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  1. Some Olde things

    I took these pictures at La Carrera Panamericana in central Mexico in 2013.
  2. Which Cord Kit?

    Ditto on that! Excellent diorama, Ellen.
  3. Hot Rod Primer

    Duplicolor makes Hot Rod Primer. I use it all the time and it seems to be a perfect match for the old Pactra product (I still have a bottle).
  4. Great looking work! You might inspire me to tackle the Revell 1/32 Continental Mark II that's been staring at me for a few years.
  5. 32 Ford's

    I wish I had looked at this thread before I built my pair of AMT '32s. There's so much great inspiration here that I feel very humble. These are intended to represent period rods from the time (1959-1960) when the Trophy Series kits were first coming out.
  6. 56 packard

    Ditto on the above. You were brave to even take that one on and it came out great!
  7. Tomkats Kar Klub - B.R. LA

    Here's a link to the sedan's Under Glass thread with a few more photos. http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/125734-customized-1940-ford-sedan-more-trophy-series-fun/
  8. 41 plymouth woody

    That's a terrific build! You did such a smooth job with the conversion that I'm afraid a lot of people might look at it and not realize what you did. Those with a good eye will really appreciate it.
  9. Tomkats Kar Klub - B.R. LA

    Those of you who are regulars to the Under Glass forum may have been noticing this plate on many of my builds for some time now: I wanted to explore the possibilities of the earliest AMT Trophy Series kits - the first six that all came out in 1959 and 1960. They really were the foundation of the hot rod/customizing portion of the model car hobby and introduced the ideas of multiple parts options, engine swaps and the possibility to build a kit almost anywhere along the spectrum from stock to all out race or custom. Of course, they were simple (sometimes even primitive) by today's standards but they were a revolution at the time. These were the first six kits in what I think is the correct order of release: 1932 Ford roadster (1959) 1925 Model T Ford - a double kit, builds two complete cars (1959) 1940 Ford coupe (1959) 1932 Ford coupe (1960) 1939/40 Ford sedan (1960) 1936 Ford coupe/roadster (1960) Looking over that list, I realized that those are the cars that were also the foundation of the real 1:1 hot rod world. The cars you might see being driven by the members of one of the hot rod clubs that flourished at that time. So, a project was born. I present, at last, the seven (remember the '25 T was a double kit) charter members of the Tomkats Kar Klub. And here they are one at a time. '32 Ford roadster (this one's a box art build): '25 Ford roadster: '25 Ford coupe: '40 Ford coupe: '32 Ford coupe: '40 Ford sedan: '36 Ford coupe: There may be future members added but this completes the original concept - time a to do some change of pace builds!
  10. AMT '32 Coupe - a basic street rod

    No, I didn't do a build thread but I'll try to dig put some photos from other builds where I used tuck 'n roll and make a little tutorial in the Tips and Tricks section.
  11. AMT '32 Coupe - a basic street rod

    This is a compliment that really counts! I hope that one day I can paint like you, John. Until then, it's just beginner's luck sometimes.
  12. AMT '32 Coupe - a basic street rod

    Gee! Thanks to everyone for all the great compliments. Maybe I like it better now.
  13. Here's a build of AMT's '32 Coupe, one the earliest of the Trophy Series hot rod kits. It was first released in 1960. I wish I had gone a little wilder with this one but I guess it came out pretty nice for a basic street rod from back in the day.
  14. More Vintage Model Car Ads

    Don't you love the Dauphine with flames and chromed fender skirts!
  15. A 1925 T-bird? The Thunderbucket!

    Thanks everybody! I was really surprised to see this thread resurface.