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  1. the guy is awsome,, I watch his YT stuff whenever I get a chance
  2. ya know I was watching a Rodan vrs Godzilla movie today,{strictly for educational purposes only} and its amazing all the modelset work in those movies,,no CGI at all,,buildings,,cars,,city sets,,oceans..mountians,,operating military vehicles. I think about all the building and work that went into all that,,very impressive.
  3. lol,,I often wonder the same thing,,yes I play/write/perform live ,,do co-writes for screenwriters,,opened for national acts,,play T-40 classic rock in clubs in SE mich...check it out: Im the guy in the blue shirt https://fandalism.com/10kdb/e029
  4. Thanks folks,,lol yea its quite a safety feature for the rider,,hey I almost forgot to include a pic of the vulture //condor that came in the kit,,he looks like hes in a mood ,,lol
  5. looks great,,I may have to get this one
  6. Thanks guys,,Ive seen some other builds of this out there and I dont know how they did all the paint /decal work like the 1;1 truck,,I did notice that there were really small raised "guidelines" on the body to paint inside of to help with the paint scheme,,but it would have been quite an undertaking for my skill level,,maybe next time,,build on!
  7. Thanks 340,,it was a flashblob,,but after I cleaned up everything it came out ok,,cheers!
  8. Very nice,,I thought it may have been a Vincent at 1st look,,but not so. Nice bike
  9. My,,what a time trip back for this one. Always enjoy the big scale bike kits,,and was glad to see this one repopped. I changed the paint scheme a bit,,added some x-tra wiring,,changed the footpegs to some Harley gear. Hope the kit mfg's keep up the big scale bike kits. Wonder if this was ever a 1:1 bike on the show circuits?
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