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  1. mr moto added a post in a topic 1910 Ford Model T Torpedo   

    That's crazy amazing! I have an old Hudson kit (of an International IIRC) but it scares me to look in the box and think about actually trying to build it.
  2. mr moto added a calendar event in Model Car Shows/Events   

    Cajun Model Fest 31


    Baton Rouge Scale Modelers will be hosting the 31st Cajun ModelFest on Saturday, October 7, 2017. The event is held in the 4H Mini-Farm Building on Ag Center Drive near Highland Road on the LSU campus in Baton Rouge, LA.
    See www.brscalemodelers.com for more details.
  3. mr moto added a post in a topic Customized 1940 Ford sedan - more Trophy Series fun   

    Thank you, everyone. I don't know if I ever explained the project that I've embarked on lately. Those who commented about early sixties style are right on the money. The Tomkats Kar Klub is my name for a fictional hot rod club like the ones that were so common in the fifties and early sixties. In this case the "members" of the club will be the first six kits in the AMT Trophy Series. I believe all six of them were issued in 1959 and 1960. It's been a lot of fun and it's easy to see why these kits were so popular in their day even if they lack the modern level of detail. It would be impossible to overstate how important the Trophy Series was to launching the hobby of model car building including the idea that the kit is only a start and you're supposed to give it your own style.
    There will be seven altogether since the '25 T was a double kit that could build a coupe and/or roadster. They're not being built in order - it's just whichever one I feel like doing next. This is the fifth build and the 1940 Ford coupe and 1932 Ford coupe are still to go. Here's a couple of group photos of all the previous members.

  4. mr moto added a post in a topic 1953 Ford Victoria   

    That's terrific work. It has that just right look for a '50s car and all the detailing is very crisp. The seat pattern really adds a lot, too.
  5. mr moto added a post in a topic Aston Martin Ulster, Matchbox, 1/32   

    Excellent work! I built the Matchbox 1/32 MG-TC years ago and was impressed by the kit but my build didn't look as good as yours.
  6. mr moto added a topic in Under Glass   

    Customized 1940 Ford sedan - more Trophy Series fun

    I've been working my way through the earliest AMT Trophy kits and doing my own interpretations. This has been a lot of fun. The customizing possibilities of these old kits are just tremendous. This one uses '53 Vette rear fenders with Caddy taillights, canted '58 Edsel headlights, '63 Imperial wheel covers and '57 Chrysler 300 seats and dash. The engine is the Olds V8 that comes in the kit but I switched to the intake setup from the Pontiac engine in the '36 Ford because I like the look of the air cleaners. Paint is Duplicolor dark toreador red and snow white pearl.

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  7. mr moto added a post in a topic Just a test   

    Well that worked! I guess it has something to do with the photos.
  8. mr moto added a topic in Under Glass   

    Just a test
    I'm having trouble starting a new topic and since it has photos in it I decided trying to do one that is simple text to see if it goes through.
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  9. mr moto added a post in a topic Resin. Polyester or polyurethane?   

    Having worked with polyester resin in boat building and polyurethane resin in modeling, I say that you want to use the polyurethane. That's the standard resin that is sold commercially for the hobby by Smooth-On, Alumilite and others. I've never been tempted to use polyester for models (except certain polyester based putties) and it has even been largely replaced by epoxy for boat building.
  10. mr moto added a post in a topic 1935 Auburn Speedster - The Abysmal Lindberg/Pyro Kit Completely Reworked   

    Acceptable doesn't even begin to describe it! That is amazing work that has resulted in a truly beautiful model. It's one of the greatest feats of model building that I've ever seen.
  11. mr moto added a post in a topic A 1925 T-bird? The Thunderbucket!   

    The plug boots are made from insulation that was stripped off of 24 AWG solid core wire. The plug wires are 30 AWG "wrapping" wire and it fits inside the #24 perfectly.
  12. mr moto added a topic in Under Glass   

    A 1925 T-bird? The Thunderbucket!
    I've been having a really good time with old Trophy series kits lately and this is another one. AMT 1925 T roadster with the Ford 390 engine from the '34 Ford pickup. The rear end is from a '62 T-bird (narrowed over 1-1/2") and the front has a chopped '32 radiator shell with '34 pickup custom grill and '57 Chrysler headlights grafted on. Hope you like.

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  13. mr moto added a post in a topic This a test   

    Hey, that worked great! Many thanks to the admins for letting us do it this way.
  14. mr moto added a post in a topic This a test   

    I guess I'll use this thread for a test of direct post, also. Actually, my PB still works and probably will for some time to come. I got a $0.99 a month deal a while back and I guess since I pay something it still works. But I don't like what they're doing to their customers and I really don't feel like I want to be associated with PB any longer than I need to so I'll be shopping around for another hosting site.

  15. mr moto added a post in a topic 57 ford galpin gasser   

    That's an absolutely fabulous build! Can't take my eyes off it.