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  1. Tim H added a post in a topic Cannonball 2018 Theme Poll   

    I think what Rob has in mind. is you can use what ever engine you want but cannot be in a V configuration. 4-6-8-10-12 what ever has to be in line.
  2. Tim H added a topic in Wanted!   

    looking for an AMT 96-97 Ford Explorer body.
    Dug into this kit after sitting a while after painting it. The paint toasted the body so I am in search of another one. All I need is the body the rest was OK. Don't know what happened.
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  3. Tim H added a post in a topic Pro Touring 69 Camaro Chassis Questions?   

    I am building a replica of Year One's BRE Trans Am. some consider it a super car. Pro-Touring at it's best. custom chassis, custom suspension, custom body work the whole nine yards.
  4. Tim H added a post in a topic Testors Lacquer removal   

    I have used pine sol cleaner to take off most any type of paint. I have a tub I pour the PineSol in. close the lid let it sit at least over night, but usually a couple days. The paint just rinses off.
  5. Tim H added a post in a topic Anyone making a light duty diesel engine?   

    Rusty, How can I get a hold of one of your resin diesel engine?
  6. Tim H added a post in a topic Cannonball 2018 Theme Poll   

    So the gates open, Jan 1, 2018?
  7. Tim H added a post in a topic Cannonball 2018 Theme Poll   

    I hope to at least get something done next year. Didn't do squat this year. Too many projects got side lined because of missing parts & pieces.
    but a couple ideas are flowing like molasses.
  8. Tim H added a post in a topic 73-77 Pontiacs: LeMans/GTO, Grand Am, Can Am   

    I am surprised I missed this thread when it came out. I love the colonnade GM A-bodies. Especially the Buick Gran Sport. I had a 75 Century Indy Pace car. Now my youngest is rebuilding a 77 Pontiac Lemans 2dr. Field find.  Larry are you still doing the Pontiacs?
    I think with some tweaking you can use the AMT 69 Olds Cutlass chassis/drive train. For testing purposes I slide one under the Johan 74? Cutlass.
  9. Tim H added a topic in Wanted!   

    Good source for a nice set of 1/24 scale camaro rally rims
    Anyone have a source for a nice set of Camaro rally wheels with caps, in 1/24 scale for a project I am working on. Either kit or aftermarket.
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  10. Tim H added a post in a topic SMH Resins 1977 Buick Century/Regal   

    Dr Larry. I would be interested in a 73/74 Buick Gran Sport and a 75 Century Indy Pace car. I have a great love for the Colinade A bodies. I may even be interested in a 77 Pontiac Can Am ( Lemans) As I would like to build a replica of my son's 1/1 project 77 Lemans.
  11. Tim H added a post in a topic 2018 Cannonball Theme Discussion   

    Well as the inventor of the sleeperball. I will throw my thoughts out there.
    Some of the themes are great I like the pro-touring, the 6 or less, and the van-ball.
    I like the truck idea, with anything from a Ford Courier to a Kenworth.
    Rob, being it is a cross country race on public roads we need to keep with the street legal rule.
  12. Tim H added a post in a topic Ghost Flames   

    Ghost flames are nothing but the same color you are painting on just a shade or two either darker or lighter depending on the look you want. If the base color is candy then use a shade lighter or darker of that candy color.
  13. Tim H added a post in a topic How to be competitive at contests.   

  14. Tim H added a post in a topic 71 OR 72 BUICK BUMPERS eVER OFFERED IN RESIN   

    I am working on a set also. doing a 72 GS Stage 1 suncoupe
  15. Tim H added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Proper color for Pontiac rally IIs?
    Anyone have a source for the proper colors for the Pontiac Rally II wheels? I am aware of the right colors are available for the 1:1 scale, Through Ames Performance and Eastwood. ( maybe the same stuff). I don't really need a 16oz can of it. So any other source Tamaya, testors, Etc for the colors.
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