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  1. skymnky721 added a post in a topic Tamiya 1/12 Ferrari 641/2   

  2. skymnky721 added a post in a topic 37 Packard Formal Sedan WIP   

    Thats really different,,beautiful color,,nice job!
  3. skymnky721 added a post in a topic "DRAG-O-MATIC" Harley DragBike 1/8th   

    Thanks so much for the reviews,,its not as 'detailed"  or  "correct" as some stuff  out there,,but Ive never really tried or cared  to build "contest" level kits.  I just enjoy the level Im at,,theres so many outstanding builds in this forum,,I enjoy them all.  Its all about the hobby overall,,I think.  And being able to express ones  vehicle ideas in styrene+paint+rubber,,the most important 3 substances known to man.
  4. skymnky721 added a post in a topic Harley Police. Bike   

    Very nice,,wish I could find one of these in new kit form,,way cool.
  5. skymnky721 added a topic in All the Rest   

    "DRAG-O-MATIC" Harley DragBike 1/8th
    Hi all,,what once started out as a busted up glue blob in a ziplock bag from the NNL Detroit recently{total of 10$} was an original issue 1964 revell triumph drag bike. I liked the original Triumph kit,,and havent seen one out there in a while,  But,,,I wanted to do a  "low tech,garage built by regular joe" type style Harley drag bike.  Not a modern high end nitro harley drag bike  One that some guy in his garage may have built by himself  back in the day. . So some sections of this are from the Revell 1/8th Triumph Drag bike,,some sections are from the revell police bike kit{main frame} and front end is from the "softail"  harley Revell snap kit from the 90's or early 2000's. The tanks are from the early Revell "triumphant trike" 1/8th kit. Rear frame section is  triumphant trike frame  trimmed to fit + added to police bike frame,. Motor is from the revell police bike kit also.   Seat is the tamiya yamaha virago seat+ hand grips+levers are from the tamiya Ducati desmosedici bike. Special thanks to Mike @ Mikes decals for the nice size + fit harley decals that arrived in perfect condition in a timely manner.  I called it the "DRAG-O-MATIC"  as kindof a tribute to how cars + bikes back in the day always seemed to have a interesting name of some type. There may be other drag vehicles w/the same name Im not sure,,I did see a mention of a type of transmission direct drive type thing from the 50's w/the same name on the web,,but not much else. At any rate,,its a decent 10$ addition to the shelf. Best regards,,S
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  6. skymnky721 added a post in a topic Black Widow   

    great stuff! 
  7. skymnky721 added a post in a topic Tom McMullen`s: AEE- Big Twin -On The Workbench 11-5-16   

    Thats wild,,looking forward to seeing this when done.
  8. skymnky721 added a post in a topic 1/72 F4F-4 Wildcat   

    really neat bird,,nice job!
  9. skymnky721 added a post in a topic Ducati 916   

    I won one of these from the "Builders showcase" on the tamiya site a few yrs ago,,never built it,,used it for x-tra parts for other bike builds,,great kit though,,your looks fab!
  10. skymnky721 added a post in a topic Rolls Royce "balloon car"   

    Wishing you a speedy recovery,,most of all. Great project you have going!
  11. skymnky721 added a post in a topic I Only finished one in 2016!   

    OOHHH yea!
  12. skymnky721 added a post in a topic One from this Year - 70 Cuda   

    love it !
  13. skymnky721 added a post in a topic MPC "Malco Gasser" {Modified}   

    yea,,I read somewhere  they  "re-designed"  the front clip setup,,,uuummm,,,???  Not sure what may have been consumed  prior to  "re-designing"  that.  Also when the headers didnt behave,,they were in total conflict w/the radius rods attached to front axle!  so  I removed them{radius rods},,and installed  45 degree 2nd set of front shocks just behind the stock setup. It actually made the whole front end much more solid + strong,,not much flex to it now. And had to dremmel out clearance in scoop opening to make room for wires,linkages,,ect.  Also changed  the radiator  to a smaller size one from leftover parts box,,{ I needed to see that awsome  SOHC Mtr!!} And the front grill plate that came in kit didnt really blend well with the front end,,so I just painted the grill Flat Blk,,and added some x-tra lights  for giggles+ fun. All in all its still a cool kit to have on the shelf,,just had to work out the bugs in the design of it all.  Thanks for the kind words,,S
  14. skymnky721 added a post in a topic MPC "Malco Gasser" {Modified}   

    Thanks Cobra,,theres so  many great builds in here,,wish I had more time to build and be online. There was also another  prob w/this kit,,the header flanges should lay "flat"  to heads,,like a 1:1 mtr,,so when I did that,,the headers dont make it all the way up to the header cutout in front quarter panel,,which looks kindof cheesy,,oh well,,what are ya gonna do?
  15. skymnky721 added a post in a topic Early '60s, NHRA legal Chevy C/Gas Supercharged 'gasser'   

    Really nice job,,cool year bowtie to do