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  1. Bastardo added a post in a topic Ferrari 340 Competizione FINAL PICS UP.....Getting casted!   

    Another artwork is being born...
  2. Bastardo added a post in a topic 1970 Birdie   

    Thank you, guys!

    I'm really happy with this project so far, because I have learned a lot of new stuff during it. Probably the most educating project for me so far when it's up to weathering. And I know she'll bring joy to my face every time I see her finished in the display case

    Truth be told, I'm so happy with the results I'm actually thinking of a miniature diorama or at least a display base for this birdie
  3. Bastardo added a post in a topic 1970 Birdie   

    Hand-painted with a thick mix of Revell flat black + flat white + a few drops of flat brown:

    I think there aren't enough damadged (torn) places on the roof, so I'm slowly adding more. But this is where I stopped last night - less is more and it is easyer to add more than bugg myself because there are too many

    Next up considering the roof:
    - More torn places
    - Dirt
    - Dry-brush
    - Washes
    - Pigments
    - Oil paints
    - ...

    I am way happier with the result than I thought I would be It came out much better than I expected

  4. Bastardo added a post in a topic 1970 Birdie   

    Finally got my guts together and tried the foil technique to simulate old, torn vinyl. Why so much hesitation? Because I was pretty much sure BMF would ripp off any paint off the model it touches... And boy was I right... Luckilly I was able to cover only the necessarry places of the model and the only paint that got torn off was on the windows frames - and I intended to paint them black anyway

    Roof in BMF:

  5. Bastardo added a post in a topic Cat D8 repair compled   

    Incredible weathering, Alain! Great work!
  6. Bastardo added a post in a topic RPS13 Silvia   

    Not my style neither, but the model looks great and it is ovbvious you've had a lot of fun building it
  7. Bastardo added a post in a topic 1915 Ford Model "T". 1/32nd Scale.   

    I love it! Considering the scale it looks even better. Great work on the springs and weathering. One sweet little model you sure can be proud of
  8. Bastardo added a post in a topic T Model drag car.   

    This is just outstanding! Original, fresh, great design, great color combo, looks just great and yes - keep the wing!

    Well done!
  9. Bastardo added a post in a topic VW Zombie Van   

    One of the best and most original automotive dioramas I've ever seen - and I've seen MANY! Great work! Congrats!
  10. Bastardo added a post in a topic Entertainment   

    Music, talk shows on the radio (I just love talk shows on different topics, such as politics, music, science, ...) and one thing I can't imagine doing anything without: Chocolate. Galore. All the time. Yes, please!
  11. Bastardo added a post in a topic 1970 Birdie   

    Thank you for the nice comments, guys!

    Charlie: I have two accounts on photobucket and one of them is maxed-out on bandwidth... I'll try and post some body shots from the second account in the next days
  12. Bastardo added a post in a topic 1970 Birdie   

    Servo got some paint on it and a metal pin which will ensure better positioning on the firewall. I learned from my experience: Two painted areas are always a PITA to glue together for good, specially in a case like this: Small glueing area and a piece that could be touched or moved during the final assembly...

    Vents are mounted:

    The interior is almost done. Maybe some more bits n pieces, but this is more or less it


  13. Bastardo added a post in a topic 1970 Birdie   

    Thank you, Bill
    The show goes on...
    Engine mounted on the chasis and by this the undercariage is more or less done:

    I changed my mind in the last moment - exhaust is not stock:

    I glued back the left headlamp. Crooked and dirty - jus the way I like it

    Front fog lights got crashed in the accident and now they're rusted

    Hood weathering continues:

    I painted the door handle and added the lock - painted and weathered pin head:

  14. Bastardo added a post in a topic Please stop taking pictures under sun w/ metallic paints   


    Kennyboy: Congrats to your daughter for that result - it looks great! Hope she sticks to the hobby, she seems to be doing good and has a good teacher
  15. Bastardo added a post in a topic 49 ford street rod finished! 7.17.13   

    Outstanding! There's nothing I would change on it Congrats, great work!