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  1. TonyC added a topic in General   

    I am building a freightliner and I am waiting for my clearcoat to dry. What would be a good glue to use to attach all of my chome peices to my already painted body without damaging the paintjob??
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  2. TonyC added a post in a topic BOBS PAINT   

    could you please send a product list to : tonychaves40@yahoo.com thanks
  3. TonyC added a topic in General   

    I was wondering where I should put my bodies to cure after I am dome painting them. Someone told me ONLY to put them in a metal cabinet. Is that true?? Also I just got a airbrush and a spay booth and I was going to setup in my garage for painting. Will I have a problem painting in my garage with NO heat?? Thanks guys far all your help!!!!
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  4. TonyC added a topic in On the Workbench: Big Rigs   

    Engine Pics
    I am building my first big rig and its a Italeri Freightliner. I want to try to wire and plum the motor. Does anyone have some pics of big rig motors that are wired and plumed just so that I can get some ideas.
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  5. TonyC added a topic in General   

    seams on chrome parts
    Anyone have any idea on how to get rid of seams on chrome peices????
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  6. TonyC added a post in a topic 1st Rig Build   

    I am building a Italeri Freighliner...
  7. TonyC added a topic in On the Workbench: Big Rigs   

    1st Rig Build
    I am working on my first big rig model and I am fairly new to the hobby. Should I assemble the truck cab and sleeper before I prime and paint or should I paint the pieces seperatly.
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  8. TonyC added a topic in General   

    Hi All,
    Is there a specific glue that I should use to bond painted parts together?? For instance I paint all of my motor parts before assembly, but when I go to assemble the motor I deal with paint smudge and parts no adhering properly. I am currently using Testors model master plastic cement.
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  9. TonyC added a topic in General   

    Hi All,
    Fairly new to the hobby!! I have a 69 Camaro kit that has raised delcas modlded onto the body. These are almost impossible to foil and was thinking of just sanding them off. Where can I get some decals for my 69 camaro body??
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