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  1. My mistsake,,Ponch was driving a 57 Vette https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rcwcp129P4U
  2. Thats cool,,man that 1st paint job someone did is scary! Yours is way better
  3. thanks,,yea I do remember something about the bed,,I think I filed some of the mating edges slimmer or something to get a decent fit.
  4. Thanks! Your in dearborn? Are you a member of DAMM? I hear the macomb community college DAMM show is up and running this fall,,lookin forward to it. Lets hook up!
  5. Thanks Zippi + TA mike,,,always enjoy everybody elses work here too. So I got the 66 AMT Chevelle PS car going just now,,metallic Purple Metalflake,,red interior,,,Should be a cool one also. Im adding a rear deck wing on it,,did some dremmel work to open the wheel wells,,well see what happens w/it. Build On !
  6. forgot these,,
  7. Thanks,,I was watching the show "Chips" the other day,,the one about the CHP Bike cops..and every single car/truck in that show is now a collectors item! And the show always has great car chases . I think theres an episode where Erik Estrada drives a 70 Mustang in a drag race epipsode,,sign of the times I guess.
  8. Thanks,,Randal Holts? post a pic if you got one. Yes things were much simpler back then,,and more creative,,folks did models,,painting,,woodburning,,and so much more. Now we all stare at our I-phones as we walk out into a street with traffic everywhere,,lol {at least some do,,not everybody}
  9. Great job,,wouldnt mind getting this one and try my hand at it.
  10. Thanks folks,,so many great builds to see here at MCM!
  11. Neat Bowtie! Dig the color and x-tras
  12. Amazing stuff!,,thought it was the 1:1 for minute. Those were the good ol days of Drag racing
  13. Amazing bikes! Thinkin about what it would be like to ride these,,the vibration would be a challenge,,but oohhh the power of those radials!! Seatbelts optional...lol
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