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  1. Yea I was going for the patina look like someone had found the truck and did the interior and under the hood but left the body as is. I also added the freshly painted grill and bumpers and wheels just to make it look like they had done some work to it.
  2. Started up a new project mobius 65 service truck. I'm building it pretty much box stock just weathered.
  3. Finished this one up today pretty much box stock other than a little bit of lowering and weathering
  4. Great job on this one. I just started the 65 service body myself
  5. B-n-lresins.com makes the tanks weights and other pulling parts. Nice job so far I just started a 70s ford puller myself
  6. Great job on it so far. This is one of my favorite body styles. I can't wait to see more progress
  7. From what I have read they where all aftermarket. I think some of them where chevy
  8. There was never a stock dually bed made all the dually where cab and chassis
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