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  1. Autoquiz 391 - Finished

    Correct answer were sent in by dw1603 Richard Bartop ChrisR otherunicorn EarlMarischall DonW Congratulations.
  2. Autoquiz 391 - Finished

    The car of this weeks challenge was a 1966 - 1968 Innocenti C Coupé. Based on a Austin-Healey Sprite
  3. Autoquiz 390 - Finished

    ChrisR GeeBee MrObessive DonW dshue76 dw1603 matthijsgrit otherunicorn had sent in the correct answer. Congratulatiuons
  4. Autoquiz 390 - Finished

    Come on don't give up. This one is easier than last week
  5. Autoquiz 390 - Finished

    I hope that I had picked an easier car than last week. The response showed me that I wasn't wrong with this car. Although the car is missing is bumpers and had some rallye markings on it it can be identified as a 1971 - 1975 Fiat 128 3P Berlinetta. The 3P is a hatchback with a big rear door while the Coupe that a simple tunk lid and a different style of the C-pillar.
  6. Autoquiz 389 - Finished

    The correct answer was sent in by ChrisR dw1603 congratulations
  7. Autoquiz 389 - Finished

    Yes and then you have the choice to select some other cars
  8. Autoquiz 389 - Finished

    Ok next time will be an easier one
  9. Autoquiz 389 - Finished

    Yes it is ugly. Let me give you a hint. It was build in country that had a very restictive policy to protect their own automotive industry in the 60- 80's. The car is based on a car that runs and runs and runs.......... and was build over over 21m times. Come on guys
  10. Autoquiz 389 - Finished

    Well I think had gone to far with this ugly looking car. It is a Brasilian 1970 - 1980 Polauto Pagus. It is based on a VW Air cooled chassis.. i promise to get a car that is easier to identify next time 🤞
  11. Autoquiz 388 - Finshed

    This time we had a 24 correct answers these were submitted by: ChrisR sjordan2 matthijsgrit Pete J. dshue76 blunc Phirewriter Earl Marischal Matt Bacon dw1603 Thom MrObessive 1930fordpickup Bucky bobthehobbyguy Bainford Xingu El Roberto Deano otherunicorn landman Badluck13 Dave Ambrose slicks56 Congratulations to all winners

    Bill, I had contacted Dave to get this thread pinned
  13. Autoquiz 388 - Finshed

    Thanks guys for giving the hint to bandit1. I didn't see his post. I'll leave this thread because I it is not fair to close it due fact that I forget the reminder not to post the answer in this thread. I had started a new thead with the rules. In the any future auto quiz thread will be closed immedately if someone post the answer in th ongoing thread.
  14. I have to write down the rules for the Autoquiz because some poeples don't know the rules No answers allow in the ongoing Auto quiz thread No comments in the ongoing Auto quiz thread that give any clues or suggestion to the car in question A PM must be sent to the one who has started the ongoing thread The PM must contain Year of production, Manufacturer and Type In case of violating the rules the quiz will closed immediately and no winners will be announced So please stick with the rules.
  15. Autoquiz 388 - Finshed

    It seems that this weeks challenge will be the one with the most correct answers since I had take over the quiz