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  1. Now it is time to find this concept car. Deadline Dec. 4, 2022 12:00 PM CET The rules for ttheOne-Off Build Quiz are No answers allow in the ongoing One-Off Build quiz thread No comments in the ongoing One-Off Build quiz thread that give any clues or suggestion to the car in question A Personal Message (PM) must be sent to the one who has started the ongoing thread The PM must contain Year of production, Manufacturer and Type In case of violating the rules the quiz will closed immediately and no winners will be announced
  2. I'm sorry I'm sorry I didn't scroll all the way do in my messenger. I You also had sent in the correct answer. I'm getting too old. Sorry
  3. his is the newest Pagani, a 2022 Pagani Huayra Codalunga. Only 5 cars will be build. It is inspired by LeMans longtail race cars. Powered by a 12 cylinder V12 from AMG with 840 hp. SI'm sorry I had forgotten 2 winners. Ace-GArageguy and Smoke Wagon. I getting old The correct answer were sent in by: Ace-Garaeguy Smoke Wagon otherunicorn ChrisR gbtr6 Bainford sjordan2 Matt Bacon Ricard Bartrop Thom thatz4u DonW Congratulation guys, well done BTW: With the next quiz all participants will get an answer on their PM right in time.
  4. Didn't get a PM from you. Does this means you don't know it try to find find it it is an easy one.😀
  5. It is time to give you the solution for this weeks quiz. First of all I want to welcome some first time participants to this quiz. This beautiful yellow sports car has an American engine and a German transmission combined with Italian styling. It is a 1967 - 1971 DeTomaso Mangusta, the predessor of the famous Detomaso Pantera. The word "Mangusta" is Italian for moonguse, an animal that can kill cobras. It was rumored that the car was so named in retaliation to a failed deal between De Tomaso and Carroll Shelby. The engine was a 289 cui V8 from Ford with a 5 speed manual transmission from ZF and designed by Ghia. Later Mangusta's a 302cui V8 was installed. The correct answer were sent in by: gbtr6 Pete J. ChrisR Matt Bacon Bainford Thom otherunicorn Earl Marischall Richard Bartrop thatz4u Can-Con drifterdon LL3 Model Worx Smoke Wagon Ace-Garageguy Well done guys, congratulation
  6. This rust bucket is a 1957 Studebaker Scotsman Station Wagon. The correct answer were sent in by: otherunicorn ChrisR thatz4u gbtr6 Congratulation
  7. OSI, acronym for Officine Stampaggi Industriali (literally "Industrial Stampings Workshops") was a coach building company founded in 1960 in Turin by former Ghia president Luigi Segre1919–63) and Arrigo Olivetti (1889–1977) from the Fergat company, a manufacturer of automotive components.[ OSI was intended to be an independent design branch of Ghia's, focussing on niche efforts. OSI did a few cars for Alfa Romeo, Fiat and Ford like the OSI Taunus 20M. Based upon a Ford Mustang with a modified space-frame chassis and restyled bodywork, powered by a 289 Hi-Po 4.7litre OHV (270hp) V8 with a 4-speed manual transmission.The OSI Mustang B1 concept car was first displayed at the Turin Auto Show in 1965.Produced as a single prototype and now lost to history? OSI as a company only survived a few years before closing in 1968. Only 2 members found this forgotten Mustang concept car and non of them got it 100% correct. Both had missed the B1 in the name of the car. But both will get a recommendation via a PM
  8. Though could be but may be a lack of interest in the truck quiz. Compared to the Auto or One-off quiz in most cases I got less answers in regard of the truck quiz than for the regular quiz.
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