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  1. monkeyclaw added a post in a topic Peterbilt Winslow Stripes   

    modeltruckin used to have awesome winslow stripe sets...........Matt
  2. monkeyclaw added a post in a topic 1/16 Kenworth W900 Winch Truck   

    Great looking winch truck..............Awesome work....................Matt
  3. monkeyclaw added a post in a topic 1/12 enzo ferrari   

    Awesome work! Please keep posting progress pix.....................Matt
  4. monkeyclaw added a post in a topic 1/16 '34 Ford   

    Gregg; Nice to see you getting some model work done! The car looks great...................Matt
  5. monkeyclaw added a post in a topic Styrene question   

    Depending on scale; you can also consider using PVC pipe for the dump body....I learned years ago, that's it's easier to start with, rather than starting with flat sheet ........................Matt
  6. monkeyclaw added a post in a topic So is the 'rat rod' craze officially over?   

    Does all of this dialogue allow me to refer to my wife as a "rat wife" now???? She is getting old; has quite a natural patina; and trust me, she's pretty hard to handle at times...I'm jus' sayin'................matt
  7. monkeyclaw added a post in a topic So is the 'rat rod' craze officially over?   

    I would have to say I wouldn't miss the "rats"....Rods or bikes. When I came up; having to drive or ride a "rat" was no a badge of honor; In fact, It was an outright public shaming every time you showed up in your "rat"....

    You see Younglings; back in olden times we had this magic coating we called "PAINT"....We used on all of our automotive and motorcycle creations....you could blend it to achieve different colors; and make magical effects by layering it, and it was always the sign to others that a ride was nearing completion...Your badge of shame for driving an unfinished rod was finally being removed; almost as if someone had ripped a primer "scarlet letter" from your vestment...it was magical; all of the cruise night visitors who had seen the progression of your efforts would finally acknowledge that indeed, finally, you were one of them; a bonafide rodder; as you were now driving a "finished " car....Then came troubling times when some punk had to buck the system, and insist that his primer car wasn't primer at all....it was "SATIN"....Satin is for bedsheets my good fellow; not for cars! The punk gained several new friends, and they too had cars finished of this "Satin". They said it was Rocakabilly; and although they had not even lived in the 50's, they insisted that's how it was done....Soon, Paint was all but gone...even big companies like Harley Davidson and BMW made and sold vehicles finished in this "satin".....Troubling times indeed...this satin finishing has been mainstreamed into society like those mythical Kardashians; and I fear as difficult to get rid of. I declare that wee all must vow to protect ourselves with a shield....perhaps a clear shield....a shiny clear shield...perhaps a coat of clear....By golly that's it...A clear coat! That's what we've been missing this whole time...a shiny clear coat.

  8. monkeyclaw added a post in a topic KW T800 wide hood   

    I did both the "wide" and "high" hood versions years ago....There may still be a few floating around out there..............Matt
  9. monkeyclaw added a post in a topic Fujimi Nissan 1/12 Skyline GTR, Is it really worth this much?   

    There are about 5 different versions based on that skyline GT, Both street and racing cars. The Veilside version is pretty nice too; and would make a great "fast & furious" style car, and of course has the veilside body kit as well. The racing versions like the Calsonic have racing body work, and interiors...all pricey; but build up nice; and you just NEVER see one built at a model show..............Matt
  10. monkeyclaw added a post in a topic The $185 Fat Boy...   

    Re-pop or all new; I'll take it! The fatboy is the only one I am lacking to have every 1/6 bike in the box. I enjoy building the big bikes; and am super stoked to see new tooling from Tamiya!!! I wish they would do some of the Japanese cruisers; like the royal star, roadstar, or Honda 1100 shadows in 1/6....I guy can only hope.............Matt
  11. monkeyclaw added a post in a topic The $185 Fat Boy...   

    All over this one for sure... been trying to find an original issue kit for a while; but I'll take a re-pop or two just to have them....it's about time!!! Matt
  12. monkeyclaw added a topic in The Truck Stop   

    Anybody seen this?
    Pricey; but awesome...................Matt

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  13. monkeyclaw added a post in a topic Farm tractor model kits?   

    I have a kit from the late 70's / early 80's from Protar. It is a P.G.S. articulated farm tractor in 1/9 scale....The kit is very detailed; and represents a smaller "garden" or orchard size tractor. It is 4WD, with 3cyl diesel engine, and 3pt hitch. Very nice and hard to find old kit.............Matt
  14. monkeyclaw added a post in a topic Now what big scale builder wouldn't wanna see this one?   

    I would love it! I would even take a big 458; new 911, R8..........ANYTHING new in 1/12 from Tamiya. The Enzo and Carrera GT were a good start; but I much prefer the cars that really make a difference to a wider base...heck; even a 1/12 new fiat 500 would be fun to build.........'Jus sayin' Matt
  15. monkeyclaw added a post in a topic Peterbilt Detroit Diesel color?   

    If it's the old v8 it will be alpine green................Matt