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  1. Guess I shouldn’t have put this in an AMT thread. Still Round 2 though...
  2. Haven’t seen this one mentioned. From Amazon listed as temporarily out of stock
  3. So...with the forthcoming Supernatural Impala and 007 Mustang kits due soon how about Round2 get to work on the just as iconic Rockford Files Firebird Esprit? I know the resin bits are available to backdate the ‘79 but it seems like this would fit right in with Round2’s TV licensing agenda if they could put it all in one box with some retooling. And don’t forget the 853 OKG license plates on the decal sheet.
  4. Thanks for the ideas guys. I realize many of these kits can be found on eBay rather easily and somewhat cheaply- the exceptions being the Fieros, IROC Camaros and Silverado Pickups. That seems to have never stopped Round2 from reissuing certain other kits. Other than the 87ish Mustang GT there’s been nothing reissued from that era. I would think a repop Fiero or IROC Z would sell at least as well as a stock ‘77 Pinto.
  5. Does anyone know, or have any speculation as to why, Round2 hasn’t reissued any of the MPC turned AMT 1980s annuals? The only one that comes to mind is the El Camino SS. Where are the: Firebird/GTA Camaro/Z28 Beretta GT/GTU/GTZ Full size Chevrolet pickups Dodge Daytona Corvette (although these are plentiful on the secondary market) You would think one or two of these would have been offered by now but it’s been well over a decade of Round2 ownership of these molds and there’s been no sign of them. Revell has reissued their Buick GN and Monte Carlo SS from that era several times. Maybe I’m in the minority but I built all of these when they were new, as I was in my early teens during those years and would enjoy another crack at them.
  6. Shame it seems to need so much work to get the front and rear body pieces to look good. Was thinking about using this kit to make a pseudo “Poison Pinto” with some candy lime paint, side pipes and a V8. Prices for the old Monogram kit are in the stratosphere. Still might give it a go..
  7. I picked up that GTO today. I didn’t realize how de-contented it was though. The chrome tree is broken into 3 difference pieces containing only the stock engine parts(several of which shouldn’t even be chromed), various body trim parts and two sets of wheels. Another bag contains about 30 parts for the chassis and interior. Seems like it would take more effort to remove the parts than the .30 cents in plastic saved would warrant. Glad I only paid $9.99
  8. Model Roundup website lists the Tom Daniel Baja Bandito as delayed “due to licensing issues.” Man, I hope whatever the issue is it gets straightened out. I’ve been wanting this kit (or the Firebomb) for a long time.
  9. I picked up an AMT ‘77 Cruisin Van at my local HL about a week ago. I assume it was intended to fill one of the soon to be created open spaces and got put out before the actual reset. So that might be one of their new offerings.
  10. Just picked this up at hobby lobby. $19 with coupon. Already have one in my stash but that box art is irresistible. The go-kart looks killer too.
  11. Stopped back in today and looked at the stickers for the new items(automotive). Round2 69 442, 70 Vette, both Batman vehicles, Chrysler 300, Chevy Cameo p/u, 66 Mercury and 66 Fairlane all on the way. Many of those have been available elsewhere for a little while but it’ll be nice to get ‘em for around $18 with coupon. Interestingly, there’s also a space for the Revell Greased Lightning ‘48 Ford. Hope this is a positive sign for the future distribution of their kits. We’ll see I guess.
  12. Update: My Hobby Lobby started stocking the new stuff. Saw the ‘40 Ford sedan, International Scout, Gear Hustler and the Super Hawk bike. More to come soon as there was a lady installing the new stickers in the many empty slots...
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