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  1. Counting isnβ€˜t that easy πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  2. Here the new challenge. Please sent PM with Year, Make and Type
  3. This time I was looking for a car that was based on a european car but build in Australia. It is a 1977 -1978 Chrysler Centura KC. It was based on the european Chrysler 180. Correct answer were sent be ChrisR Richard Bartrop porschercr Bucky dodgefever Matthijsgrit GeeBee DonW dw1603 Well done mates
  4. Here the new quiz. As usual sent PM with Year Make and Type
  5. This old rusty station wagon is a1955 Studebaker Conestoga. The correct answer were sent in by Dodgefever Landman ChrisR Bucky El Roberto TarheelRick Earl Marischall dw1603 Porschescr sjordan2 Richard Bartop Roger U MrObsessive blunc matthijsgrit congratulations
  6. A new week, a new challenge. As usual sent PM with Year, Make and Type.
  7. I thought that it was an easy one. Yes and no. Most answer had the correct year, make and type but a few had the wrong year. let me solve the quiz. It is a 1967 Doge Charger. You can identify on the front fender were the '67 models have their turn signal indicator lights. This particular car is one of the rarest or the rarest that were build in 1967. This car is one of 25 1967 Dodge Charger which were delivered with a ZZ1 Gold painted body and a S6E Gold coloured interior according to the fender tags. It is the only Charger in 1967 with a 383 cui 4 bbl. carb engine with a 4 speed manual transmission that were build with the long center console. The 1967 Charger had a split centre console. The correct answers were sent in by: dw1603 dodgefever Matt Bacon sjordan2 Richard Bartrop plastic trucker GeeBee Xingu Bucky ChrisR Matthijsgrit Congratulation
  8. Lets start the new quiz. This would be an easy one. This time I need the exact Year, Make and Type. As usual sent a PM.
  9. This weeks car was a car from Russia a 1962 -1970 GAZ M21 Volga. The first GAZ M21 Volga was build in 1956 . In 1962 the had changed the design of the grill like the one in the picture. In 1965 it was renamed to GAZ 21 The winners are: Bucky GeeBee ChrisR Ace-Garageguy Richard Bartrop maltsr peteski dodgefever sjordan2 Matt Bacon Russel C dw1603 Earl Marischal matthijsgrit blunc Congratulations, well done guys
  10. After Italian styled cars back to something normal. As usual sent PM with Make, Type and Year.
  11. Itailan styling, american power is a great combination like in the 1968 -1970 Intermeccanica Italia sometimes called Italia Spyder. It was built by Costruzione Automobili Intermeccanica in Turin (body) and some US based companies (chassis and engine). It was initially only for the US market. The first 97 were named Intermeccanica Torino, but Ford had still rights on the name Torino so it had to be renamed to Intermeccanica Italia.(411 cars were built). Later it was also sold in Europe distributed by Erich Bitter, who created the Bitter CD in the late 70's. The winners are Ace-Garageguy porschercr Richard Bartrop sjordan2 Bucky Meriva Matt Bacon dw1603 Congratulations
  12. Here is the newest challenge as usual sent PM with Year, Make and Type
  13. This time i was looking for one off build of a FIAT 2300 GT. The car was presented in 1966 at the Geneva Car Show. the car was designed by Michellotti. it is a1966 FIAT 2300 GT Michellotti. The car was oon display at the Classic days in Schloss Dyck near bei Moenchengladbach/Germany. The correct answer were sent in by dodgefever Richard Bartrop dw1603 Congratulations
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