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  1. Had a great time Jeff, I plan on being back next year. I also hope some of y’all can make it down to Memphis in June.
  2. Thanks, I really wanted something different on this build. My last one was the typical black. Just not moving as fast as I would like.
  3. That paint is awesome! Merry LLC never have the patience to a paint job like that.
  4. That’s great work on an unusual subject.
  5. Great build. Which issue is that?
  6. A little test fitting going on. Engine is wired, used a MAD distributor and a resin Vacuum advance for added detail.
  7. Interior is almost done, still need steering column and column shifter. Flicked the carpeted areas and used actual GM Turquoise interior dye for color. This was suppose to finished for a club build but it didn’t make it. Hope that it will be done by next weekend so I can take it the show in White Pine.
  8. I just pulled 2 of the original kits out that I started years ago when they first cane out. Had to strip all that nasty Testors enamel paint. Going to redo both of mine at some point. Your build is coming along nicely.
  9. Hope to see you Saturday Jeff. At the moment it looks like I won’t be leaving town til 4:00 on Friday.
  10. You are good man, God Bless you!
  11. I’m confused, do you buy resin from the old site or new site?
  12. I met him in Atlanta, nice guy. Finally bought some of his paints. Good stuff.
  13. I did get a photo up which is how I was posting it. It would not upload form my phone. I was able to down load to to my desktop and I was blue to upload that way.
  14. I appreciate the info. I will see what I can come up with. I’m anxious to start air brushing.
  15. I was able take a picture of it and post it, it’s on there now just not as clear as I would like. Can pdf file be posted?
  16. Help needed posting picture of my contest flyer in contest section. I have been trying for months to post it but for some reason it won’t up load. HELP!!’nn
  17. Please come join us for our 4th annual show. We will have some models and vendors. There will be 11 specialty awards and our them is this year is Station wagons and Lead sleds. We will have some sort of concessions on site. A great time will be had by all. If you have any questions please contact me. My info is on the flyer. Hope to see y’all there.
  18. So I bought a. Compressor from Jarbor Freight hoping to avoid spending an excessive amount of money. I now have a dilemma of trying to connect my compressor to my air brush. Anymon her ever used this compressor and what did the use to connect the hose for the air brush? Any help would be appreciated.
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