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  1. Thanks much folks,,its always fun to build models when I have time. Enjoy everybodys works here,,sooo many to see. Build on !
  2. Hey folks,,is it snowing where your at? It has here,,2 inches so far. So models are flyin off the bench,,got this at HLobby on sale for 15$,,they dont have the latest kits but there affordable. Revells 69 Boss 302. Rattle can spray from the hardware store for the body,,kindof mixed it up with the undercarriage colors. Added some x-tra wires and such,nothin contest worthy,,but still looks decent. Hand painted every thing else. Color keyed the bumpers. The engine bay area looked crowded with the braces and such so I just left em off to see the engine bay more. Put a bit larger set of tires on back,,just to give it some stance. KIt went together well for the most part,,Revell did a great job on the kit. Now gotta start the Revell fast and furious Charger with that awsome hemi with the blower stickin out!. Cheers and be safe out there!
  3. Thnx zippi,,It turned out ok for a fuzzy furry drag car! lol Thanks all for the nice comments.
  4. lol,,yea its an odd title,,the bx says chevy nova pro street on it. Not a chevelle,,or chevy 2,,so its a square shaped mid 60's chevy ps car,,lol.thanks for the comments.
  5. Lookin great,,I dont remember that show,,but then again much of my teenage years are a blurr when I look back. Nice Vette
  6. thats a decent build,,interesting car.
  7. Cool model,,I use flicker photo site,,it doesnt have a watermark in pic when sharing on web,,great FC build though
  8. Thanks all,,Build on!
  9. Happy friday,,lookin at the leaves changing colors in my back yard,,and I see Mr Woodchuck crawling out from under my tool shed in back yard,,Im thinkin,,,pest control company named "Fir Fighters" ,,if they had a drag race car ,,this would be it. Its the AMT 66 Chevy Nova PS kit. Cool kit,,nice tires,,tubbed chassis,,wheelie bars,,no roll bar though,,I had to make one from the leftovers bx. Also replaced stock seat w/race seat. And added the rear trunk deck wing. {all cars should have a wing on them} Also opened up wheel wells to view rims+tires better. Sprayed rattlecan testors purplelicious quikdry,,hand bottle painted rest of it. Kit went together well,,and looks decent on the shelf,,guess thats all I can ask for! Enjoy everybodys work here! Build on!
  10. My mistsake,,Ponch was driving a 57 Vette https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rcwcp129P4U
  11. Thats cool,,man that 1st paint job someone did is scary! Yours is way better
  12. thanks,,yea I do remember something about the bed,,I think I filed some of the mating edges slimmer or something to get a decent fit.
  13. Thanks! Your in dearborn? Are you a member of DAMM? I hear the macomb community college DAMM show is up and running this fall,,lookin forward to it. Lets hook up!
  14. Thanks Zippi + TA mike,,,always enjoy everybody elses work here too. So I got the 66 AMT Chevelle PS car going just now,,metallic Purple Metalflake,,red interior,,,Should be a cool one also. Im adding a rear deck wing on it,,did some dremmel work to open the wheel wells,,well see what happens w/it. Build On !
  15. forgot these,,
  16. Thanks,,I was watching the show "Chips" the other day,,the one about the CHP Bike cops..and every single car/truck in that show is now a collectors item! And the show always has great car chases . I think theres an episode where Erik Estrada drives a 70 Mustang in a drag race epipsode,,sign of the times I guess.
  17. Thanks,,Randal Holts? post a pic if you got one. Yes things were much simpler back then,,and more creative,,folks did models,,painting,,woodburning,,and so much more. Now we all stare at our I-phones as we walk out into a street with traffic everywhere,,lol {at least some do,,not everybody}
  18. Great job,,wouldnt mind getting this one and try my hand at it.
  19. Thanks folks,,so many great builds to see here at MCM!
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