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  1. I used an engine from REVELL's t3 bus in my scratchbuilt VW-panel bug
  2. Body (which is a rip off from Monograms Bug Bomb) was a friction toy car from china I think. The wooden box was constructed from styrene sheet and the doors swing open. The pig behind the steering wheel was given to me by a good friend who also supplied me with the LEGO cap for the pig's head. All the rest comes from my stash of spare parts and a bit of crazy imagination.... It's supposed to be an "ambulance" belonging to the oldest mental asylum in Berlin (closed in 2007, yes it was a real asylum). Paint is Wehrmacht Grau (german WWII colour) and the car should be something like a 1946-47 VW (I imagine....LOL!)
  3. Imai-kit. Almost out of the box but added custom-ordered wheels, custom steering wheel, lowered suspension and backdated it to 1973 configuration. Paint is stock VW moss green metallic.
  4. Here's what's on my bench at the moment. Taking part in a VW buildoff with showdate july 2nd this year! Imai kit with some minor mods, 18" Lemmertz wheels, paint will be stock 1973 VW moss green metallic. Lotsa "wood-work" to the interior....
  5. Very nice save, well done !
  6. 2-part polyurethan based clear will not turn yellow over the years, nor will acrylic clear. Any enamel clear will turn yellow. It's all about chemistry, not product brand.
  7. Cool build I like the fact that you "americanized it" with sidemarkers, looks really great!
  8. Thanks for the pics of your very nice build! They'll be helpful to me when I start restoring my old , incomplete SMP 1911 Chevy
  9. Well, I'll omit all the "motorization-stuff" and put plastic card in a lot of holes in the chassie-pan. But, I will NOT open up the engine lid and I'm not going toi build a better engine. I just took off all that chrome on the engine dummy before I glued it in place. So, this will be a curbside with some extra detailing to the interior (modern stereo) and custom steering wheel.
  10. There's VW build-off going on here in Sweden right now. All attenders build a VW type 1 Bug but can chose which kit they like, even in other scales than 1/24-25. I'm doing 2..... One Showrod and one almost stock , that's the Imai 1/24 scale VW 1303 LS Convertible. This model got it's ID/VIN from a 1973 Sumatra Green VW seen in a swedish TV-series in the late 90's. But, I'll change the color to L95C Moss green metallic and replace the stock 15" Lemmertz-wheels with specially-ordered 18x8" Lemmertz-wheels. It'll also get some small mods to the front Bumpers, get fender-mounted turn-signals and twin pipes on the right side of the muffler. Perhaps I'll give it a nice custom steering-wheel as well.... not sure yet.
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