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  1. Yup! Rolling Thunder was the heaviest monster truck in service at the time. I've seen a couple people who have painted or printed decals to decorate a Lunchbox as Rolling Thunder, but that's outside of my skill set. Beware though, if you go down that hole, you're never going to have a paint job survive your first day of driving intact. Also, while the Lunchbox, Clod Buster, Bullhead, and Sand Scorcher VW bug have hard bodies, most RC cars come with clear lexan bodies that are pretty hard to modify. Not a kitbasher's dream.
  2. I'll let this marinate for a while and see if the mods have any issues with it. If it it seems okay, I'll post a couple pics of the finished project (fully assembled but on static display).
  3. Forgot to mention that I'd put several layers of clear pearl over the gloss black. Once it was all masked up, I sprayed it with a couple of coats of Matte Black. Unfortunately, I didn't wait quite long enough between coats or unmasking or something so it didn't turn out perfect, but the idea worked well enough that I was happy.
  4. Yeah, I hope it's okay. I won't be posting anything not related to the paintwork, and from that standpoint I hope it can be allowed as a 1:12 scale model monster van. Won't be able to prove from my pictures that it can move under its own power
  5. Of course, that only took care of the sides. There's still a nice panel on the back that I didn't quite know what to do with. I've got no freehand skills, but it occurred to m e that there was another pattern I could use.
  6. Mods, I hope this is in the right place. Not really much of a build, but I got (another) Tamiya Lunch Box this summer. It's a 1/12th scale 80s Dodge van done as a monster truck. The only thing I really did to it was fill the antenna hole. I don't have access to an airbrush or anyplace to use one (apartment dweller), so all of the painting was done with either rattlecans or brushes. I wanted to do a Dark Side of the Moon thing, but when I started mentally mapping out the masking I'd need to do I knew that it wouldn't work in the straight-up album cover version. So I took a different track. Body came in the white, so after priming I painted it Tamiya Gloss Black. Then I started masking out my logo. After getting the guidelines in for the colors of the spectrum I hand painted them with bottled Tamiya paint. Then I got some 0.7mm masking tape and added all sorts of sound waves (ish) over the rainbow.
  7. continuing: Anyway, that's pretty much it. I'll try and get some better lit pics in a day or so and post them up "Under Glass," but I'm kind of glad to see the end of this thing. More research before I buy another kit, see what works, have a clearer plan, all that. Thanks for looking! -val
  8. Necroposting my own project. I got tired of this little car, so I boxed it up and stuffed it in the closet for, well, five months or so. Took it back out a couple of weeks ago and decided to start again, then I remembered why I got tired of it. I just don't like this kit, there are a lot of parts that don't seem to fit the way they should, and some of the directions, IMHO, need to be reordered. Attach the chassis to the floorpan, then try and thread the driveshaft in. Didn't bore out the hole in the transmission? Too bad, so sad. I did play around with some Bare Metal Foil equivalent (Hasegawa? I forget, lost the package) with mixed results. I think I'll be using it more in the future, but I've got to study up on the best ways to get it to do what I want. Anyway, after going through some careful frustration, tonight I decided that I was going to just finish it. Get it done. It could have come out better with more time, I admit, but it was getting to be a chore rather than fun, and taking up too much of the hobby bench that I share with my wife, so here it is: Lost one of the lenses somewhere even before I could start to assemble it: to be continued below:
  9. Please do keep working on it, I had a '66 Stepside and I love where you're going with this! p.s. where did you find those tires and wheels? They look perfect.
  10. A short update before I get seriously to work on this. I'd like to thank the person that originally posted this suggestion, I just can't find the thread anywhere. My kit has these big ugly posts that support the rear trailing arm. It never occurred to me that those were where the coil springs were supposed to be until I saw someone else's kit, so I'd painted them rust. However, I've got some 1mm solder. 1mm=1 inch, so it isn't for the hardcore purists, but I'm new to this. I painted the posts flat black (on top of the rust I'd already done). I took the solder (takes about 3-4 inches per side!) and brush painted it Tamiya Flat Red XF-7. It was hot yesterday, and I deliberately didn't let it dry properly. I painted the one piece, put it down, painted the second, put it down, cleaned my brush, and wrapped each piece around its post, then adjusted the coil with my thumbnail. Not letting it dry (I think) gives the paint some flexibility as it's being bent. As you can see, I need to touch things up a bit, but overall, I don't think it looks too bad, much better than just posts. Opinions and suggestions are always welcome!
  11. Thanks Bradley and Dr. C, it means a lot for a newbie like me to hear that! I'm not sure it I'll do a wash or not, but I found on my last project that the door and panel separation lines will draw in thinned paint with capillary action really well, so I plan to do that with some thinned black at a minimum. I need a windless day so I can paint my hood and trunk lid though, the waiting is driving me nuts. More later
  12. And finally, I did say this wreck was under restoration. Just barely. The driver's side either some small dents or rust that went deeper than just the surface and needed some bondo and primer: This was tough to do. No airbrush yet, so i tried a bunch of different things. Tried to drybrush gray. Didn't work. Painted gray, and tried to use a wash/thinner to feather the edges. Didn't work. Wash of white on top of that. Sort of worked. Finally, Tamiya Weathering Master Snow (the makeup compact stuff) on top and I got my sprayed edges. It's not perfect, but I'm happy with it. I still have to paint the hood and trunk lid, I may do the hood in flat black, 70's drag racer style, not sure. Let me know what you think, good, bad or otherwise.
  13. OK, dents. I used a messy and experimental (meaning I made a lot of mistakes) combination of gunmetal, silver, and rust to do my body damage: Not perfect, but it looks OK. It's a little hard to do research here, Japan has strict safety inspection laws that keep older and more damaged vehicles off the road. Probably a good thing....
  14. A little bit more. The body was primed in gray under the blue, so I took some 1000 grit sandpaper and lightly went over the whole thing. I left the rough spots I found on purpose, but any area where the gray started to show through, I rubbed some Tamiya Weathering Master Rust onto. Oops, hit my picture limit. To be continued.
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