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  1. Privateer added a post in a topic 1/24 Monogram '30 Ford Model A 5-window Coupe   

    Heres on that I have on bench right now. Be prepared to fix the top insert and rumble seat lid.

  2. Privateer added a post in a topic More-so, looking for tips & tricks!   

    If you don't have an airbrush use spray cans from Tamiya or Testors laquers. Both are light years better than the old Testors we used as a kid. Welcome back to the hobby!!!
  3. Privateer added a post in a topic Replicating cast iron   

    The easiest way I know of duplicating cast iron is to paint the part flat black or flat dark gray and when dry buff it with graphite powder. Graphite powder is available at hardware stores to lubricate locks, it is also known as dry lubicrant.
  4. Privateer added a post in a topic New Revell '32 Ford 5-window coupe   

    If R-M released the kit this way I'd buy tons of them!!!!!!!!!
  5. Privateer added a post in a topic Motorcycle kit question   

    Hey thanks guys!!! Those are all awsome builds!!! I am going to have to grab some of these kits.
  6. Privateer added a topic in General   

    Motorcycle kit question
    Can someone tell me about the Harley kits made by Imai? I am curious about the quality and accuarcy of these kits. I also wonder about the Imex Harleys.

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  7. Privateer added a post in a topic 1/12 300MM Metzeler kit is FINALLY available!!!   

    OH YEAH !!!! I have been waiting for someone to do this and I am very pleased it was you!! I WILL be ordering this!! I know your quality is top notch.
  8. Privateer added a post in a topic Dream Time: What cars would you like to see modeled?   

    How about a '31 Ford Model A...on par with the 32's R-M is doing now???
  9. Privateer added a topic in Under Glass   

    yet another Revell Chopper
    I built this chopper to take to this years SVASMCON IPMS show in PA. I widened the tank 4 scale inches, built a big rear fender from 2 kit fenders, added rake to the frame , extended the fork with aluminum tubing, made exhaust from the same, the rear taillight is from the parts box as is the fuel cap. Paint is Tamiya light red pearl.

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  10. Privateer added a topic in On The Workbench   

    1953 Ford Pickup
    This is my first attemp at a real custom. A '53 Ford p/u with a sculpted bed, chopped top , and a '49 Merc front end. The body is very rough in these pics. The cab started out already chopped, its a Ron Cash resin piece. I grafted on the very front of a Revell Merc. The bed uses 55 Chevy fenders,I made a moldel top from the roof of an AMT Wagon rod. More pics to come.

    These pics show where its at now. More work done, but more is needed. The rear end has cut outs for '59 Caddy tailights, and I frenched in a couple of antennaes on the fender. I think the tail is missing something.

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  11. Privateer added a post in a topic Modified Stocker Hauler and Truck   

    Does this release contain the log manifold for the Firedome? How about the custom grills? I remember someone here complaining about the rims that were included with this release....any problems there? Some pics would be great.
  12. Privateer added a topic in Under Glass   

    A woody
    Just finished this up. Monograms Woody, built right out of the box. Paint is Tamiya Coral Blue and Black. I did the wood grain with Testors dark tan and the kit decals. I have been in a terrible building slump and thought a simple build might pull me out of it. I hope........so many prrojects to finish.

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  13. Privateer added a topic in Under Glass   

    32 Roadster
    I built this car from stuff I had laying around. Its Monograms body and chassis, AMT windshield, 59 Caddy mill, and wires from the new 32 sedan kit, widened in the rear. I made the bobbed rear fenders. Paints is Tamiya, decals out of my decal box. I built this several months ago and since I have been in a real slump. I hope you all like it.

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  14. Privateer added a topic in Contests and Shows   

    NNL Toledo 2008
    Does anyone know the date and theme for the Toledo show this year?
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  15. Privateer added a post in a topic 32 Sedan   

    WOW !!! That is a fantastic build!! Where did you get the wheels and tires? I really like the chrome steelies up front and the slicks out back.