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  1. That's a great build and a great idea that had never occurred to me. Even though we started from totally different sources your statements about the problems of box art building exactly mirror my own experience. I was totally surprised by how many changes were needed to build the box art from what was in the box! Beautiful job!
  2. robert e lee steamboat

    That's a great looking build! However, as something of a wooden boat geek, I am required to add this bit of trivia: The Robt. E. Lee, the Robert E. Lee, and the R.E. Lee are three separate and different vessels. So it's not correct to say that you've built the Robert E. Lee!
  3. Think the production Edsel was bad????

    Most early styling prototypes use different styling treatments on each side so that they can be easily compared while keeping the costs own. Sometimes they're even done as a two door on one side and as a four door on the other.
  4. AMT '32 Ford roadster - 1959 box art build

    Actually, I agree with you, Sam. There are a number of little issues that I have with it but, hey, it displays pretty good!
  5. AMT '32 Ford roadster - 1959 box art build

    That is a really fabulous build for 1959 and it still looks good today!
  6. Your Favorite or Interesting Race Car Livery

    No illusion there! The car actually had a cutaway panel!
  7. Good Bye Wire Wheels!!

    I totally agree! Nothing against wire wheels but those wires on that car just don't look right. Now that's a very sharp and much improved model.
  8. AMT '40 Ford Tudor: 1959 Style!

    Nice, nice!
  9. '50 Ford dual cowl

    The Hydro Hawk is a combination of the AMT 1959 vintage speedboat kit and a Jimmy Flintstone '51 Stude resin body. It helps that I know a little bit about boatbuilding and was able to plank up the transition from one to the other pretty much like you might do in 1:1.
  10. '50 Ford dual cowl

    Thanks, everybody, and I'll try to answer the questions without actually quoting them. First, I plan to hang on to the up top for possible future use. The taillights are the customizing parts from a '53 Studebaker kit just laid down horizontally. And as Spex84 said, the rear passengers would use the steps and grab handles to just climb right in. It's kind of a rumble seat arrangement.
  11. '50 Ford dual cowl

    Based on the recent Round 2 release '50 Ford convertible. It was conceived as a tow vehicle for the "Hydro Hawk" boat that I built a while back. Engine is the stock flathead with the 2 carb manifold from the kit.
  12. I just picked up a Surf Woody at Hobby Lobby for $7.50. I had no interest at all in the actual car and bought it because it's such a treasure chest of parts like the tube chassis, Paxton superchargers, and some very cool double stripe white wall tires. Definitely pick one up if you see it on clearance.
  13. Birth Year for model cars ?

    The Berkeley kits are an interesting bit of history but they had carved balsa bodies and that wasn't unique. It was really the "state of the art" before molded plastic came along. On the AMT '58 Edsel box, note that while the other kits are identified as "Ford Fairlane", "Pontiac Bonneville", etc. the Edsel just says Edsel and the kit itself doesn't have a model name script on the front fender. 1958 was Edsel's first year in existence and I'll bet that the kits were tooled up before FoMoCo marketing settled on all the model names. It appears to be a Pacer, I think.
  14. 1/18 MPC Hydro-Vee Boat

    I just found a picture of the instruction sheet from the original issue on the net. It identifies the boat as a Charger 183. The box says that the model is 10 1/2 inches long. If all that is correct, the scale calculates out to just a little shy of 1:21. Box scale? Nothing that I can find on the original issue says anything about a scale.
  15. Why did the paint crinkle?

    READ THE LABEL. It seems that most paints have been reformulated lately (probably due to VOC regs) and the old rules just don't apply anymore. Most paints nowadays will say to recoat within the first hour or after so many days and that will vary by brand. I've seen some that say after 7 days. So if you can't finish the job in an hour wait for as long as the label says.