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  1. Greg, is that 1/24 or 1/25? Another of my projects is a MPC 71 Roadrunner. Tim
  2. Tim, you may want to take a look at the GS/GSX thread. it has information on that. Tim
  3. Greg, the 71-72 style Buick Skylark/GS bumpers were made from heavily modifying the kit bumpers. Most of my builds have been in progress for a while. I'll pull out one work on it for a bit then put it away. Then work on something else. That list is only the Buick GS' I have about half dozen or more in progress. Tim
  4. Paul, I will go one worse for you. I traded my 70 GTO 400 4 speed for an 84 Mercury Lynx. I have made a set of bumpers for a project I an working on. One of the 1971 GS Stage 1 Convertible zone cars. I have been a Buick GS fanatic for years. I had a 70 GS Stage1 when I was in high school. Currently have a 71 Buick Sportwagon. That I intend on taking to the 40th Anniversary GS Nationals in May. I have several GS models in progress: 1970 GS Stage 1 ( what my car would have looked off the showroom floor 1970 GSX prototype 1970 GS Stage 2 Reynolds Buick racecar 1970 GSX Motion car 1971 GS Stage 1 Conv zone car. 1972 GS Suncoupe 1970 GS pro-touring 1966 GS Pro-touring 70-72 Sportwagon plans for also doing the GSX prototype car show touring side kick, 1970 GS Stage 1 custom flame red with all white interior/clear glass. Tim
  5. I read about this show on the KC Slammers web page. Unfortunately the email didn't work. Does anyone have any information on this show? Thanks Tim
  6. I would like to make it but my 3rd grandson is due on Mar 23. Tim
  7. I would love a 70, 71 Sport Fury. Add me to the list of wanting one. Tim
  8. I am needing some information for our Mopar gurus. I have some questions: When did Mopar's Direct Connection began? What was the Mopar parts called in the Muscle car years? 64-73 (If not Direct Connection) What was the name of the Mopar performance skunk works in Detroit? Was it Ramchargers? Was the 71 Road Runner available with body colored bumpers? ( Maybe with the hi impact paint colors) These questions relate to a model project I am planning/working on. Thanks for the info guys. Tim
  9. Tim H

    New X-Acto Blades

    I wonder how they compare to the model master #11 blades. Way sharper than the Xactos. Tim
  10. I see that the Pontiac Aztec is soon to dethroned as the ugliest vehicle ever made. The new winner is the Tesla cybertruck. Tim
  11. thanks Bill. I will contact them once the move is complete. Tim
  12. Possibly looking to move to the Springfield, MO. area? Anyone know of any model clubs down there? Thanx Tim
  13. Already did NNL and GSL. Heartland is next along with the Motor city NNL.
  14. This show is on the bucket list for shows I want to attend. Did GSL, and Toledo NNL.
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