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  1. You did a fabulous job on that! It looks beautiful and the color choice is excellent for that car. I built the coupe equivalent a few years ago so I know all about the fit issues that you faced. Those kits can be quite a challenge.
  2. That's the best treatment of that kit that I've ever seen. Great job!
  3. There are several options that I use that haven't been mentioned. First is doll house carpet. It's similar to using felt but I think it looks better. It's available in a few colors at hobby lobby and many colors from on-line hobby stores. Another option is one of the many textured spray paints that are available. There's a Rust-Oleum truck bed paint, duplicolor trunk paint, krylon makes textured craft paints, etc. Don't worry about the color. Just spray it on and then paint over it with the color you really want.
  4. If you can get Turner Classic Movies you'll be able to see a young Tommy Ivo in the movie "The Lost Volcano" this Saturday at 9:00 am Central time. I believe that's 10:00 Eastern - check local listing, as they say. No hot rods or dragsters involved - he'll be swinging through the trees with Bomba the Jungle Boy. Bomba was played by Johnny Sheffield who played "Boy" in the old Tarzan movies. There's a short clip from it on You Tube. It might save you from watching the whole movie but Tommy doesn't get to do any tree swinging in the clip:
  5. Wow! Fabulous! I wouldn't know where to begin on a project like that.
  6. My jaw just hit the floor! That is too cool and excellent work besides.
  7. I just love this and thanks for giving full details.
  8. That is one good looking build! Excellent work.
  9. BTW, for $1.49 you got the instructions AND the '32 Ford kit.
  10. Smitty's deuce pickup was in the Auto World catalog at least as early as 1961 - I checked my copy. The only suitable pickup kits in that catalog were the Black Widow and AMT's 1925 T. The Black Widow might be the ticket.
  11. They lost me at $168.00. Never mind the shipping!
  12. That is a good looking wheel and no two piece rim! Noted for the future.
  13. mr moto

    1958 Edsel Pacer

    Wow! I think that's the best build of that kit I've seen yet. It really captures the look of the Edsels that were on the street back in the day. I was there!
  14. So here are the Nardi steering wheels from 3D Scale Parts that I got on eBay - 2 for $12.00 w/ free shipping. The two piece rim is kind of odd and I don't know why it's made that way. Gluing the two pieces together leaves a visible seam that needs to be filled and sanded for best appearance. Here's before and after filling. It would be better if it could be one piece but this turned out to be not much trouble. Anyway, here it is done and painted. So it comes out looking pretty good but there are probably better ones out there somewhere - including the one that Matt Bacon suggested with a real wood rim from France - but at least this one can be had on this side of the pond.
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