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  1. Great work as always! So good to hear from you again.
  2. You have a resin cast of the Revell hood. Mark is saying that the MPC hood should fit.
  3. Thanks to everyone for all the kind words. Looking at all the builds on display in the "Under Glass" section right now I'm reminded of the awesome amount of talent in this community. It's an honor to be included, let alone appreciated.
  4. Holy Moly! That's amazing. I don't know if l should be inspired or scared☺️. That's brilliant work.
  5. Beautiful job. That's a handsome beast from a different time.
  6. That's a superb piece of work! It's hard to believe it's your first time opening doors. Those would be a challenge even for the very best - I think you belong up in that category. Great job!
  7. I've never done this before - put up an annual recap, that is. Don't know why but all the cool kids are doin' it so why not. It looks like I got five done this year and here they are in no particular order. AMT '32 Ford Phaeton: 1934 Ford pickup: Aurora Maserati 3500 GTi: 1963 Plymouth Melrose Missile III: And last but not least, my '57 T-Bird tribute to Mexican wrestler "Blue Demon": I hope you enjoy my five and happy building to everyone in 2021!
  8. The other boat kit offered by Round2 that comes from Lindberg tooling (and actually, Lindberg got it from Palmer) is the 1959 Century Coronado. It's not a very good kit but I picked one up not long ago and it seems it could made into something pretty good without too much extra work. The Coronado was a really flashy 50's style heavily chromed "dream boat" that was billed as the "Cadillac of boats". It's amazing they didn't sink from the weight of all that chrome. It was designed by mid-century modernist designer Richard Arbib. He was a really interesting guy. Probably worth your time to look him up. BTW, the kit comes with a poorly detailed V8 engine that looks something like a Chrysler hemi except that it only has six spark plugs! Most of the real boats actually were powered by Chrysler Firepower hemi marine conversions so there are lots of sources for a more correct replacement piece. Round2 has also released the AMT 3 in 1 boat kit that was first issued in 1959. Don't know if that's anything that you might be interested in but you could check it out and see. They're readily available.
  9. Truly excellent build. It may even inspire me to build the one I've had hanging around for years. Never imagined it could turn out like that. Great job!
  10. mr moto

    amt 25 T bucket

    Wow! You sure took that ancient kit to the next level. Great work.
  11. That's a great story, Tom, and a great looking build. A Johan 62 Lark was also the first model I built when I returned to the hobby and I painted it white but with a blue interior. I'm a lifelong Stude enthusiast and also built the first release of that kit back in 1962. It got painted red that time.
  12. I'm very glad your 1963 vintage build has survived! That's true old style model customizing and I love it. Looks like a great candidate for a restoration.
  13. Here's my contribution. It's a Vicky that was heavily cross-pollinated with an Ala Kart. I'm planning to build another Vicky soon with a more conventional street rod look. The great looking models in this thread has already been a source of inspiration for that future build so show us some more!
  14. It's doll house carpet. See my earlier response up above for a little more info.l
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