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  1. Auto quiz 401

    New week new challenge. As ususal sent PM with Year, Make and Type
  2. Auto quiz 400 - Finished

    The following member found the correct answer ChrisR TomZ GeeBee Ace-Garageguy matthijsgrit dw1603 Bucky Phirewriter Congratulation
  3. Auto quiz 400 - Finished

    I just got 2 correct answers. So let me give you a hint what kind of car this is. The country where this car was build, doesn't has a peace contract since 1953, just an armistice agreement.
  4. Auto quiz 400 - Finished

    I had change the picture because a Google picture search would make it to easy for you. So try it agian. If you know the country then it must be very easy for you to find found the year, make and type of this car.
  5. Auto quiz 400 - Finished

    This time it was very very tough. But you guys found out what car it is. This time,I was looking for the first South Korean car. The name means "inception" or "beginning". It was based on the Jeep and it was partly made out of petrol barrels. It is a 1955 - 1963 Sibal
  6. Auto quiz 399 - Finshed

    Yes that is what I forgot to mention
  7. Auto quiz 399 - Finshed

    The following people sent me the correct answer 1948- 1950 Rovin D3 ChrisR Matt Bacon GeeBee TomZ dw1603 Earl Marischal matthijsgrit Ace-Garageguy sjordan2 W-409 otherunicorn Bucky Congratulations
  8. What to do w/junker 4x4s and Toros

    I got one of those Beaver Float Planes. It is simple but it has potential to improve it
  9. Auto quiz 399 - Finshed

    To Ace-Garageguy, Bucky and sjordan2 I had check my inbox and there was enough space available and I can receive messages. I had cleaned my inbox so please try it again.
  10. Hi  Mike


    Could you please delete a thread  called "Double Count" in Quiz Section


    The Thread  Auto Quiz 399 was double , I don't know  how  I made it. 





  11. Auto quiz 399 - Finshed

    This time it was tougher than some of you thought. I was looking for a 1948 -1950 Rovin D3. The differences between the D3 and it successor the D4 can be over seen when you see the car. And the internet isn't a help in that case. The car that I was asking for is also mentioned as a D4 but it isn't. I had taken the pictures at the 2018 Techno Classic in Essen/Germany and it was marked as a D3. But somer people say that this was a D4 although the description on this car said D3. So what are the differences.? Take a look at the pictures and you could see the second chrome strip ad the lower edge of the body. The grill is bigger than on a D3 and the D3 has sucide door. The engine of the D4 is also bigger (462 cc and 13hp)
  12. Auto quiz 398 - Finished

    The winners are peteski matthijsgrit TomZ Earl Marischall Matt Bacon GeeBee sjordan2 Ace-Garageguy Red318 bobthehobbyguy dodgefever MrObsessive ChrisR dw1603 W-409 Bucky DonW Congratulations
  13. Auto quiz 398 - Finished

    This van was build in thr German Democratic Republic or East German from 1961 - 1990. When it was released in 1961 compared to its western counterparts like VW Typ 2, Ford Taunus Transit or Tempo Viking , it was state of the art. In regard of roominess and suspension layout it was better the than the western counternparts.. The big drawback was the high fuel consumption of the 3 cylinder two stroke engine. Over its long production times it falls back behind its competiors, because the lack of improvements, as usual for cars from eastern europe during that era. I had driven this van in a comparision of different van concepts for a german classic car magazine. This 1963 Barkas B1000 competes against 1970 VW Typ 2 and my 1969 Ford Transit. There was no winner in this comparision, but the suspension of the Brakes was better than the one in the VW and Ford. It had a car like driving . The engine sound was annoying and the seating position for a 6'2" tall guy like me wasn't that cumfortable.
  14. Autoquiz 397 - Finished

    The winners are: Bucky ChrisR MrObsessive sjordan2 dw1603 GeeBee landman TomZ Ace-Garageguy blunc matthiujsgrit Pete J. Red318 W-409 Matt Bacon Earl Marischal dodgefever bobthehobbyguy DonW Richard Bartrop Congratualtion to all of you.
  15. Mack Trident Logger

    Some progress