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  1. MMMM, very interesting builds. Now I may have to peruse my kits for some ideas. Let me see. Where did I put that pacer kit. Tim
  2. Haven't really gotten to that stage but I am thinking of using masking tape. it has a vinyl type grain to it. Should be able to fold it like a soft sunroof. Tim
  3. Greg, is that 1/24 or 1/25? Another of my projects is a MPC 71 Roadrunner. Tim
  4. Tim, you may want to take a look at the GS/GSX thread. it has information on that. Tim
  5. Greg, the 71-72 style Buick Skylark/GS bumpers were made from heavily modifying the kit bumpers. Most of my builds have been in progress for a while. I'll pull out one work on it for a bit then put it away. Then work on something else. That list is only the Buick GS' I have about half dozen or more in progress. Tim
  6. Paul, I will go one worse for you. I traded my 70 GTO 400 4 speed for an 84 Mercury Lynx. I have made a set of bumpers for a project I an working on. One of the 1971 GS Stage 1 Convertible zone cars. I have been a Buick GS fanatic for years. I had a 70 GS Stage1 when I was in high school. Currently have a 71 Buick Sportwagon. That I intend on taking to the 40th Anniversary GS Nationals in May. I have several GS models in progress: 1970 GS Stage 1 ( what my car would have looked off the showroom floor 1970 GSX prototype 1970 GS Stage 2 Reynolds Buick racecar 1970 GSX Motion car 1971 GS Stage 1 Conv zone car. 1972 GS Suncoupe 1970 GS pro-touring 1966 GS Pro-touring 70-72 Sportwagon plans for also doing the GSX prototype car show touring side kick, 1970 GS Stage 1 custom flame red with all white interior/clear glass. Tim
  7. I read about this show on the KC Slammers web page. Unfortunately the email didn't work. Does anyone have any information on this show? Thanks Tim
  8. I would like to make it but my 3rd grandson is due on Mar 23. Tim
  9. I would love a 70, 71 Sport Fury. Add me to the list of wanting one. Tim
  10. I am needing some information for our Mopar gurus. I have some questions: When did Mopar's Direct Connection began? What was the Mopar parts called in the Muscle car years? 64-73 (If not Direct Connection) What was the name of the Mopar performance skunk works in Detroit? Was it Ramchargers? Was the 71 Road Runner available with body colored bumpers? ( Maybe with the hi impact paint colors) These questions relate to a model project I am planning/working on. Thanks for the info guys. Tim
  11. I wonder how they compare to the model master #11 blades. Way sharper than the Xactos. Tim
  12. I see that the Pontiac Aztec is soon to dethroned as the ugliest vehicle ever made. The new winner is the Tesla cybertruck. Tim
  13. thanks Bill. I will contact them once the move is complete. Tim
  14. Possibly looking to move to the Springfield, MO. area? Anyone know of any model clubs down there? Thanx Tim
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