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  1. Very nice model, and thanks for showing your method of making the windows with a great explanation and pictures.
  2. I really like following this thread, here's one of mine, not near as weird as some on here but it's interesting, basically an Ertl diecast 1/16 scale tractor that you assemble.
  3. Carl's story takes me back to when I worked at a repair shop that got a lot of calls to unlock cars, I was amazed how many times they had a spare set of keys for just such an emergency, in the trunk or glove box or hidden under the hood, the record I remember was 5 spare keys plus the set still in the ignition all locked inside the car ! I got pretty good at not laughing til they left, and yes, there was a charge for that service.
  4. Well I think that silver car is absolutely beautiful, better proportions than the original by far, the designer did a great job, wouldn't change a thing. The stock body has way too much greenhouse and is quite top heavy.
  5. Neutrogena hand cream works really well for me
  6. great !! really looking forward to getting a couple of them
  7. This ones from 1992, quality is fine but it's just the Ertl kit with ESCi on the box. Don't really know the history there, maybe someone here does ?
  8. ran across this one last week while looking for some parts
  9. Reminds me of a story dad told, growing up during the depression a neighbor's tractor had an oil leak so he hung a tin can under it to catch the oil and would pour it back in ! Times were hard indeed.
  10. I have a die cast 1951 GMC Panel 1:25 scale made by the ERTL company for Snap-On Tools years ago. Proportions look decent, could probably make something out of it with some work, it was a coin bank so there is a slot in the top. There might be some grill differences between '51-'54, not really sure. You can have it you want to try making something out of it, PM me.
  11. That's really nice JT, great looking truck, it will compliment anything you put on the back of it !
  12. It's looking good, I think the changes you made in the rear quarters really helped the proportions of it, looking forward to more of this one
  13. I've been in dealerships that literally won't sell a new car for cash, you have to finance, yes they will let you walk away empty handed. What's that tell ya ?
  14. Nice ! thanks for sharing it, I remember my older brother buying one new, hatchback, brown with gold stripes, rallye wheels and a 304 V8 auto, sounds like I need another project !
  15. We went from clear, calm and a little warmer than usual to heavy fog to rain to sleet and even some hail with thunder and lightning and now some REALLY heavy wet snow, several inches of slop already, all in about 12 hours. Now they say 50-60 mph winds coming on the back of this system. Then back to mid 40s and sun tomorrow, gotta love western Iowa
  16. I have noticed lately on ebay when I search completed auctions that often the "buy it now" sales are selling for more money than regular auctions, many times a LOT more ! I really don't get it ? People must just need instant gratification ? It's really making me rethink the way I list stuff for sale....... and you can knock ebay all you want, I usually get a fair price or better when selling and with a little patience and research I buy what I like at a decent price and sometimes like today I SCORE one!
  17. Watched some goofy weather guy on the news this morning literally in full panic mode calling this latest winter weather across the south "ARMAGEDDON" ..............uhhh really ? Here in western Iowa we often get coated with ice in the fall that doesn't melt til March yet somehow life goes on. They interviewed some woman saying she didn't care what those "Yankees" say, you can't drive in these conditions, sorry lady the side streets, secondary roads and parking lots around here are like that for months EVERY winter !!
  18. That's some really neat "History" Frank shared ! Nice spark plug Harry
  19. I still had most of my stash of kits from when I was a teenager and would occasionally get one out and work on it but when I got the internet in the early 90's and found all those kits I wished I had when I was young were for sale on ebay, I started picking up some of them which led to all the aftermarket stuff , MCM and the forums. The internet is completely responsible for my returning to and staying with the hobby.
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