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  1. I've just completed my version of the new Revell Shelby 2010 in 1-12 scale. Amazing and huge model. Thanks to Revell to put this Muscle car on the market. I used Tamiya deep metallic blue over a matt black as primer. My only concern was the front suspension...look to high so I had to cut a portion on the coil spings. Otherwise I enjoyed a lot building that huge Mustang.....Thanks for all comments....
  2. Smoooth Merc'49 !!!! Look great with combo colors!!!!!
  3. Look real!!!! Very nice built...Just perfect !!!!
  4. Wow!!!! Awesome 49 Ford !!!! Nice built...love it !!!!
  5. Amazing El Camino, great work....love it !!!!
  6. yvan.32

    Viper ACR

    Awesome Viper....nice color too!!! No problem to built it ????
  7. Very nice Camaro...Wow!!!!!
  8. Very nice Challenger...love in blue version...amazing built, very clean !!!!
  9. yvan.32

    '41 Willys

    Finished an other version of the Revell '41 Willys two months ago. Love that car...too many ways to built it! Tamiya black paint, lower suspension, some aftermarket items and Tamiya wheels. I'm looking for an other version soon....
  10. Nice '36 Ford !!!!! Color is perfect for that car!
  11. Very nice Dart...one of the best I've seen !!!!
  12. Thanks....no problem with the kit but you must install the wheels with the suspension before install the suspension on the chassis. That way...you can't dammage the suspension....
  13. Who makes those kits? They look awesome. Both of them are AMT (curbside)....Thanks!
  14. Awesome pair of Chevy's !!!!!!
  15. Sorry....those Challenger are the curside version from AMT. But I'm working the Revell version with the engine and I'll post some pictures later....
  16. I completed those 2 models a while ago and I'm building now the 2010 R/T version with white stripe. I painted them with Tamiya color and completed with Pegasus wheels...Hope you like them !
  17. I'm new in this forum and a saw a lot of nice models. I want to displays some models on your forum and change some ideas-views on modeling. Hope you enjoy my models and all comments is welcome !!! Thanks P.S Hi Gregg.....hope you will remember my Ferrari of your last calender Just finish my last project...Revell Midget Racer Edelbrock version. Very nice kit....well... one of the best made by Revell. No problem at all, just pay attention with small parts!!!! Now I'm working on my '50 Ford pick-up to complete my project. Enjoy!
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