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  1. OL 10.5 / ODR Corvette

    another long span of non work, but I picked upa little bit this weekend. Finally got around to starting the rear frame section, still a long long way to go. Maybe the chassis will get done this winter.
  2. let see some outlaw cars

    that gold camaro is awesome. saw it first at that race where the pic was taken, Orlando in 2009. its a heavy street car not a outlaw car but still badass. its a 3500 car with steel rear bumper, stock body doors (glass front clip) with power windows and a stock dash in it. really cool to see in a race car.
  3. OL 10.5 / ODR Corvette

    been a while since i even thought about this thing, but for some reason i decided to do a little (very little) work on it. i designed a TH400 trans for it in CAD and printed them out today at work and here is the result. im pretty happy so far but may need to make some adjustments to get it too look better..
  4. 1-8 scale 69 camaro pro mod (mike hill's car)

    i dont want to take this thread off topic too much because it is way beyond awesome, but thought you may be interested in this. this is a 1/24 intake i did for my turbo 737 sonnys motor a couple months ago. its styled after a berry motorsports billet intake with 2 sets of injectors. At 1/8 i think the parts would look pretty good. i dont think ill ever make a model that big but would interested to see how this stuff would look blown up.
  5. 1-8 scale 69 camaro pro mod (mike hill's car)

    Understandable. Figured you enjoyed the machine part or you wouldn't have a end mill. I'm thinking of making some new parts to see how good of a part I can get off our 3D printer.
  6. 1-8 scale 69 camaro pro mod (mike hill's car)

    other than obviously having renshape and a mill on hand, is there any reason you wouldnt print that block and heads? especially since they are smoothed out quite a bit, id think a little hand finishing could get it close to what you have and in less time. I knwo you use an outside source that isnt very close, but if it were more readily availble would it be an option? just wondering, not trying to make any parts or anything myself.
  7. news to me, as everyone ive seen they at least go to the firewall and cowl area. Just struck me as odd.
  8. i was wondering the same thing, and why the A pillars dont go to anything.
  9. 1-8 scale 69 camaro pro mod (mike hill's car)

    The advantage TDR has is 1) they understand what is wanted by the customer (small scale detailed but not overly detailed parts) and can not only deliver they will design it 2) they have multiple machines they are working with as a acting service provider. on average, the 3D printers currently in the market cost the owner anywhere from $5-10 a cubic inch in raw material. From there they need to clean/post process the parts which can be anywhere from 10 minutes to a few hours. They have service contracts on each machine and parts that are considered consumable. This is where the cost tems from. They need to charge you for the amount of hours it takes to produce the part X the expected life/price of the consumable items, plus the material cost usually times 2 or 3 so that they can pay for the material and be compensated for, plus the service of post processing which my be a hourly rate. This I how a part that costs them maybe $150 can quickly turn into $300+. Is it cheap? No but where else are you going to get custom one off parts without waiting for a caster to make the whole deal by hand. I've been a tech working on and with 3D printers for 4 years now and even in that time the technology has grown. I use our printers at work to make turbos, intakes, intercoolers, fuel cells, and even rubber tires with whatever pattern I want. I was also a Solidworks tech for a while, so I do know my way around a few CAD software packages as well. s o I do all my own work, which you can imagine drastically costs down on cost to me.
  10. 1-8 scale 69 camaro pro mod (mike hill's car)

    The video does show part of the process needed to get where they got, I just hate the fact how they mask all the work needed to do so. Zcorp is the last place you would want to look to have any small parts or anything with a reasonable tolerance made. Show parts, architecture, and some hand held models at best are what you could get from that machine.
  11. 1-8 scale 69 camaro pro mod (mike hill's car)

    Thanks. Reason being I work in that industry, actually I work on rapid prototyping machines. I too use ours to make parts, which is why I was curious because the quality looks awesome from the pics. It looks more like SLA than printing, but if it is I'd be interested in knowing what it was made on. And some day all will be able to afford them, because the price point on them drops every few years.
  12. OL 10.5 / ODR Corvette

    It's a Sonny's canted valve motor, not hemi heads. And a LS9 doesn't make a 1/3 of the power needed to run a outlaw car.
  13. OL 10.5 / ODR Corvette

    Thanks guys, appreciate the comments
  14. OL 10.5 / ODR Corvette

    Hadnt touched this ina while. But this weekend i put a few more bars in, did some cutting on the body, and made my first wing
  15. 1-8 scale 69 camaro pro mod (mike hill's car)

    do you know what kind of printer they used for this?