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  1. September is going to end and it is time for the next One-Off-Build Quiz. As usual sent a PM with Year, Make and Type. Deadline is Oct. 4, 2020 0:00 CET
  2. This time I was looking for a that was build in the UK powered by an American engine and created by an Italian designer. It is 1964 Gordon-Keeble GK1. It was powered by a Chevrolet Corvette 5.3l engine and was able to go 70mph in 2nd gear. In my opinion a nice 60's car from the UK that has enpugh power and great design. The correct answers were sent in by: Meriva Bucky DonW Matt Bacon matthijsgrit GeeBee dw1603 Earl Marischal Richard Bartrop Congratulations
  3. A new week a new car. Sent a PM with Year, Make and Type
  4. This one was tough I think. The most answers came after my second hit. This one is Yugo Florida Poly or Zastava Florida Pickup. It was build from 1988 - 2008 in Yugoslavia, later in Serbia. The Florida was also build as a 4 door hatchback. It was also build in Eygept. The correct answer were sent in by matthjisgrit Geebee Bucky dodgefever NZanglia dw1603 Congratulations
  5. This car was build in a country that no longer exisit. The car is named after a state because of the success of another car that was sold in the USA by this company
  6. Is there a model of a 6 cyl. Hercules engine for a Dimond T truck from the 30's / 40's . Or something that will work?
  7. This car is not a homebuilt one. It was sold in the country were it was build.
  8. This this I'm looking for a light commercial car. As usual sent PM with Year, Make and Type.
  9. This weeks quiz was hard not only for you guys also for myself. The car that I was looking for was a 1961 NSU Prinz III (Type 40), but..... The NSU Prinz II looks so close that it s very hard to decide which one is which. So The answer is 1959 - 1961 NSU Prinz II/III. The correct answers were sent in by doorsovdoon GeeBee dw1603 DonW Ace-Garageguy matthijsgrit Well done
  10. The new week starts with a new quiz. As usual sent a PM with Year, Make and Type
  11. This car is a 1957 Maserati 450S Costin Zagato. The correct answer sent in by Richard Bartrop dw1603 jokar124 porschercr GeeBee Ace-Garageguy DonW Congratulation
  12. This weeks suggestion for our One-Off-Build Quiz came from Earl Marischall. As usual sent a PM with Year, Make and Type. Deadline is Sep. 5, 2020 0:00 CET Thanks Steve for this idea for ourOne-Off-Build-Quiz
  13. It is powered by a 3.0 l 6 cylinder engine.
  14. Here is the solution . It is a 1967 Itamaraty Executivo (Portuguese Sorry). Itamaraty was build by Willys do Brazil. The Executivo was a extended version of the Itamaraty which was the luxury version of the Aero 2600. It was mainly used by the brazilian goverment. In 1967 Willys do Brazil was sold to Ford do Brazil. The Areo and the Itamaraty were sold in 1968 under Ford brand The correct answer were sent in by Richard Bartrop Junkman Pete J. GeeBee Congratulations
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