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  1. Yes it is a lacquer. It's part of their line of auto touch up paints that most car parts stores sell. I've never had a problem with it but another poster did. Like all paints, proceed with caution until you learn what to expect from it.
  2. First, that's a beautiful build and a great concept! You're to be congratulated on finally making one of those ideas that we all have floating around in the back of our minds but seldom get around to building. Great job! Secondly, a few words about the paint issue. There is more than one kind of Duplicolor clear - at least two and I think possibly more than that. These two cans of paint are NOT alike: The one in the blue can is the one that Ferbz says he used. It is VERY hot and easily cuts through other finishes including Duplicolor. It must have a useful purpose for those who know the correct usage but I recommend staying away from it for painting models. The "Perfect Match" clear (in the can on the right) is an old standby and I've used it for years over various finishes and as a decal coating. There's never been a problem that I didn't cause all by myself.
  3. Testors bonder works just fine. That's what it's meant for. I've also used clear Krylon and my current favorite is clear Duplicolor.
  4. mr moto

    Cars in Songs

    Steve Earle has a number of great songs with cars in them. Copperhead Road: Sweet Little '66:
  5. Wherever Duplicolor is sold. I usually get mine at Pep Boys but Auto Zone, O'Reilly and other car parts stores carry it in this area, also.
  6. Two coats of this... ...worked on decals made in 1959.
  7. It started when VHT paint came out and you'll notice that many of the early drag cars with white headers also carried VHT sponsorship decals. It came in a number of colors but if you want to draw attention to your product paint the headers bright white!
  8. Holy Moley! That's paintin' it! You say you have a long way to go but I think you did a great job. Nice work.
  9. First, thanks to everybody for the compliments. Feels good to be appreciated! The nerfs (and the side molding) are made from half-round Evergreen styrene. Very simple to do! The side molding is there mainly to emphasize the horizontal for the center section of the body. I've noticed that on a lot of 1:1 sectioned Fords the overhangs look too shallow compared to the center section of the body so I used the molding, the flares and the paint fade to emphasize the horizontal in the center and the vertical at the ends. I do have some WIPs of the build that I can post later. Didn't take as many as I often do, however.
  10. This is the AMT '49 Ford coupe (great kit, I think) sectioned about 3/16". Back in the 50's, the shoebox Fords were probably the most frequently customized cars and definitely the most often sectioned. It turns out to be a lot of trouble - even in 1/25 scale but the low look is worth it. Paint is Duplicolor Metal Cast decanted and shot through a Grex. The grill is from a '57 Chrysler 300C and front turn signals are actually the stock taillights re-purposed. Hope you like!
  11. WOW! That's thinking outside the box. I just love it!
  12. Really excellent work. Did you scratch build the airbox on your Stude R3 or is there a source for that part? It looks very authentic. I built an R3 replica a few years back and scratch built the airbox but mine didn't capture the look of the real thing like yours does. http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/111013-1964-studebaker-avanti-r3/
  13. That is excellent work and the most amazing thing is that there actually was a GAZ promo. I never suspected!
  14. Another superb build! I wish Round2 would use the AMT Chrysler 300C tooling to create a De Soto.
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