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  1. Yep I missed that, I even have a 1:1 2dr in the garage. I somewhat corrected my 2dr build when I built it though.
  2. Thanks for the info. I you could post a pic of your 66 exhaust work it would be appreciated.
  3. So happy to have finally finished another model this year, I’ve only finished about 5. This was my first resin conversion attempt. It’s a Time Machine Resin body and interior. The AMT 65 Galaxie 500 XL was the donor. I used all the chassis and engine parts from that kit. I even left the 4 spd trans as there are a few that were built from the factory that way. The engine has plug wires added and a coil from MAD. It did not turn out as nice as o wanted but live and learn. Hope y’all like it. Comments welcome.
  4. This one will be moving to under glass. It’s finaly done. Not as good as I would liked it to be but it was my first resin conversion.
  5. I started 2 of those kits years ago but never finished. They are nice kits. the wheels will definitely look good on that ride.
  6. Nice work. Can’t wait to see what you do with the Galaxie. Even though that’s a old tool I have special attraction to that kit. The very first glue kit I ever built was the Cruisin USA version back around 1980, plus I have a 1:1 65 LTD 2dr in the garage.
  7. This not something I would normally follow but it is a very interesting project.
  8. I may have solved my engine issue, I think I’m going to go with the engine trans combo from the Revell 64 Impala. It’s a 283/auto. I’ve only got one in my stash of kits so now to find one reasonably priced.
  9. Sine my 4 door Galaxie is almost done I’ve got a new project getting ready in the wings. I am going to build a 66 Chevelle wagon using the Replica & Minatures stock conversion. It contains a flat hood, stock height front suspension, tires, steel wheels and dog dish hub caps. Should make for an interesting build. Now the decision of what engine/trans to build it with. Any suggestions on a donor kit for a good small block/ auto trans would be welcome.
  10. Please join us for our show in June of 2019. This will be our 4th year. We have had some great vendors and models in the past. There are multiple special awards. We plan on having concessions in site for your convince. I you have any questions please PM me.
  11. Well went to the Atlanta show yesterday and got motivated to get back on this project. Got the rear glass cut and installed. Hopefully will have this one finished this week end.
  12. Finally sitting in it’s wheels. Still have to get some clear sheet for the rear window. It’s getting there.
  13. Got my order yesterday, I think I will be getting some of their 57 Ford bodies next.
  14. Not a problem here, I will be purchasing more in the near future. Need a couple of ths 57 Fords.
  15. Great pics, send me some info on your show for next year.
  16. Very interested in this show, I may try and make it if weather is good then.
  17. Has anyone here dealt with MAD. I was wondering if there was a way to contact them other than email?
  18. Very cool subject, didn't know something like that existed. Love the color choices. What brand of paint is the body and interior?
  19. Cool build, I've always liked those style road race cars.
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