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  1. Thanks again,,its not contest level,,but looks decent. The wheel spacing in the wheel wells is a bit off as well. I followed the directions to a T,,it is what it is. Still looks good on shelf. Cheers!
  2. Thanks Bisco,,lol yea theres a story behind those headlamps. The kit came w/ a 1 pc grill/headlamp/turn signal all molded as 1 pc,,when I moked up the pc after painting the body,, and was getting ready to do front grill ect paint detail,,the front end grill pc wouldnt fit uniformly in there 3 specific holes,,grill,, headlamp,,turn signal, so I dremmel cut them into there own seperate pcs,,the grill pc's went in fine,,but the turn signals+ headlamps didnt,,no matter how I placed them in there spots..there were gaps around both of them,,so I just used "flat lens" style headlamp fronts from the spare parts bx ,,there round ,,flat and layed over the headlight opening from the inside alot better than the kit headlamps. The turn signals are same deal. Hope that clears it up,,Cheers!
  3. whao! totally awsome wild,,great pics too.
  4. A bit more of the front grill work
  5. Thanks all for the comments,,enjoy everyones work here!
  6. Thanks rrb,,yea I moked up the white stripe and then the blue,,and the blue just seem to blend better to the blue backdrop. The wheels can be done pretty easy,,just get a bottle of Flat Black,,about 1/4 full,,and just add thinner w/a eye dropper,,few drops at a time. Then use that mix to get a drop on the end of the small brush,,and just "drop" it in to area where the lug nuts are,,and the thin paint will do the rest,,itll just fill the area by itself. A magnifier wouldnt hurt either,,lol at least I use one from time to time for rim work. Thanks for lookin!
  7. So its 8 degrees here today,,{how nice} and its perfect model building weather. Completed is the Revell 70' Trans am. One of my fav GM body styles. When I lived in Ann Arbor Mi in the late 70's,,a girl I dated had her father who owned a T/A like this one,, she used to take us out in it,,she let me drive it a few times,,what an awsome car! So heres my recent version. Kit was tough to build on a few things,,had to make clearance for chassis to fit up under body,,but I always assemble all body fronts,,valences ect 1st,,then paint as one assembled unit,,so maybe that contributed to the fit issue. Sprayed can hardware store blue,,hand painted everything else. And some basic wiring,,pretty simple but looks cool on the shelf! Cheers!
  8. Why thanks gentleman,,its a decent mopar to display. Build on.
  9. Thanks to all who haved viewed+ commented ,,fun to see all the different build styles here. Im just finishing a Revell 1/25 70" Trans Am,,Dark blue,,custom interior 2 tone,,its shaping up fairly well. Build On !
  10. Thanks Dave,,I was going to put wider back tires on it and a parachute,,but its looks decent as is. great to see everyones work here. Cheers !
  11. wow great color+ clean. Thats my fav Mopar car
  12. Man,,nice stuff I may try one of these
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