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  1. Here the new One off build quiz Answer with Year, Make and Type should be sent in until July 5, 2020 0:00 PM CET via PM. No answer were accepted after deadline. No answers are in the thread allowed.
  2. This weeks car of the autoquiz was a 1958 Alken D2. It is based in a Beetle chassis and uses the beetle engine. Some were replaced by a Porsche 356 engine. About 25 were build. The correct answer were sent in by the following members: Pete J. porschercr Ace-Garageguy dw1603 GeeBee Well done, congratulations
  3. Sorry that I forgot to mention that peteski found also the correcr answer. Sorry
  4. Ford H-Series Ford Cargo Ford F-Max Ford Transit Mk1
  5. Here the next car for our weekly auto quiz. As usual sent a PM with Year, Make and Type. Special thanks goes to blunc for this idea
  6. This one seems to be one of the easier ones. This car Wartburg 313 (sorry in German) was awarded as nicest European car at the New York Import Car Show in 1958. It was build from 1957 - 1960 in the German Democratic Repulic. This sports car is a 2 seater with a removable hardtop. Later it was sold with a folding roof. The engine was a 3 cylinder 2 stroke with 50hp and 900ccm. This car was in my opinion one of the good looking cars build in Eastern Germany. The correct answer were sent in by: stitchup GeeBee Ace-Garageguy dw1603 ChrisR Earl Marischal blunc porschercr sjordan2 DonW iamsuperdan Congratulations
  7. If I compare the available Econolines from flintstone, RMR and Speed City Resin I have to say that the Speed City Resion one is by far the best of these three.
  8. Here the new quiz. As usual sent PM with Make, Year and Type.
  9. So this time it wasn‘t that easy than I thought. The reason for that was thra the car wasn’t under the brand Ford or Mercury. It was sold under brand Capri. The first generation Capri was build in Dagenham and Cologne and shipped to the USA and was sold via Lincoln-Mercury dealers. I don‘t know why the didn‘t sold it as a Mercury. The only idea that I have is Ford wasn‘t sure that it the would make money In the USA with the Capri. Regarding the model year there were also some discussion. The Cpari was first sold on the US market in 1970. For 1973, the front bumper underwent a revision to comply with 5-mph bumper standards. The previous chrome bumper was reinforced with a steel tube and attached to the frame with shock absorbers (extending the length of the body several inches). As part of the change, the Capri saw revisions to the grille, taillamps, and its rear quarter trim grilles. As part of an interior revision, the Capri was given a new steering wheel, dashboard, and seat trim along with a redesigned wiring harness. For 1974, 5 mph bumpers were fitted to both front and rear, replacing the previous chrome tube bumpers with reinforced body-colored plastic bumpers. some of you were fooled by the internet, because some source said that this is a Mercury Capri which was simply wrong. So the correct answer was: 1973 Capri The correct answers were sent in by: Ace-Garageguy dw1603 ChrisR Bucky DonW matthijsgrit GeeBee Hotrod97 Russel C congratulations The following guys said that it is a Mercury Capri. Those will get also some credits sjordan2 Pete J Earl Marischal Unfortunately Ford Capri wasn‘t correct. Because the US specification Capris were never sold as a Ford
  10. And it was sold not under the brand were it was sold.
  11. It seems so easy but this car wasn't sold under the name of manufacturer as it was sold in the rest of the world.
  12. Answer to auto quiz 480.

    1969 Ford Capri Coupe.


  13. I hope this one will be easier than last quiz. As usual sent PM with exact Year, Make and Type.
  14. This odd looking car is powered by a 1500ccm Porsche 356 engine. The body is fiberglass and it was approx. 200 times produced in Argentina. This car is a 1960 - 1962 Zunder 1500 or check out drivetribe for there article about the Zunder, but there call this car a protopye which is wrong the Zunder Cupa is a different model. The correct answer were sent in by Bucky porschercr Ace-Garageguy dw1603 Congratulation. The next one will be an easier one.
  15. Let me give you a hint. The car is powered by an engine from manufacture who won the race in Le Mans after this car was build.
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