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  1. Termite added a post in a topic 71 Sox & Martin Cuda   

    Good looking Cuda, I did the Super Bird not a bad runner for a boat but the Cuda was a killer. Nice paint lines.
  2. Termite added a post in a topic Watson Tribute '59 Thunderbird: 2/20/12 Update - Interior & Clear!   

    Looking good John, a little upgraded trim would go well. I have chrome metal door handles and T-Bird emblems sitting here in a bag interested?
  3. Termite added a post in a topic Model Cars Magazine WANTS YOU!!!   

    Have several pieces that could be of interest. I can provide CAD type drawings in support. Have a 29 roadster project that is about done and have about 190 photos to go with it. I did the detailed version of the Hawaian and Chi town cars with Bill and Len and supplied many of the detailed assembly photos that were used in the magaziene article. The first piece I did was the steering front end for Monogram kits long ago. I have been in the hobby since the early 60's, Is there anything else you'd like to know? If I could firgure out how to post pictures here I'd run how to articles on your forum.
  4. Termite added a post in a topic LA Dart Conversion / Confusion   

    A tip from an old vet (Nam 69 DMZ) I've built models since the 60's as a kid and camera shots were always tough. A little something I found you might try is hold a low power magnifier over the camera aperture. I use a little Kodak easy share but with the right magnifier over the lens it see's closer than with out the lens. Lets me get twice as close and get better shots.
  5. Termite added a post in a topic It's been 40 years   

    Well done return and good subject matter, Chopped mercs are a timeless thing. I've been playing with these myself since the early 60's. I also remember when and yes it has chaged but good workmanship never goes out of style. Enjoy the new world sir. Enjoy
    Tom Creeger
  6. Termite added a post in a topic 58 thunderbird   

    Well done on the body correction, looks pretty straight from here. what else you got in store? Maybe some lake pipes or will it be of more current design.

    T Creeger
  7. Termite added a post in a topic 32 Roadster   

    Green is not my favorite color but still it ain't bad. Have the same radius rods on my roadster in the garage waiting for spring. Used to call them hair pin. As for knowing what we have done, been there Mac, Semper Fi. A survivor of I corp RVN 69/70. new in here but not to models, wanna see that car finished.
  8. Termite added a post in a topic Revells' Hawaiian - The End is Here!   

    Look at the Front 3/4 view photo all 4 lines can be seen. 2 into the barrel valve and 2 out to the injectors

  9. Termite added a post in a topic Relentless 32 Ford Coupe   

    Looks like your off to a good start. Something I've done in the past was to section the frame near the fire wall and just add in the length you need. The new section could be sheet plastic or taken from something in the scrap box and blended into your existing piece.