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  1. It was sprayed with alclad chrome and an airbrush. Thanks
  2. Little update tonight. I got to try my new airbrush out with some alcad. I sprayed these resin 10 hole Alcoas and stuck them on temporarily. I was very pleased how they turned out. I now have to strip my chrome parts and alclad them. Thanks. Chris
  3. Wow Guys this topic has gone way off point! Tony, You need to brush up on your constructive criticism skills such as your choice of wording. Myself along with many others would precieve some of your comments offensive. There are better ways to offer tips and help by choosing your wording correctly.Honestly I would not ever go to the lenghts and meausures Jim has done on this build however I applaude him for being a fellow modeler and thinking out side of the box and making a creative build that he and his freind seem to enjoy along with many of us here following. Mardtrp with all do respect please dont stir the pot and make these threads into trash talking debates. Lets all get back on point and move on.
  4. Thanks for the tip Juroslav. I have some cleanup to do i just took a few quick pics late last night of the progress. Thanks
  5. A little update tonight. I have got the Cummins plumbed but it still needs more once it is in the frame for good. I just sat it in the frame to get an idea as to how it is going to look. I used christmas tree bulb hooks for the hard piping for fuel lines and oil line to turbo. I also used baking soda and testors rust on the manifold and exhaust side of the turbo and Detail Master fittings on most of the plumbing. I plan to work more on it while off from work for the holiday this weekend. Happy Thanksgiving! Thanks
  6. No nothing yet it has been a busy weekend. I hope to soon thanks.
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