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  1. Here is a minicraft 1/16 scale 1931 Ford Model AA flatdeck I built with many scratch built parts https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gEA8bHDsVYo
  2. Well here I built a 1950's Caterpillar road grader here is a video. The grader is 95 % scratch built. https://youtu.be/C5i4-JezitAhttps://youtu.be/C5i4-JezitA
  3. Hello everyone how you all doing ? Well I have built some cool stuff this year and I'd like to share some pictures of a Caterpillar 112 motor grader . Can I post it here ?
  4. Hey guys well I finely got my CAT D7 done and I also built this 55 International R190 and trailer to haul this CAT. So here are a few pictures and if you what to see more click on my youtube channel below
  5. Well here I'm building a cool 65 elcamino 4dr . I used 2 kits the make this model so far I used the 65 chevelle wagon from Revell and a 65 elcamino from AMT . So I'm doing to kits here both 1965 cars one is a elcamino and one is a chevelle stepside . Have a look and tell me what you think.
  6. Hello everyone well here is another build I'm working on of a light commercial truck I'm building its a 1955 International R 190 series truck. Its going to be a pulling tractor for my Caterpillar I'm building as well so here are a few pictures of what I'v done so far. There is a lot of heavy duty modification in doing this build but its starting to look cool.
  7. Well here are some other projects on the go I have these 2 1965 chevys . 1 is a 4 dr 65 el camino and the other is a 65 chevelle stepside pickup conversion.
  8. Well here I'm working on another classic truck its a 1950's International R190 series . So far most of the truck is done but here are some pictures.
  9. Hey guys well back to building here and doing some cool old school drag cars here is a 67 Ford mustang drag car raced by Stark Hickey here are some pictures and a video .
  10. Hey guys so how do i delete older posts here ?
  11. Hey guys is the good old chat room up and going again ?
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