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  1. skymnky721 added a post in a topic MPC 1/16 Shelby Cobra   

    Hey all ,,got a bit more chassis work done,,its coming around  so far,,,thanks for visiting,,S
  2. skymnky721 added a post in a topic 1970 Local Drag Day   

    awsome!  reminds me of a local track here,,close to  M.I.S.  speedway  from back in the  day,,called   "Onandaga  Dragway"  ,,same stuff,,garage  built  saturday  nighters  bangin it out,,,cool pics guy!
  3. skymnky721 added a post in a topic How can I convince them we need a hobby shop here?   

    Thats  a tough one,,if theres  quite  a   few modelers  in your area,,start your own store out of your garage,,or  rec room.  Theres a  few around here that do that.. it is more fun to  "handle"  a kit or product  in a LHS  firsthand,,instead  of just looking at it on   a  puter screen. Good luck on your searches!
  4. skymnky721 added a post in a topic "DRAG-O-MATIC" Harley DragBike 1/8th   

    Why thanks sir,,,theres so many great builds here,,fun to  check out what+how folks build. Yea ,,Drag-o-matic was   just a ziploc bag full of busted up pieces of the 1971 era  1/8  Revell  Triumph  Drag bike  15$  at a  swap meet,,,,after I looked at web pics of the finished kit,  some of the original kit pcs  were  missing,,so   just tossed some other options at it,,and it worked ok..Its a one- off bike,,theres not another like it  thats for sure.  So,,itll look ok on my shelves,,Thanks for the kind words,,Build On !
  5. skymnky721 added a post in a topic '62 Ranchero speedster gluebomb restoration   

    Nice w/the top off,,it would make a nice  flat-top FC as well,,nice save.
  6. skymnky721 added a post in a topic 71 GTX Sitting Pretty   

    Neat color,,and stance is cool,,Nice!
  7. skymnky721 added a post in a topic "DRAG-O-MATIC" Harley DragBike 1/8th   

    Why thank you sir,,,,,ooh   yea,,  I try to snatch up ANY large  scale  bikes ,,any era  really.  whenever I can.  This whole bike{Drag-o-Matic} is  basically   3  different large scale  Revell  kits,,bits+ pcs.  This blue one is a Tamiya  427  Yamaha  Virago.   Thanks for looking,,,,
  8. skymnky721 added a post in a topic Tamiya 1/12 Ducati Panigale S 1199 Corse part 17 : Final assembly   

    Nice bike!,,neat vid also,,I thought about opening a YT  model  building page,,maybe someday.  Looks fun.
  9. skymnky721 added a post in a topic MPC 1/20 1970 AMX   

    Thanks,,and yea your right,,its  like a  constant  'best of"  of modelers  from everywhere!
  10. skymnky721 added a post in a topic 1/12 69 Camaro Pro Touring   

  11. skymnky721 added a post in a topic MPC 1/16 Shelby Cobra   

    Thanks Cobraman,,,got a bit more done,,wired  alt,+,plugs+added  linkages+ fuel feeds,,and a bit of interior work done.  Getting there,,bit at a time. Got some belt material,,black ribbon  from wallmnky.  The kit comes  w/plastic  molded  lap belts,,which Ill use,,I just have to make  upper portion  shoulder belts. Thanks for looking,,,cheers!
  12. skymnky721 added a post in a topic Auto Quiz #322 - #FINSHED   

  13. skymnky721 added a post in a topic Balancing (too many?) hobbies/life?   

    Such is the big question these days,,I play gtr in a band{10K-DB music} on the web,,but I love model building as well.  And drive  a semi truck around SE Mich for a day job so I can have a place to build models,,play + record music and market it to publishing co's on Nashville+ LA ect.  Theres a  radio talk show guy named    Dennis  Prager  whos says  "  you always will have to do what you dont want to do,,in order to do what you really  do  want to do!"   And it makes perfect sense  when you think about it.    Model building will always be one of my top 1-2  hobbies,,they key I think is to find something your really good at and enjoy,,AND  be able to make a living from it,,now thats  true success,,,IMO
  14. skymnky721 added a post in a topic Why haven't the model companies addressed the problem with tire melt ?   

    The 1st thing I do with any kit I get  is seperate  all the parts so they dont make any contact with anything else  w/layers of napkins  or tissue paper  to help eliminate any probs like this.  I did a get a "Monroe Handler" mustang 2  from the late 70's   awhile back  and it had "goodyear"  melted across the front windshield!  man was I bummed,,so I just wet sanded it forever  w/different grits paper,,then polished it out  and it was fine,,but it took forever.
  15. skymnky721 added a post in a topic Sad Sad Sad News: Our Harry Passed Away   

    So sad to hear,,he was always fair w/me and was a fantastic builder,,RIP Harry.