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  1. Autoquiz 383 -Finished

    This weeks winners are: ChrisR DonW dw1603 Ace-Garageguy ranma Congratulations
  2. Autoquiz 383 -Finished

    This time I was looking for a 1934 Wolseley Hornet Special
  3. Autoquiz 381 - Finished

    With the hinzu that I made matthijsgrit dw1603 ChrisR MrObsessive Matt Bacon well done
  4. Autoquiz 381 - Finished

    One last hint: Franco Scaglione
  5. Autoquiz 381 - Finished

    It seems that I found another hard one. Come on guys whats wrong with the car? It is a sports car from southern Europe and with technique from the european subsidary of one of the big three
  6. Autoquiz 381 - Finished

    This time i was looking for a italian car that was designed by Franco Scagilone. The car was manufactured by LMX in Mailand. It is 1968 - 1974 LMX 2300 HCS or LMX Sirex or Sirex LMS Mext weeks Autoquiz will be Carrier out by matthijsgrit
  7. Autoquiz 380 - Finished

    This weeks winners are porschercr stichup Congratulations and well done!
  8. Autoquiz 380 - Finished

    OMG! I should think about to look for easier challenges. Let give you an little hint. It is not from asia but it has an japanese engine. Gentlemn start your search engines!
  9. Autoquiz 380 - Finished

    AI though that this one would be an easier one than last week. I was proved wrong. It was even tougher. But 2 members found the solution. It was know as the €8,500 sports car but it is now offered for €10,490.-. It is build in France and you can get it as a preproduction car and has a Mitsubishi engine. It is a 2016/2018 MPM PS160
  10. Autoquiz 379 - Finished

    The correct answer were send in by matthijsgrit ChrisR Matt Bacon dw1603 Congratulations
  11. Autoquiz 379 - Finished

    Ok let me give you a hint. This car was build by a german car company that was named after a river in south germany. It was design by the german subsidary of an italian car mnaufacturer and uses many parts from their best selling car during those days.
  12. Autoquiz 379 - Finished

    Too tough guys?
  13. Autoquiz 379 - Finished

    This time I think that I had choose a real tough car, so that had added a hint. The car or light commercial is a 1963 Neckar Pully (only in german, sorry for that). Neckar formerly NSU-Fiat build cars under the license of FIAT and Autobianchi. The Neckar Pully was designed by Fiat-Weinsberg it uses engine, transmission and other small parts from the Fiat 500
  14. Autoquiz 378 - Finished

    The correct answer were sent in by landman DonW ChrisR Red318 Badluck13 Earl Marischal Matt Bacon Lucas van H sjordan2 dw1603 Pete J. matthijsgrit otherunicorn Ace-Garageguy Congratulations
  15. Autoquiz 378 - Finished

    This time it was easy or not. I think it wasn't that easy tahn you though. The only visible between the 4 cylinder and the six cylinder car are the batch on the bonnet. But surprisingly nearly all choose the right car. This is a 1965 - 1969 Porsche 912 and not a 911.