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  1. 40 Ford Standard Grille?

    yep -- top left box.
  2. 40 Ford Standard Grille?

    No you're not...I must've had a Lindberg box in front of me when I typed that. It's the Monogram.
  3. 40 Ford Standard Grille?

    Now, back to my 1) question: has anyone successfully ground off the back of the Lindberg 40 Ford kit grille to expose the ribs? Knowing the MCG part is out there is great, but I'd like that to be the fallback, not the primary solution. thanks! Tim
  4. I mistakenly bought the detail set for the convertible instead of the Standard coupe. Won't need this, looking to trade for other MCG or whatever you think I might want! It is complete, untouched; bag is complete, closed, was opened once. Or, if anyone in the TriState club wants me to bring it for them at the September meeting, let me know. Tim
  5. 40 Ford Standard Grille?

    D**n! Then I just bought the wrong one at NNL East this spring...my bad. I missed it. I'll put the Deluxe one up for trade here. Many thanks, Tim
  6. I'm building the Monogram 40 Ford Standard Coupe, and as usual, am preparing to open the grill to expose the radiator behind it. I'm looking for a replacement appropriate grill, with vertical ribs. I have the MCG detail kit, but that is for a Deluxe with the horizontal ribs in the PE part. 1) Has anyone here successfully ground off the back of the chromed part while keeping the ribs intact? I've had pretty good luck with other models. I do recognize that this will mean cutting out the support piece and building a support structure for the replacement grille. 2) Does anyone make a Standard grille? I usually want to make sure I have a spare before the attempt. thanks! Tim
  7. Before up-ending a container of any kind over wet paint, be sure to wipe it with a damp rag, else dust will fall off the bottom of the container right on to your model.
  8. Ebbro's 56 Citroen DS 19

    Al, great job! Looks a lot shinier than any DS I've ever seen...but that's a compliment! Did you get the hydraulic lifter working? Tim
  9. which silver paint is that? Alclad? Great great build so far. Tim
  10. 1940 Flathead color?

    Gentlemen, many thanks -- I discovered a little bottle of Testors dark flat green, among the enamels I hardly ever use...and it's in good shape! Thanks Art! Tim
  11. 1940 Flathead color?

    thanks, guys. Sometimes it's so specific...and I don't see greens well, so asking was important. Appreciated. Tim
  12. I have Model Master acrylic 4736 interior green, 4849 RAF dark green, and 4729 Euro dark green -- will any of these be good for the engine block? I also have MCW intermediate green in lacquer. Turns out, nothing else even close! Any recommendations or suggestions gratefully solicited. I don't use cans except for non-body primer jobs or when a sealer is needed. Thanks! Tim
  13. Other Hobbies

    I restore and repair vintage fountain pens...you can see them in my website, timsvintagepens.com . It's a nice counter to modeling, uses many of the same tools and skills but the result is more to an established result than a story I create and make real in a model. Tim
  14. Hi from New York City

    Jim, I'm the NYC delegation to the TriState club Tom invited you to a few posts up...what part of town are you in? Tim