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  1. Nice - I have a van very close to this many years ago... Mine was black and the top did not tilt - but the bed in the back was nice and I had a little windows on the back like yours. I had mirrors and a crystal and marble bar built in. I had the tv and fridge. I reall miss my van and still cant believe i sold it.... :cry: nice build.
  2. well, I cut out the doors using the backside of my xacto knife. worked pretty well. not I need to work on the hinges. :shock:
  3. I would think the green circle is for the thermostat housing to route to the radiator. But then again I have not built any blowers lately.
  4. wow - that looks great . I like the idea of posting along the way. I am a novice builder. (i have not built in over 20 years). would like to know more about the how..... and what are you using to fabricate these wonderful pieces. or is it more of a trade secret and cant really reveil those details. I would love to be able to make things like that. Then again I could use on of those in 1:1 scale for my big project.
  5. do you have any information about how you built the hinges for the doors and such?? BTW - that just looks great
  6. I keep looking for information on how these flames are made and I am not finding much. is this some secret society?? :shock: I know its not rocket science as I have been doing classic flames on almost anything since I was pretty young. Nice thing about having a father who painted custom cars when I was going up. I learned many techniques - but I was thinking the real flames were just transfers - but now I am under the impression they are actually painted. or am I barking up the wrong tree?? please help me understand this technique better. Thanks
  7. I think the headers are great. I am not sure what you would ask for them as i am pretty sure you have more time in them that you could sell them very cheap. But I do think there are many people who would love to have the hand made headers at any cost. I wish you the best on what ever decision you make.
  8. No thats a little funny - cause i always hear that. currently. trying my hand at this again after over 25 years.... MUSIC - I like most everything. But mostly rock and country.
  9. That is sweet, but I want to know where you got the picture of my chevy to base that thing on????
  10. 62rebel, Its funny you say to attach the floor pan to the frame. it comes that way and I wish it was not. I have made so many frame modifications to my truck, I am not sure how I am going to replicate them on the model. so you all are saying to use the back side of the xacto blade. like the big flat side? that confusses me. But I will try many things.
  11. I have used this type of soldering iron before. The biggest issue I remember was the material would mushroom and you would loose the shape of detailed items. But I do remember it worked pretty well. I have also used the knife edge like described above - but this kit I am doing does have a couple of spots I think would prove to be problems. Thanks for the ideas - I will keep looking at all options. After all I have been sitting on this kit for almost 2 years looking for the tires. a little more time will not kill me.
  12. I have been doing old sckool flames most of my life. But Now I keep seeing real flames. anyone have instructions on how to make these???
  13. Ok I did a search and did not find what i wanted to know. Its been 25 plus years since I touched a plastic model to build. Back in my day - I did pretty well. BUT I am looking at pictures and thinking, WOW!!! So I got a kit of a IH Scout II. I have spent a very long time looking for the tires I needed. and now have those. I am ready to start. MY scout I am building in based on the one in my back yard. its a 197x scout II built from 5 scouts and various other rigs. I am running 36 in TSL tires and using springs from Fords. the pieces of the scout are from many different rigs. so on to my question. I want to cut out the doors and make them work. in the old days I would have a hot knife xacto style and cut them out. But I read about one guy who used sewing thread. what is the best way to cut the panels apart???
  14. wow, that looks so good. I wish my garage was that organized. Heck my air compressor does not even work. The truck looks good too. I love the rust color.
  15. I just bought a set of the 38 inch TSL tires to put on my model 197x Scout II. This will look very close to the real thing sitting in my back yard. I have been working on the real one for almost 5 years. and its still not done. wonder how long the model will take. anyway - I got the tires from RPP hobby. they got it out quick and they look great - I could not have been happier.
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