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  1. pegaso added a post in a topic Peterbilt 359 Conventional "49ers Big Rig"   

    Finally somethig different. Cool!!
  2. pegaso added a post in a topic dodge L-700 truck   

    Nice Dodge build. Just make pictures outside, and will llok even better.
    I've just buy the one with tanker trailer. Let's see how it fits.
  3. pegaso added a post in a topic Mack Superliner dumptruck   

    I like it. And full of sand, should not be a light weight to carry on.

  4. pegaso added a post in a topic Ancient history IH COE 4070A   

    It would be as well a dream, to build one of this. Hope as well a re-issue.
  5. pegaso added a post in a topic Lonestar and reefer, finally done   

    I like the color combination. Excellent build!
  6. pegaso added a post in a topic BIG Cat on a lowboy!   

    A heavy load!

  7. pegaso added a post in a topic International Lonestar, have you ever seen one?   


    I've seen one in the road in front of my house.. ;-)

  8. pegaso added a post in a topic Pro Star and 53 ft Great Dane reefer   

    I's really a very good news that brand new kits coming in 1:24th or 1.25th.
    After the excellent Lonestar, I hope we can give thanks again to Moebius in the short term for a new modeltruck!
    I'll will order and build the Prostar when it comes, but as other forum members already noticed, we want as well brand new red ovals... can't any moelkitsmaker read this in this forum and see the business profit here?

  9. pegaso added a post in a topic Moebius Lonestar notes   

    Hi, I've received in Spain the Lonestar kit already on 14th May: it means, in Europe the Lonestar builds have already started!!
    If you want to buy it directly in an European shop, in the internet web modell4you it will be available in the short term (it seems start of june).

  10. pegaso added a post in a topic Fallen Flag IH with trailers finished!   

    Hi Paul,
    the Transtar is one of my favorites COe's.
    You've doen a great Job, no details were forgotten, and the painting seems very well done.
    With outdoor pictures will result even more realistic!.

    Modeltrucks Universdecamions
  11. pegaso added a post in a topic Moebius Lonestar 1st test shot   

    Thanks to Dave and to Moebius,
    this fully new kit looks excellent. We all truck modellers were waiting for such a big new thing!
    I've seen in youtube the assembled truck from Tim: this is really a pleasure to see this.
    In summary, I guess that once it comes to thte market, succes for the Lonestar is guaranteed!


    Truckmodels universdecamions