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  1. I was to slow. Klingon cloaking modus was on🤣🤣🤣🤣
  2. Time for a new quiz No answers allow in the ongoing Auto quiz thread No comments in the ongoing Auto quiz thread that give any clues or suggestion to the car in question A PM must be sent to the one who has started the ongoing thread The PM must contain Year of production, Manufacturer and Type In case of violating the rules the quiz will closed immediately and no winners will be announcedAutoquiz
  3. This truck is a 2021 Autocar DC-64D. Autocar announced on May 7, 2019, the relaunch of the DC conventional truck that had been the core of Autocar's business from the 1950s through the 1970s. The relaunched DC is completely new and reported to have several unique features, such as the first 160,000 PSI steel frame rails, an upgraded electrical system, and a cab that fits three workers and is designed for serviceability, with a full steel structure inside the dashboard and aluminum sheets as dash panels. The first version released is the DC-64R, which is purpose-built for refuse applications.Another unique feature of the DC is that Autocar mounts full roll-off hoist bodies on the Autocar production line, avoiding numerous problems when modifications are made after production. Additional variations of the DC announced include the DC-64D for dump trucks and the DC-64M for concrete mixer. The correct answer were sent in by: Fabrux otherunicorn Ace-Garageguy Congratulations
  4. This time I was looking for a 1967 - 1972 Woseley 18/85 Mk1. I said to some of the guys who sent in the answer Woseley Six that they their answer is correct. But there is a difference between the 18/85 and the Six beside the engine. It is the number of chrome bars above the bumper. The 18/85 has 3 bars on each side while the six had 4 bars. I 'm not perfect, I did a mistake. I had list the the names of those who had sent in Woseley 18/85 as the answer. Those who had set in Woseley Six were close but not close enough to be mentioned below. Sorry Matt Bacon Richard Bartrop DonW Fabrux Bainford 1959scudetto Ace-Garageguy Earl Marischall warra48 Thom Well done, congratulations
  5. The solution of this on-off quiz is 1967 Ford Bearcat. This concept was a proposal for road going mid-engine GT. It was only a mockup that good more attraction outside the USA , During that time Ford had other road worthy mid engine cars like Ford GT Mk III and Mustang Mach 2, therefore it was forgotten. The correct answer wer sent in by: Richard Bartrop Fabrux Mittagskind Matt Bacon Bainford thatz4u Ace-Garageguy Congratulations
  6. Let me give you a hint about this truck. There is currently a movie that has the same name like the truck manufacturer. The country where this truck is build has joined a intergovernmental military alliance in 2023. I hope that helps.
  7. This truck is a Sisu Polar CK 16M 8x4 Timber truck. Sisu truck are build in Finland. Sisu build trucks since 1931 and with the change in ownership of Sisus in 2004 they are using components like cab, engines, transmissions from Mercedes Benz. The correct answer were sent in by: Mittagskind otherunicorn ChrisR Fabrux Congratulations
  8. Sad news from the UK. Modellers Resource will be ceased to trade by end of 2023. It seems that this company will be gone in 2024.
  9. This is a 1969 - 1794 ISO Lele or ISO Rivolta Lele or ISO Lele IR6. The 2+2 seater Lele filled the gap between the ISO Grifo and the ISO Fidia. It was the last model build before the production was stopped due to bankruptcy in 1974. Engines from Chevrolet (125 cars) or Ford (157 cars) were used to power the Lele. The Lele was the successor of the ISO IR300 . The correct answer were sent in by otherunicorn Matt Bacon Mittagskind Richard Bartrop DonW Thom 1959scudetto Congratulations, well done!
  10. This time I was looking for a Flathead powered car from the United Kingdom. This is a 1950 Allard P1. The Allard P1 was manufactured from 1949 - 1951. Only 155 cars wre build.. It was powered by a 3.6 l Ford Pilot flathead engine or a 255 cui Mercury flathead. In 1949 an Allard P1 had won the Rallye Monte Carlo. The correct answer were sent in by: matthijsgrit Richard Bartrop stitchup Matt Bacon Mittagskind DonW otherunicorn Earl Marischal Bainford Bucky Congratulations
  11. Sorry Steve, i only got your suggestion for a possible one-off quiz. Which is now online. No answer on Auto quiz 538. Sorry
  12. This time I was looking for a 1933 Volvo Venus Bilo. This car was a cocnept car from Vovlo that was unveiled in 1933. It features a streamline body with rear hinged doors and conventional door to access the engine bay The correct answer wer sent in by: Mittagskind Fabrux Richard Bartrop porschescr DonW otherunicorn thom Well done, congratulations
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