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  1. Here the new quiz. As usual sent PM with Year, Make and Type
  2. I though that would be an easy one but some of you gave me the wrong year or the wrong type. But in the end all earned there credits.The car is a 1954 Ford Courier. The Courier was sedan delivery version of several mainstream Ford cars. The differences between 1952, 1953 and 1954 model year were the grill, bagdes and trim lines. The correct answers were sent in by Bucky Pete J. sjordan2 Matt Bacon dw1603 ChrisR GeeBee DonW ElRoberto Congratulations
  3. Check out Zoomon. They offer a resin Izusu ELF Flatbed Truck
  4. i think I have to do an easy quiz after last weeks car. As usual sent a PM with Year, Make and Type.
  5. The car that Matt Bacon had choosen for this weeks quiz i a 1972-75 Lotus Europa GS. GS Cars of Bristol/UK build around 15 of this modified Lotus Europa. Mike Rawling from GS Cars and stylist William Towns created this car. Colin Chapman had given his approval to build it. The correct answers were sent in by GeeBee dw1603 Ace-Garageguy porschercr Thom Richard Bartrop Bucky Bainford ChrisR Congratulations, Well done
  6. Hallo Oliver, Dich trifft man auch ├╝ber all.
  7. Off we go for a new quiz. Thanks to Matt Bacon for providing this litte red car. As usual sent a PM with Year, Make and Type
  8. This time i was looking for little Italian car that is based on the FIAT Nuova 500. From1957 - 1969 Autobianchi build different body styles.The car I'm looking for was the Autobianchi Bianchini Cabriolet, build from 1960 - 1969. 'm not sure if it is the series 2 or 3. The following members found the correct answer ChrisR sjordan2 Richard Bartrop dw1603 Matt Bacon matthjisgrit Ace-Garageguy junkman DonW Congratulations
  9. This weeks new challenge. Please sent PM with Year, Make and Type.
  10. This time I was looking for Italian design combined with American muscle. The Bizzarrini 5300 GT or Bizzarrini Strada was originally planed as the race version of the Iso Grifo and was market as the Iso A3/C. With the the end of the commercial relationship between Automobili Bizzarrini and Iso Rivolta the ISO A3/C was sold as the Bizzarrini 5300 GT by Automobili Bizzarrini. A 5.3l small block V8 from GM powered the 5300 GT. Between 1965 and 1968 between 133 cars were build. Some sources say figures between 75 and 110. The correct answers were sent in by Earl Marischall ChrisR Richard Bartrop dodgefever phirewriter Ace-Garageguy porschercr matthisgrit sjordan2 Matt Bacon DonW junkman dw1603 Congratulations, well done.
  11. Here is the next car to look for. I hope that this one would be easier than the last one. As usual sent PM with Year, Make and Type.
  12. This Time I was looking for a kit car. The body of this car can bei mixed up with its bigger cousin so I also accept these answers as well. So what car ist it. It is a 1957 LaDawri Sebring. It has a rear engine and it is build on a VW Beetle chassis. The engine is from a Chevrolet Corvair. its bigger cousin was called Daytona and it had a front engine. The correct answer were sent in by: sjordan2 Richard Bartrop dodgefever ChrisR Ace-Garageguy Earl Marischal Bucky porschercr dw1603 Congratulation guys.
  13. II had changed the picture. I hope that helps. And another hint it is based on the chassis of the car that was build 21.5 Mil times.
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