i bulit that kit, it went together pretty easily. i wouldnt have the guts to rust it out like that though but the rust on this thing looks real.
  6. that looks really cool ,love the two tone and the rims.
  7. this isthe last model car i finished and ir came out pretty good, i think. and if anyone sees anything wrong or has a tip please feel free to tell me thanks for looking
  8. i might be repeating a lot of what people are saying on here but, for a contest, do as much detailing as you can see fairly easily. for the small stuff if you detail it, it can start to look tacky really easily. and i agree with everyone on this, if you arent having fun with it, your doing too much detail
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