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  1. Autoquiz 371

    Here is the new challange for this week. As ususal now hints or suggestions about the car in this thread. Sent PM wit Make, Year and Type
  2. Autoquiz 370 - Finshed

    This weeks winners are ChrisR otherunicorn dw1603 Ace-Garageguy Zil111V Lucas van H matthijsgrit DonW Can-Con Mr.Obssesive Congratulations. Well done
  3. Autoquiz 370 - Finshed

    This week I was looking for a 1955/56 Opel Olympia Rekord.
  4. Autoquiz 369 -Finished

    The correct answers were send in by ChrisR dw1603 otherunicorn warra48 Earl Marischal well done
  5. Autoquiz 369 -Finished

    This I was looking for a car that was Baseball on a car from the former CSSR and build on an island. It is a 1966-1973 Trekka. It was build in New Zealand and It is based on a Skoda Octavia
  6. Autoquiz 368 - Finished

    It is time to annouce the winner of this weeks quiz otherunicorn Earl Marischal ChrisR dw1603 DonW Congratulations.
  7. Autoquiz 368 - Finished

    This week I asked for a Fibre glass bodied car from the 60's. I saw this car at the Techno Classic in Essen Germany. It was for sale for 69,900€ or 112,000 AUD or 85,000$ or 61,000 GBP. The car is a 1969 Banjo GT with 289cui Ford engine. Bnjo was a Ohio based company who build fibre glass bodied cars with Ford and GM components.
  8. Autoquiz 367 - Finished

    Only the Brits
  9. Autoquiz 367 - Finished

    Pleaseno suggestions or hints in this quiz about the car. BTW false answer
  10. Autoquiz 367 - Finished

    The correct answers were sent in by MERIVA ChrisR dw1603 dublinboy Ace-Garageguy DonW Congratulations well done
  11. Autoquiz 367 - Finished

    This I was looking for car from a Company that is well know for the 6 wheeled car and a car that looked like a Morgan. I speaking about Panther Westwinds. The were known for the J72, Lima, Kallista and the awesome Six. But the also had built this weeks car as well. From 1975 - 1977 they built (depending on the sources) 35 - 38 Panther Rio. This car was based on the Triumph Dolomite or Dolomite Sprint. It was planed as a small but luxorious car.
  12. Autoquiz 366 - Finished

    This weeks winner are otherunicorn ChrisR dw1603 matthijsgrit Earl Marischal Acegarageguy DonW Congratulations to all winners
  13. Autoquiz 366 - Finished

    This weeks car comes from down under, Australia. Some guess the country because of the sun visor of the car next to 1957-1959 Buckle Sports Coupe. It was a fibreglass bodied sports car which was produced from 1957 to 1959 . The 2-door coupe used a combination of used components from Ford Zephyr.
  14. On the Road Show in Jabbeke/Belgium

    Here two pictues from this years show in Jabekke. More pictures here
  15. AutoQuiz 365. FINISHED

    I know it, I know it. PM sent