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  1. I am on facebook and still doesn't come up. Tim
  2. So who is going to post up pictures of all the entrants? (Cough, cough, Tim Boyd) Tim
  3. So anybody post up pictures. I didn't have my camera. Tim
  4. I thought so. Just wanted to see if anyone made some before I broke out the brass and soldering iron. Tim
  5. I am needing a set of lakewood ladder bars for a recreation project I am doing. Kit parts or aftermarket? Thanks, Tim
  6. I am planning on being there. Hope the weather is good. Unlike last year when we where stopped in Limon, CO. Tim
  7. Casey, thanks for posting up that picture. it is very nicely done. Do you know who built it. I would like to know where they got the Buick engine red? Tim
  8. I am building a Monogram GSX. Just seeing if there was any better. I am looking to use the Monogram Chevelle streetrat 12 bolt but seems big compared to the stock 10 bolt on the GSX. I have used the AMT 69 442 Chassis under a couple projects. It is a great chassis. Anyone know about the chassis in the 72 Hurst/Olds? Tim
  9. I am looking for a 12 bolt rear end for a project I am doing. Anyone know of a kit that has one I can get one from. Also looking for a nice detailed chassis for early 70s GM A bodies. Is there one out there?? Please let me know. Thanks Tim
  10. Going to try and make it this year. last year was a bust. Tim
  11. I am wanting to have a realistic exhaust for a couple of projects I am working on. In the past I have used the appropriate size aluminum tubing with a flexible core to prevent kinking. But BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH if I can remember what I used. (Old age sucks) So I am looking to my colleagues here for help. Other than making it from scratch is there anyway to make a kit exhaust look realistic and presentable. One of the projects I am making. Uses aftermarket mufflers and Headers. Thanks Tim
  12. This is on my bucket list for shows. As the Toledo NNL and GSL is going by the way side. I need to start producing results from the hobby room. Can't really remember last time I actually finished a model. Tim
  13. Rob, what is this "race of gentleman" I for sure don't qualify. I'm sure others here don't either. LOL. Are there official rescue/sweep vehicles? Maybe I'll do something like that. Maybe I'll see what I can find for an entrant other wise. Tim
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