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  1. Thanks sir,,The only thing missing from the ignition set is the coil,,it normally mounts on a bracket on left side of mtr,,just between the tops of the 2 cylinders,, so I just use my imagination the the coil is tucked up underneath the seat or something,,lol Thanks S,,
  2. Thanks,,the motor and entire kit is 45-50 years old. There original parts mfg in the late 70's that Ive had for years from local swap meets. But they held up well to stripping w EZ off,,assembly + paint. Thanx for looking!
  3. So sorry bout your issues,,hope it gets better for ya soon. Sounds like you have some cool bikes. I sold my 06' KLR 650 awhile back,,miss it already. But CL has plenty of used bikes for sale now,,Maybe a DRZ 400,,or yamaha Bolt or 1200 Sportster HD would work. Best of luck to ya S
  4. Thanks guys,,looking at it now,,I should have dropped the front end a bit,,but I didnt have the original front clip that came with the original kit,,had to cut one from a completely different chassis from the leftovers bx. And the front axle is a street rod style. Which is why the mtr is so high overall, needing the round cutout hood,,,and I could have put a blower mtr in it,,but the duel quad looks ok too. It sortof looks like the Malco gasser + the Multi-maverick FC combined,,which looks good on the shelf! Thnx for lookin. S
  5. Happy Summer all,,,between mowing,yard fix up,,ect had some time to finish this "leftover parts box " Stang. I think its the ol MPC "Pro Street Mustang" from years ago. It has "Fun Dimensions" cast on the bottom of chassis,,so looked around on web and the only thing I could find was the MPC kit. It has the tilt nose front end,,but I attached the front ,,made it just a lift style setup. The Mtr is from parts leftovers bx as are the rims/tires,,axles,scratch built the wheelie bar set, egg crate grill,,and added some x-tra wing on back. And basic wiring ect. A 'what if" car,,but Ive seen some 1:1 vids on YT of similar cars. Fun cars indeed,,,now on to my brand new MPC 72 chevy ramp truck,,looks like a fun one,,Cheers. S
  6. Thanks Mark,,I kindof dig it too,,would enjoy building a real one in my garage,,thanks for looking
  7. Thanks John,,it turned out ok,,its a one -off for sure,,I might do a pulling truck soon,,run the headers out the top of the hood,,thanks for lookin.
  8. Happy spring all,,finally getting warmer so just gettin a few things off the bench. This is I believe a 1990's early 2000's Chevy kit from the AMT Hot Trucks 3 pack kit. But he wanted a Hemi,,so,,let it be. Got this at a swap meet years ago,,5$ glue blob in a ziplock bag,,1/2 built and painted. I added some different tires+ rims, Put A HEMI Hi-rise duel carb from the junk leftovers bx,,,made it kindof a street/strip truck. Would also make a good pulling truck if I ran the headers upright thru the hood. Painted w/hardware store paint,,and hand painted rest. One thing for sure,,the back tires would last about 3 days on this,,lol Cheers S
  9. Thanks sir,,it was fun to build,,challenging ,, but fun. Thanks for the comments folks!
  10. Thanks guys,,I wasnt sure I could pull it off When I 1st started it,,I may do another Flatop FC soon,,Id really like to find the Beach City Vette stingray FT FC from back when,,I have it on some vintage drag racing vids,,not sure if it was ever released as a kit though,Thanks for looking
  11. Thanks much all ,,its a experiment with a bit different twist. Ive always liked the Flatop FC's. And this car has a good foundation for a Fltop FC,,Cheers. S
  12. Thanks guys,,not too bad for leftover parts from the scrap bx! LOL Cheers!
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