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  1. Henry J Gasser

    Great job that you did from model that's horrible. I like it Here a link to my Henry J Gasser
  2. Autoquiz 357

    First off all I want to thank you Matt Bacon for last weeks challenge. This week I want to ask if you know this one. Again sent a PM with Year, Make and Type
  3. Autoquiz #356 - FINISHED

    Now I got it. PM sent
  4. Autoquiz 355 - Finished

    The winners are: Sjordan2 Ace-Garageguy VW93 PeteJ Otherunicorn Matt Bacon DonW Matthijsgrit landman Earl Marischal TimJ Phirewriter Well done
  5. Autoquiz 355 - Finished

    We had a good start into 2018. I got 100% correct answers from you. The car that I'm looking for was a 1970-1973 Monteverdi Hai 450 SS. Designed and built in Switzerland and power by a Chrysler engine Next weeks challange will be provide by Matt Bacon.
  6. Autoquiz 354 - Finished

    This time we had a lot of correct answers. And the winners are ChrisR Ace-Garageguy Iamsuperdan Earl Marischal VW93 matthijsgrit blunc otherunicorn 68shortfleet Pete.J DonW landman Deano I wish you and all others who are following this quiz a happy new year.
  7. Autoquiz 354 - Finished

    The car of our last 2017 autoquiz is a 1970 -1974 Saab Sonnet III
  8. Autoquiz 353 - Finished

    Sure you sent me a picture of the same car and the information that it is a Sunbeam Tiger
  9. Autoquiz 353 - Finished

    The correct answers were sent in by DonW ChrisR otherunicorn Earl Marischal Art Anderson Ace-Garageguy MattBacon (Thanks for you hint) landman W-409 Well done
  10. Autoquiz 353 - Finished

    Don, check out the new Picture!
  11. Autoquiz 353 - Finished

    Attention please, I was informed thats this the yellow car was part of the quiz last year. So off to a new challenge. Please chekck out the new picture
  12. Autoquiz 353 - Finished

    While Christmas is Close and I'll be a few days offline here the solution of this weeks challenge. This car is again a Little britsh Roadster with an american engine like the Cobra. It was designed in part by Carrol Shelby. It is a 1967-67 Sunbeam Tiger .
  13. Autoquiz 352 - Finished

    Due to some arguments regarding the type of the car here are some more pictures of it. Check out the pictire of the rear and read. The red one is a 1962 Fiat 1200 Cabriolet. Have a closer look on the hood Scoop and you will see that the Scoop on the black one is larger than on the red one.
  14. Autoquiz 352 - Finished

    Correct answer were send in by Otherunicorn Ace-Garageguy DonW ChrisR Earl Marischal Maltsr Matt Bacon Congratulations
  15. Autoquiz 352 - Finished

    Yes this time It was bit tricky. Some said It is a Fiat 1200 Cabriolet, some said a Fiat 1500 Cabriolet. What is the correct answer? It is a 1961 Fiat 1500 S Cabriolet. This car was build from 1958 to 1961. The Main differences between the 1200 and the 1500 are: Displacement Tire size Bigger hood scoop Grill mesh