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  1. cposada added a post in a topic 85 GMC Van 8/9/17 Fixed for Fotki   

    That is some incredible work you've done.! Your daughter is going to be amazed with what you've made. She'll be even more amazed if she were to read this forum and see the work you've put into this for her.

    Merry Christmas and be careful during the holidays.

  2. cposada added a post in a topic 85 GMC Van 8/9/17 Fixed for Fotki   

    Love that exhaust! It turned out so nice. The interior pod and the panels look perfect. The color seems to be spot on and it actually looks like the material used for the 1:1 vehicle. Nice work! Looking forward to more of this.

  3. cposada added a post in a topic 1989 Porsche 928 GT   

    The color is alright. Still, it's a Porsche. 'There is no substitute'. LOL! I always liked the 928's myself. They do look a bit dated today but, if done right, can still be a bit formidable looking. My favorites are the earlier models without the door bumper strip on the side. The body without this streak looked so clean to me. Especially in white. Maybe I'll search for one of these and build it. Of course, it's hard not to mention Tom Cruises foray with a Porsche in 'Risky Business'. If he were my kid, I would have killed him. Anyway, nice build. What are you using for the background? Can we get a picture of your photo area? Good photo areas can bring out the best in a model.

  4. cposada added a post in a topic 1971 Plymouth GTX 440+6   

    I love a stock look to an older car. They just look nice and clean that way. Very nice job!

  5. cposada added a post in a topic 85 GMC Van 8/9/17 Fixed for Fotki   

    WOW! That pretty much sums it up for me. You're doing an incredible job. Patience does pay off. Box stock seems very generic when watching your work.

    I don't know if it is possible but if you could use some sort of mini-lathe you could resize that 'smallest piece of styrene' tube you have. If no mini-lathe. Find a way to spin the tube and just hold some sand paper to it. It'll get thinner eventually.

  6. cposada added a post in a topic New here. 1st post.   

    That engine and interior look awesome. Did the kit come with the pillowed interior seats? If not, how did you do that? That engine looks ready for a dyno test. LOL! Just beautiful.

  7. cposada added a post in a topic '79 Z-28 WIP   

    The seats look great! I had a neighbor down the street, when I was a kid, that had one of these. It was her Mother's car. I always thought it was really cool. Of course, that was when I thought the A-Team was cool too. LOL. Nice job on this. So you mixed the food coloring and Future then airbrushed it on? I just saw someone else use a similar method to create limo tint on another forum. http://www.escalemodels.com It turned out great also.

  8. cposada added a post in a topic '50 F-1 hauler and Swap meet trailer(32 tudor)   

    Redzula, I think you misunderstood me. What kit did the trailer come from or with? Sorry about that. For spending 15 minutes on it you did a great job.

  9. cposada added a post in a topic '50 F-1 hauler and Swap meet trailer(32 tudor)   

    It looks really nice to me. What did the trailer come with? I understand your reluctance to weather it while not being sure how to. My next leap will be opening a trunk or some doors. Weathering will come later to me. I just learned how to get a beautiful finish on the body. I'm new here too so we'll be learning along with each other.

  10. cposada added a post in a topic AMT 68 Roadrunner   

    I'm working on a '68 Roadrunner myself. Can we see a few close ups of the engine? From what I can see, it looks beautiful. I've spent some considerable time looking at photos in order to make the engine bay look accurate. Even down to the purple horn. What did you use for the heater core hose? I used soldering wire and painted it flat red. It was very easy to mold it into shape. I drilled some holes into the firewall and crimped them on the other side. I really appreciate the look of a model when the car is built stock. Yours is awesome. Great work!


  11. cposada added a post in a topic Ferrari 612 Custom   

    I must say that your BMF work, at least in the photos, looks perfect. Well done. Maybe Ferrari will take these styling cues and you'll end up with some credit somewhere. Oh well! We could only wish. Again, great job.

  12. cposada added a post in a topic Ferrari 612 Custom   

    I love the restyling. It does look stock in your redesign. Nothing stands out. I also like the rear end now. One question though: how did you chrome the window edging and mirrors? They look fantastic! I would really like to know that technique.