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  1. I'm building a Mack LTL . I use the complete kit from AITM. It is nice kit withe a big problem, the rims. These 11x22.00 tire are ok but the rims seems to be not 20" rims. They are too small for a 22" rim. I have to search my parts bin to find some new rims or print them either. While watching a video on Youtube about a Mack LTL 2 axle truck I saw that the battery mount looks different to the one on the frame from AITM. So I made quick 3d model and start prininting. THere are a few outher things on the frame to improve but these are not that important. T
  2. I would like to enter BRBO 2021 as well with a MACK LT from AITM
  3. Same procedure as every week, guys? yes. Please sent a PM with Year, Make and Type
  4. This weeks car is a 1952 Veritas-Nürburgring Coupe, coachwork by Spohn.. Only 4 were build. It was build at the old Auto-Union workshop at the Nürburgring. It has a 100hp / 1988cccm Henkel 4 cylinder engine. Beside the coupe there also a cabriolet and a few 5 seater Coupes. Veritas initially re-build and tuned pre- war BMW 328. The correct answer were sent in by Bucky dw1603 Richard Bartrop DonW Well done, congratulations.
  5. Don, you got me. I'm sorry for that. Thankls for the hint. I'll remove your name for the list asap.
  6. First quiz in 2021 starts today. Same procedure as every year? Yes sent a PM with Year, Make and Type
  7. This one is a 1961 Cadillac Jacqueline by Pininfarina. This car debuted at Paris Salon in 1961 and it was named after First Lady Jacqueline Kenndy. The only stock Cadillac itemes thta were unchaged were the 1960 rims, dashboard andthe steering wheel. The Jacqueline wore a traditional Cadillac crest on its hood, minus one element: the broad vee that had come to stand for the division's trademark V-8 engines. Because it was a pushcar without engine. In 1996 a 1960 Cadillac Eldorada Biaritz spent its engine to make Jacquline now a running car. Picture were taken at the 2012 Schloss Dyck Classic. Correct answer were sent in by Richard Bartrop dw1603 jokar 124 otherunicorn Brizio Congratulations
  8. This ist the last quiz for 2020. This year was strange. We still have a pandemic, a country that will we leave a union, a country that had an election and a great group of modeller and participant of the quiz that I did in 2020. I hope that 2021 will be different from 2020. So please sent a PM with Year, Make and Type. Deadline will be (Deadline Jan. 3, 2021 0:00 CET)
  9. This time I was looking for an Italian car a 1964-1970 Autobianchi Primula. The Primula was a prototype for Fiat's rack and pinion steering and is widely known for its innovative Dante Giacosa-designed front-wheel drive, transverse engine layout — that would be later popularized by the Fiat 128 to ultimately become an industry-standard front drive layout. The correct answer were sent in by GeeBee DonW TimJ otherunicorn dw1603 matthijsgrit Congratulations
  10. A bit more progress. I had added the auxiliary transmissions and the air tank. Next will be the routing of the air lines from and to the air tanks. I also mad a second pintle hook with frame
  11. The car for this weeks quiz was provide by Matt Bacon. Thanks Matt Please sent as usual a PM with Year, Make and Type.
  12. So here is the solution of this weeks quiz. This car is a 1971 - 1975 Monica 560. Between 1972 and 194 about 40 cars were build. It was intend to be the succssor of the Facel Vega HK500 the last french build luxury sedan. The design combines stying ideas from A Maserati Indy/ Lotus Elan, Aston Martin DBS, Jaguar Mk II and the the american Coke Bottle design. It has named after the wife of Jean Tastevin, a graduate engineer of the École centrale de Paris. The correct answer were sent in by: DonW Earl Marischall otherunicorn GeeBee dw1603 Richard Bartrop jokar124 Congratulations
  13. Got to today the cable car. Lots of wood and pewter parts and it is huge. Before I start it I'll have to finish the Oshkosh and the trial.
  14. Yes I got the last 2 of them I think. I had a look for a locomotive as a load. They are way too expensive $450 plus. Now a San Francisco Cable car from Ocre will be the load. I got it for a good price.
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