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  1. I was also impressed about the quality of the dump body. the only thing that I don't like ist hat it is missing the hydraulics.
  2. Let me give you a hint. The car was sold under the name of subsidary of company.
  3. Here is the next quiz. As usual sent PM with Year, Make and Type.
  4. OH sh.. where was my brain. s a Ford guy I had wrote complete nonsense about this one. Yes it is based on the Rambler American and the IKA Torino. Thanks to Ace -Garageguy and ChrisR for correctingmy mistake. Sorry for that. Here the correct version. In 1967 Lutteral started to modify to IKA Torino which was based on the Rambler American. The Lutteral Comahue was born. In 1971 the front gets a fibreglass extension and was build as a GTA 220 (220hp), GTA 195 (195hp), Coupe 175 (the car that I'm looking for) and station wagon Safari 175. In 1977 came a fastback version. in 1979 Lutteral ends production. The correct answer were sent by: IBuildScaleModels porschercr dw1603 Bucky ChrisR Ace-Garageguy Congratulations
  5. Let me give you a hint, The car that was used as the base was original designed in the USA
  6. I think I had to add a crane. Printed on my 3D printer. Do you think that it is to big? I'm not sure.
  7. Vintage tri cycle from USCP (Ukrainian Scale Cars Production)
  8. Moebius: 1970 Ford F100 4x4, 1965 Ford F100 Utility Fireball Works: Ford F250 4x4 & upgrade kit Scenic Unlimited: Trailer hitch
  9. Here is a new car where I want to ask you for Year, Make and Type
  10. This beauty is based on a FIAT 850. It used the engine and the chassis from the FIAT 850. The body was designed by Dany Brawand and manufactured at Moretti Motor Company in Turin, Italy. The Moretti 850 Sportiva was from 1965 - 1971, approx. 300 cars were build. The correct answer were sent in by ChrisR GeeBee porschercr dw1603 wku88 sjordan2 Richard Bartrop congratulations Thanks to matthijsgrit for this idea.
  11. Lets give you a hint. The car is based on a rear engine car.
  12. Here the next quiz. As usual sent PM with Year, Make and Type. Special thanks go to matthijsgrit who gave the idea for this weeks quiz.
  13. This weeks car was a 1966 - 1971 Jensen FF (FF stands for Ferguson Formula). The FF was the first production 4x4 passenger car, long before the AMC Eagle, Audi Quattro and Subaru Leone. It was based on the Jensen Inteceptor which was 12.7 cm (5") shorter and had only 1 side opening, while the FF had 2. Only 350 were build it wasn't a commercial success compared to the Interceptor. No convertibles were produced. It seems that this one was an easy quiz because 15 out of 17 got the correct answer Matt Bacon sjordan Bucky dw1603 Richard Bartrop Pete J. Mr. Obsessive Thom wku88 Earl Marischall peteski GeeBee blunc ChrisR matthijsgrit w-409 styrenesurfer Congratulation, well done.
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