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  1. @ DonW Ok,,what year is the FiFi? Looks to be from the 20's or 30's era. I still cant believe they would drive those open top,,no roll bars,,leather helmut +goggles . And people right along side of the tracks w/haybales for retainers!
  2. Cool cat! looks like it could have been a regular raced car at any track,,nice job
  3. That kicks ass!! really cool idea blending the 2 kits. neat
  4. Really nice,,ironic,,this is the one Im workin on right now,, question: Did you use the kit supplied rear tires? The ones in my kit look a bit small for it.
  5. Wow,,I can hear squeelin tires now! Cool bowtie
  6. Thnx folks,,yea its not a contest car,,nor is it "correct" paint scheme,,but it does look good on the shelf,,Build on! and be safe out there
  7. lol,,racing the runways,,theres a story behind that headlight. The angle it points in is the exact angle that the original fairing pointed,,so it kindof transitioned that way. I guess the rider wanted to dodge all the insects when night racing,,sortof like a 150MPH bug light. And to avoid being a landing point for planes at the airport,,lol https://www.scalemates.com/kits/revell-h-1236-honda-drag-custom-bike--1160479 the headlight actually is supposed to be in the front portion of fairing as a flip up/down hideaway style,,so I just put in in the triple clamps of forks
  8. Turned out quite nice,,I dig the woody theme ,,goes with the color well
  9. So true for me also,,I try to detail rally wheels,,and theres a trick to it for sure to make them look good. Wish I had a lifetime supply of SS Cragars
  10. Thanks so much folks,,it is one of the strangest kits Ive come across,,pretty rare,,and expensive on ebay if you see one at all.
  11. Thanks you all,,I would like to do more trucks,,I do have the Tyrone Malone drag truck to do soon,,so well see what that entails. I was looking at the box art/pics,,the paint job will surely be a challenge thats for sure. Looks like a fun one to do though.Thanks again,,,,S
  12. Hi all,,hope alls well for ya during this madness we see around us everyday,,I guess we all get more time to build during this,,the plus side I guess. So,,dug this out a few weeks ago,,Revells Street burner series 70' Superbird. Painted with Testors quikdry rattle can,,,some minor wiring/plumblng,,added a hood scoop{it looked kindof neat when I mocked it up} Hand painted all else. Funny though,,there was no Rdrunner cartoon decal for the side rear wing spars/supports,,maybe a licensing thingee. Anyways,,stay safe,,and enjoy whatever building you do get a chance to do.
  13. fantastic! is that the MPC 1/12th kit?
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