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  1. Heres on of my recently completed projects. I started with a Revell 41' Willys Pro Street kit and proceeded to do every custom trick I could think of including chopping the top, reshaping the fenders, opening all of the panels, adding scratchbuilt running boards, and reshaping the front of the hood to match the curves on the rest of the body. Please let me know what you think! Any comments, criticisms, or questions welcome. Thanks for looking! Billy
  2. Wow! Very nice work, the paint on both cars looks amazing!
  3. Heres something I've been working on for a few months. I started with a Revell 69' Daytona and then picked up an 06' Viper for the drivetrain and suspension. The plan is to build it into a race car that could still be street legal but that may change into it being an all out track car. So far I've done a lot of chassis work, including a scratchbuilt firewall, rollcage, and front subframe, and sideskirts. The engine is pretty much stock viper parts but the valve covers and intake are wrapped in Carbon fiber decals along with the usual spark plug wiring and fuel lines. Next up is figuring out how to mount the viper rear suspension and finishing the hood vents. Thanks for looking, let me know what you think! Billy
  4. What about adapting a chezoom roof onto the 58 impala? Could look really good I think!
  5. Wow! I wish I would've been able to come. Thanks for posting the pics Bill!
  6. I'm working on a model of my 1:1 Silverado project and was wondering if anyone makes moto metal 969 wheels or something similar in 1:24
  7. The hood and mirrors showed up and I have everything in primer, I'll be painting it all as soon as the weather clears up here.
  8. something about the grill just doesn't look right to me. It's. way to similar to the Focus/Fiesta front end. Other than that, I do like it a lot!
  9. That's pretty neat, It may not be the best looking thing in the world but its cool to have the Grand National name back. I wonder if there will be a turbo V6 option??
  10. The interior turned out great! Nice work. I still have plenty of the blue left over and can send some to Jeff. Or if needed I can paint the mirrors and fix the hood.
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