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  1. Autoquiz 409

    Back to work and here is the newest quiz. As usual sent PM with Make, Year and Type.
  2. Autoquiz 408 - Finished

    Yes thats a Simca 1301
  3. Autoquiz 408 - Finished

    The lucky winners are: dw1603 ChrisR Ace-Garageguy TomZ stitchup W-409 dodgefever Phirewriter matthijsgrit Congratulations
  4. Autoquiz 408 - Finished

    It is a orginial car
  5. Autoquiz 408 - Finished

    This weeks rusty car is a 1948 - 1954 Ford Vedette. The Vedette was build in Poissy in France until Ford sold its french plants to Simca. The Vedette is powered by the famous Ford Flathead V8 . The engine that was used was based on the V8-60 Flatty. Interesting to know that the good old Ford Flathead was build unter Chrysler logo until 1967 in Brasil. Simca ended production of the Vedette/Chambrod in the early 60'S. The manufacturing lins where then shipped to Brazil where Chrysler built the Vedette until 1967. The high perfermance version was the Emi Sul., like the Ardun Flatheads. But thats an other story.
  6. Autoquiz 407 - Finished

    The winners are: porschecr ChrisR TomZ Geebee dw1603 Ace-Garageguy Bucky well done
  7. Autoquiz 407 - Finished

    Let me give you a hint for this quiz. The car is build in a country where the Arbic Spring or Arbellion had started.
  8. Autoquiz 407 - Finished

    You got it
  9. Autoquiz 407 - Finished

    This time the car was build in Tunesia. It is a Wallys Izis and it was first build in 2008. it is still in production. 4
  10. Autoquiz 406 - Finished

    The correct answer including a video were sent in by: MERIVA ChrisR sjordan2 TomZ dw1603 GeeBee Ace-Garageguy Bucky Well done, congratulations
  11. Autoquiz 406 - Finished

    This ugly three wheeler is from India and based on a Reliant Robin. It name is Sail Badal or Sipani Badal and was build from 1974 until 1981.
  12. Autoquiz 405 - Finshed

    The correct answer were sent in by Matthijsgrit dw1603 ChrisR Geebee Congratulations
  13. 20ft container trailer with Ford Transcontinental

    The Transcontiental used the cab of a Berliet, chassis from a Ford Louisville and a Cummins engine
  14. I'm working a Ford Transcontinental from KFS. I used a Italeri FH16 kit for the chassis. The wheels be changed. The main project in this case is the traler not the Transconti.The trailer is one of the kits that the Dutch model Truck Club (DMTC) had sold at the on the Road Show, Jabekke/Belgium. It represent a 2 axle style trailer from the 80's. It is a cnc milled kit where you have to add details like brakes, wheels & tires etc.. The kit includes a simple spring suspension design. I had change this with a trailer suspension kit together with some York brake drums and trailer axle kit from KFS. The load will be one of the 20ft trailer from Italeri. The wheels & tire combination will be some doubles.