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  1. traditional added a topic in Under Glass: Pickups, Vans, SUVs, Light Commercial   

    HILUX VS Utility.....92 Toyota 4X4s
    These two 1/24 '92 Toyotas were completed a while ago (long while ago) but I was just having fun retaking pics using my recent photo tent.The HILUX is pretty much box stock Fujimi but the basic version is modified (using brochure reference) by removing the raised rubber side trim, filling in the sun-roof, fabricating a bench seat, and removing all the delux chrome trim and accessories. The stock basic wheels were pirated from a land cruiser kit, and the 'TOYOTA tailgate lettering' was done with Letraset pressure sensitive lettering.   Paint on both models is automotive basecoat/clearcoat.
    While I like both versions, I'm kind of partial to the 'utility version'.
    I'm also including a couple of pics of the Hilux with a couple of smaller scale models of virtually the same vehicle.....a 1/43 HI-STORY resin model and a 1/87th version that came in a chocolate egg.

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  2. traditional added a topic in Under Glass   

    Deuce 5 window...GMP kit and incomplete 5 window body

    I've just completed this traditional Deuce 5 window by modifying and combining a GMP roadster kit with an incomplete diecast 5 window body.
    All the parts were stripped of paint and the front window detail had to be modified for proportion by making the top of the window opening less curved (bonding a wire form to the metal body).  Simulated rubber running board detail was added to the fenders, and I also added the black top insert detail.
    I used the wheels from the GMP kit but substituted smaller diameter rear tires from my parts bin since the ones in the kit were a bit oversize in diameter. The simulated Mercury caps are plated fabric snaps.
    I wanted to use something a bit different for the drive train so I made a tri-carb 348 Chevy from the 409 used in an Ertl 'American Graffiti' '55 Chevy gasser.  The tri-carb intake is entirely scratchbuilt including all the fuel lines, carb linkages, filters, etc.  the capped header and exhaust system is also scratchbuilt using silver solder and polished aluminum tubing. 
    The interior is done in grey and blue base coat (satin finish) and the exterior paint is custom mixed pearl blue basecoat/clearcoat. The carpeting for the interior and trunk is done in grey felt.

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  3. traditional added a post in a topic ’73 Vega Kammback   

    That's simply TOO COOL. I love it.
  4. traditional added a post in a topic Post you flame paint jobs!   

    Hi Bill,
    The paint on my 2008 HHR is called 'Merlot Jewel Metallic Clearcoat' and the wheels are from Moon Equipment . They carried the only 'Halibrand style' wheels that would fit on Chevy HHRs at the time. There may be others now.
    I bought the car/truck new in late 2008 when the dealer was having a really hard time selling a 'loaded' panel truck. I've always liked 'sedan deliveries, and here was my chance to have a totally dependable and economical interesting vehicle. It's strictly a toy to me....not a daily driver and it doesn't see even rain, let alone snow. I also have a regular HHR wagon that I use as a daily driver.
  5. traditional added a post in a topic Post you flame paint jobs!   

    I even have mild flames on my HHR panel.
  6. traditional added a topic in Under Glass: Pickups, Vans, SUVs, Light Commercial   

    Something a little different: Japanese 2-Seaters (sort of)

    These relatively simple kits were all built 'box stock' back in 1998 after purchasing them all during a vacation in Singapore.
    I really enjoy unusual subjects and these 1/32 Arii 3-wheeler kits certainly fit that category nicely.

    Daihatsu CM10T

    Daihatsu Tri-Mobile


    Mazda K360

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  7. traditional added a post in a topic 1924 Bugatti 35 - 1/20 Casadio/Revival Double Build   

    Hi Jurgen, Not only have you overcome the Casadio kit's shortcomings, you've made exemplary models and also, as you always do, photographed them beautifully. Congratulations!

    I've built a few of them over the years and, like you, I was always amazed that at their high price point, so many of the parts and assemblies were not totally sorted out for fit or completion.. If I remember correctly, the Bugatti had no steering tie-rod connections to the wheels/spindles. I think that their appeal, back in the day, was that they were one of the first companies to supply fairly realistic looking wire wheels on some of their models.
  8. traditional added a post in a topic 1948 Ford corner (Testors IMC) Post 'em if you got 'em!   

    A build from at least 35 years ago. Flames were masked and airbrushed and all the pinstriping was all done by hand with a tiny brush. Moon discs were spun from the bottom of a pop aftermarket sources back then.
    Now-a-days, I'd have corrected the windshield proportions, and improved the door alignment, etc. but I tend to leave my old builds just as I originally built them and keep them dust-free in display cases.

  9. traditional added a post in a topic Old School Dirt Sprints and Midgets   

    Although I live a long distance away from Williams Grove Speedway, it's without a doubt my favorite track and I try to get there at least once a summer......lots of great 410 racing, beautiful location, reasonable price, and NON SMOKING. This year, weather permitting, I'm planning to go on July 29....the same weekend that I go to the car show/toy show in Macungie PA.
    In the same trip, I also always try to get to the Eastern Museum of Motor Racing in Latimore.......a fabulous racing museum run mostly by dedicated racers.
    Years ago, my brother and I restored an old midget racer that is now part of our old car collection.

  10. traditional added a topic in Under Glass   

    Back to the '50s...Triumph TR2 and TR3
    These are both old builds of Gunze Sangyo's Triumph sports cars...a green TR3 and a red TR2.
    These both come with some 'photo-etch' details including rather strange 'PE' fold together chassis details.
    I apologize if you've seen these before but I'm enjoying trying out my new 'photo tent' and lights.

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  11. traditional added a post in a topic Old School Dirt Sprints and Midgets   

    A group shot of most of my Dirt race cars. The one to the left rear is a modified Strombecker 'Dirt Champ' slot car that uses my own graphics and added detail.
  12. traditional added a topic in Under Glass   

    Old School Dirt Sprints and Midgets
    These are all old least 25 years old except for the maroon flamed Monogram midget which is about 40 years old.
    I may have shown a couple of these on here before, but I've just been trying out my new 'photo tent' and these are fresh pics.

    Late '60 sprint car modified from Monogram' s 'super Modified Sportsman'

    Early '70s sprint shortened and modified from AMT's Grant King Racer

    '60s midget...modified from Monogram's Midget Hot Shot

    Modified from Monograms original midget kit from the '50s....a basic Curtis midget

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  13. traditional added a post in a topic Show Us Your Full Sized Oldsmobiles!   

    I realize that this isn't in the true spirit of this post, but I think this is my only other finished Olds model from the classic '50s/60s era....a traditional full custom '55 Olds done a couple of winters ago.

  14. traditional added a post in a topic Show Us Your Full Sized Oldsmobiles!   

    All old Johans or Excells....builds from at least 25 years ago