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  1. Possibly looking to move to the Springfield, MO. area? Anyone know of any model clubs down there? Thanx Tim
  2. Already did NNL and GSL. Heartland is next along with the Motor city NNL.
  3. This show is on the bucket list for shows I want to attend. Did GSL, and Toledo NNL.
  4. I do know that there is one available in 1/20 scale from MPC. But I am looking for one in 1/25th. Anyone know of one ether Kit or Aftermarket resin? Tim
  5. I am on facebook and still doesn't come up. Tim
  6. So who is going to post up pictures of all the entrants? (Cough, cough, Tim Boyd) Tim
  7. So anybody post up pictures. I didn't have my camera. Tim
  8. I thought so. Just wanted to see if anyone made some before I broke out the brass and soldering iron. Tim
  9. I am needing a set of lakewood ladder bars for a recreation project I am doing. Kit parts or aftermarket? Thanks, Tim
  10. I am planning on being there. Hope the weather is good. Unlike last year when we where stopped in Limon, CO. Tim
  11. Casey, thanks for posting up that picture. it is very nicely done. Do you know who built it. I would like to know where they got the Buick engine red? Tim
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