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  1. My ol 'school '30 Ford Mopdel A Coupe is now finished. iIt was inspired by a Model A that I saw in Hot Rod Deluxe July 2016 issue. 1930 Ford Model A Coupe - Monogram (Old Iron Series) 1934 Ford (amt): wheels Replicas Miniatures of Maryland: Hailband Quick Change rear axle, Hot Rod Headlights, dropped front axle, hubcaps Modelhaus tires: Cheater slicks Model Car Garage: Stromberg 97, ignition key Detail Master: Distributor Czech Truck Model: Taillight 3D printed stuff: Roof 101 Cyclone head, carburettor riser, exhaust, Schroeder steering box
  2. The old quiz is finished and here the next one. As usual sent PM with Year, Make and Type
  3. This mixture of different styles from different periods was sold between 1978 - 1988 and it is based on the Fox body Mustang. The Fox body Mustang isn't the best looking Mustang but it was a better looking than the Mustang II. But what Art Zimmer did to a Mustang is a sacrilege in my opinion. He build more than 1500 Zimmer Golden Spirit. The correct answer were sent in by: Bucky DonW dw1603 porschercr sjordan2 Pete J. blunc iamsuperdan Earl Marischal Ace-Garageguy Congratulations
  4. Nearly finished only a few details are missing. Reproduction on the club plate opf my car club - Sctoungers Car Club German Chapter
  5. Here are the 2020 T.R.O.G Wilwood Race rules and the California Race rules
  6. Thanks for the pictures. I have to go to T.R.O.G in the future
  7. Brake lines added Strombergs are from Model Car Garage while the carb risers are 3D printed. The distributor is from Detail Master
  8. Here the new car for this weeks quiz. As usual sent PM with Year, Make and Type
  9. This one car was based on the Chevrolet Suburban. The roof was cut of, the rear was changed to a conventional trunk and a n Alfa Romeo 1750/2000 spend the taillights and the Stutz Bear was finished. 46 cars were build in 1984 and were sold to the Royal Guard of the King of Saudi Arabia and the King of Morocco. A few cars were had the name plate Royal Guard as well as bear on it so both names are correct. The correct answer were sent in by: Bucky porschercr Bainford Richard Bartrop Draggon iamsuperdan Well done guys
  10. I see an end of the tunnel. Chassis is painted now I'll add brake and fuel lines. There will be a fuel tank in the back instead of the one in front of the windscreen. And I printed a Schroeder sprint car steering box. 3d printed Schroeder steering box.
  11. Led my give you a hint. The company had build cars for royals in middle east.
  12. The front suspension/steering as well as the shocks are from Replicas Miniatures of Maryland
  13. I not sure about the paint. I thought about red paint but red primer could be also possible
  14. Body primed and exhaust temporaliy fixed. exhaust is also 3D printed
  15. Here my 3D printed Ford Flathead block. I found it on Thinigverse and I said thats something for a diorama or in a car or back of a shop truck. Hope you like it. I used a Anycubic Photon S to print this flatty.
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