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  1. Gator, I did a some new tanks for this model. If you want a set let me know.
  2. Here the new challenge. As usual sent a PM with Year, Make and Type. Good luck!
  3. Ford sold their commercials in the UK not as Ford. Ford used the Fordson until 1952 and then they used the name Thames for their commercials. In this case the correct answer was 1952 Thames E83W. There are only nimor difference that can't be seen on this pictures Fordson E83W is also ok. Some of you said Ford E83W which isn't 100% correct.But thats also ok. The E83W was sold as a van or a pickup. The correct answer were sent in by Brizio stitchup Bucky DonW Richard Bartrop otherunicorn Earl Marischall sjordan2 dw1603 gbtr6 lordairgtr Congratulations
  4. After the suburban style car from last week this time a light commercial. Please sent PM with Year, Make and Type.
  5. This suburban was made by Chevrolet do Brazil from 1964 - 1988 and it was called Chevrolet Veraneio or C-1416. The Veraneio used the instrument cluster from the US C/K series although the exterior sheet metal layout is exclusive to Brazil. It was initially powered with a Chevrolet 4.2 L inline-six based on the pre-1962 "Stovebolt" engines. Later it used the 250-CID 4.1 L engine from Chevrolet's Brazilian mid-size sedan – the Chevrolet Opala. The main difference of the different model years was the grill. It uses the dah cluster of the C The car that I was asking for was dated as a 1967 some other sources says 1965 or 1970. The internet is very confusiing about the model year of this car. The correct answer were sent in by: Bucky Brizio Richard Bartrop otherunicorn sjordan2 Congratulation
  6. Because of different sources for the year I only need Make and Type
  7. What do you mean with "wig-wag"? Is this the tube next to the driver seat?
  8. Here the new car for our quiz. Please sent PM with Year, Make and Type
  9. Tis wonderful styling example of 70's is a 1970 Holden GTR-X some sources say 1969. There were actually 3 cars build. 2 were destroyed after cancellation of the project. One is on display at Holden. Unfortunately the Holden management had decided not to start serial production. It is powered by a 3l 6 cylinder 160hp engine. The max speed was 210 km/h. The correct answer were sent in by matthijsgrit Bucky Richard Bartrop porschercr Brizio DonW bobthehobbyguy phirewriter Congratulations
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