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  1. no prob, glad i could help, and yea they are a bit pricey, but they are very grippy. Update: Started to build the engine.
  2. thanks, and yea, the suspension is very soft and great for crawling btw, i just checked ebay and i could have abother LMC for $85 with shipping. lol its really tempting but i wish they were a bit faster and 3 mite be a bit much lol
  3. wow sounds cool, i mite have to see if i can find that thread if you posted it. and just found the box i got the rims in so i got the name they are RC4WD Rok Lox not so sure im going to use them on the fished product, if the hub was just a bit smaller they'd be perfect
  4. thanks glad to see someone is enjoying it i love the whole Hilux artic truck look as of now im working on the engine, here's a teaser pic
  5. Update: Now the rear end have 4 links suspension set up. Trimmed up the engine bay and installed the servo, still need to mount the upper links on the front axle.
  6. well... i've spend all my free time on this build. The model kit I'm using is a 1/24 Toyota Land Cruiser 80 series made by Tamiya. So far, I've got both axles mounted, but still need some improvement. Now I'll let the pics speak for themself. questions, comments, all welcome
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    ya know... im not so sure this is the model forum for me...
  8. i've fixed a few with some sanding 1. sand with 400 (dry) 2. sand with 600 (dry) 3. sand with 1000 (wet) 4. sand with 200 (wet) 5. polish with "3M super duty rubbing compound" (or other semi aggressive compound) 6. polish with "3M Perfect It machine polish" (or other fine polish) (the more you rub the finner it will be) heres an finished product from a lamborghini merc im restoring: before it had glue lumps, scracthes, etc on it remember, even marks on the inside will show through!
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    my apologies, had a spelling error, accidently hit "K" instead of "H" sorry about that
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    hi guys! im new here from GA, im not really into models but i do midify 1/28-1/25 scale rc car bodies for racing chassis like Mini-Z and xmods and sometimes i even modify model car bodies to fit on them. i am not the best but i want to get better so i decided to join a forum full of the very best. and i would also like to learn to make realistic decals a bit about me: im 15 and love old school JDM but my all time favorite car manufacture is BMW, im currently saving up for a E30 M3, 325 or 328 I/IS to build as a autocross car and weekend destroyer but my current car is a 1998 mercury mountaineer with a 302 here's some on my work: Nissan Skyline R34 drift when i first bought after spraying paint (after sanding it down to bare plastic) current (having to rebuild the front lower bumper) what it will look like Nissan Skyline R34 not started yet (grey one) will look like thanks for having such a great community! i can post a build thread for the current R34 if you'd like P.S. some of you mite know me from other forums as "Winner", lol the username thing got me mixed up LOL
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