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  1. My three is wagons, 4-doors, and run what ya brung.
  2. I prefer the Model Master #11 blades. The seem sharper than the X-acto blades. Anyone know where to find them. I am getting low. Tim
  3. I am partial to the Waggon, 4 doors, Pro street, we could do like the movie, The goal IIRC is to race from coast to coast, run what you brung. open, anything goes.
  4. I need to get my arse in gear. Some entry's are already finished. But summer and other things are taking center stage like buying a house. More later Tim
  5. Hopefully be able to hit this show next year. It is on my bucket list of shows to attend/enter. Tim
  6. Well slight step backwards for me. Discovered that I didn't need to shorten the chassis. So I had to start over with a new one. Tim
  7. Hey, Sam. What wheels are you using on that Chevelle? Tim
  8. One of my many projects is using the V12 Detroit Diesel from the Bandag Bandit. Does anyone know of somewhere I can get detailing tips for it. I want to add a little life to it. Thanks Tim
  9. Since the Chevy II says 6 on the front fender. I can't run a V8 so a Grand National turbo(twin Turbo) V6 will power the wagon to victory.
  10. Adding length to the chassis behind the wheel wells shortening it in front to match the wheel base.
  11. Here is my entry, 1964 Chevy II nova station wagon. with the drive train from the Yenko camaro.
  12. I was being sarcastic. I have found something to build, I actually have two. I picked up a Chevy II nova wagon, and waiting on a 64 Cutlass drop top to come in. I started work some work on the wagon. Was working on the chassis for the wagon looking to cut it down. Low and behold all my saws have disappeared out of my desk. No where to be found. Replacements should be here from Micro Mark soon. The wagon is a 63 but with research I have found that they are virtually identical to the 64s. But the decision to let it run will be up to the powers that be. LOL Official entry will be posted soon. Tim
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