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  1. skymnky721

    Rousch 7-11 Citgo GTO Mustang

    A swap meet kit , Revell,1987 production date on kit bx label,,of The Rousch 7-11 Citgo SCCA Mustang,,with just bit of wiring,,different front tires,,stock kit tires were too small. Other than that,,bx stock build. Sprayed blue section w/Testors quikdry blue enamel.
  2. Thanks so much Jeff,,yea those giant mirror brackets looked a bit too much,,just trimmed them off. I also used a leftover parts bx air-cleaner,looks a bit cleaner,,its actually a wheel back from some kit,,dont know which one. I did the snowmobile as if it were ski-doo colors. Ive got the MPC "Mountain Goat" yet to do,,itll make a nice combo on the shelf. Thanks for looking,,Build On!
  3. Danger Will robinson!,,lol,,,Dr Smith. Nice job,,those shows were so cool,,this show,,Batman,,Green Hornet,Star Trek,,Johnny Quest,,ect. Fun kits to build for sure.
  4. nice job,,Ive always really enjoyed the Tamiya 1/12 th kits,,they go together so well
  5. Looks great! I saw a original from the 70's Johan kit of this at a local swap meet,,it was like 200$+ nice to see one built
  6. Hi all,hope alls well for ya,,I just finished this Revell "Ice Patrol" kit. Fun kit to do,,sprayed w/Testors "Lime Ice" quickdry enamel,,and some basic wiring and such. Always enjoyed the early 70's AMC products,,my grandpa had a Blue + white interior Jeep Wagoneer ,,had many a fun trip in that one. Enjoy the builds here,,Build on!
  7. Thanks OSK,,I thought about lowering it,,but I wanted to go stockstance,,those Cragars rims that come in the kit are almost models in and of themselves after 3 different paint tones on them. I was laughing at the wing,,and how "incorrect" it is for the car,,thats why I like it on there,,lol. These things were dragstrip monsters back when,,I was watching YT vids of them on the track. Would be fun to drive thats for sure.
  8. I found it to be pretty fun to build,,you can do so much to it with the large scale and all,,I pushed mine outside the envelope a bit
  9. OK,,yea the nighthhawk is a different bike.whoops,,my silly.
  10. Thanks guys,,forgot to mention I shaved the doorhandles,,and added sportmirrors And I left the wing windows out as well ,,I use my imagination and ponder what if it had a 1 pc window. Its not quite a contest level build,,but I did have fun building it! Enjoy the builds here,,have fun!
  11. Wow,,great lookin Comet,,cool
  12. Awsome! I was just watching some ol' AFX races on YT today,,saw this one in action,,what a monster car,,great work on yours!
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