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  1. traditional added a post in a topic Obscure Kits You Never Knew Were Made...Until Now   

    I built one of each of those kits back in 1998 after finding them in a department store in Singapore (during a vacation tour).
    Being the fairly conservative guy that I guess I am, I eschewed all  the trinkets and baubles, and built the (FUSO) Mitsubishi trucks as I assumed they would have been delivered. As I recall, the instructions were somewhat vague but I persevered and even made the side protector bumpers and cab mirror brackets in soldered brass rod (to replace the oversize and crudely molded kit versions. I also didn't include the electric motors on my models. Although these are simple, crude models, for some bizarre reason I still like them and if others came along at reasonable prices, I wouldn't hesitate to buy a couple more. 

  2. traditional added a topic in Diecast and Resincast Models   

    (PICS) Neo's new 1/24 resin 1949 Cadillac...
    Neo has generally made nice 1/43 and (a few) 1/18 resin models, but they've recently introduced a 1/24 1949 Cadillac series 62 Sedanette for what i think is a very reasonable price ($97 on their  American Excellence website)
    As with most of their other scale offerings,there are no operating features but the paint and details are very nicely done. The window frames as well as the Eldorado wires are all 'photoetch'.


    Three Neo 1949 Cadillacs in three different scales...1/18, 1/24, 1/43
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  3. traditional added a post in a topic Aunt Ruth's Duster   

    Hi Eric,   I'm really glad that you've started posting your cool models on this board.  Your choices and execution of the models are exemplary......  Delightfully not the same old mainstream models.
  4. traditional added a topic in Under Glass   

    Olds powered '50s traditional Deuce 5 window
    I've just completed this traditional Deuce using a GMP roadster kit and a derelict 5 window coupe (body only found on Ebay) 
    I may be fiddling with a few things for a couple of days but for all intent and purpose, it's done. The GMP/Acme roadster kit ( I love these kits) comes with a Chevy, a Ford flathead, and an Ardun motor but I decided to use an Oldsmobile motor that came from a supercharged '41 Willys gasser and modify it into a more street-typical '57 Olds J2 tri-carb motor by making a scratchbuilt intake manifold, valve covers and exhaust manifolds. I also added handmade carb linkage, ignition coil, and fuel lines as well as the usual wiring and plumbing. The carpeting is simulated with tan colored felt and the exhaust system is polished non-lead solder wire and aluminum tubing. The windshield area of the coupe body has been modified to have lighter corner radii and the windshield frame is polished aluminum wire. The inner door window frames are also polished aluminum wire, and the custom-mixed dark yellow paint is automotive basecoat/clearcoat. 
    I tucked the exhaust manifold immediately inward so I could optionally use engine-hood side-panels.

    With optional hood side-panels

    Sitting beside last year's similar 5 window adaptation to a GMP/Acme plastic and metal roadster kit

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  5. traditional added a post in a topic Dyno Don Nicholson Comet Cyclone Funny Car   

    Hi again, Marlowe,  Good to see you (and your models) on this forum. This is a good place to be.
    Cliff Read
  6. traditional added a post in a topic Resin 1965 Ford transit (long wheel base)   

    The first of the 1965 style Transits used a 2.0 litre V4 although a smaller displacement of this 'Essex' engine was also available. As time went by a Perkins diesel was also available with a modified grille area (affectionately known as the 'pig-snout').
    A V6 later became available with the same modified front end and evidently these were better hi-performers than many of the British passenger cars at that time. 
  7. traditional added a topic in Diecast and Resincast Models   

    Resin 1965 Ford transit (long wheel base)
    Premium Classixx makes a well proportioned 1/18 British/German Ford Transit Van as a Porsche Racing support vehicle from the '60s.
    I quite like these old European vans especially when they had the tiny heavier duty truck wheels including double back wheels.  I removed the Porsche Racing markings on my model and added pose-able steering as well as finishing the front wheels to not have the optional front hub cover caps as Premium Classixx depicted it.  This resin model has chassis detail....something very few resin models provide these days.

    Ford's original prototype long wheelbase Transit in 1964

    The premium Classixx model with its Porsche markings and capped front wheels
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  8. traditional added a topic in Diecast and Resincast Models   

    1/24 FAW CA141 medium duty truck (excellent diecast)
    FAW (an acronym for 'First Automobile Works'), a Chinese car and truck manufacturer, introduced the Jiefang (pronounced Jay-Fong) CA141 in 1988 to replace the aging CA10, an early post war truck developed from the Russian ZIS-150 (which was in turn developed from the WWll American 'lend lease' International K-series trucks).
    I've visited China three times and although these CA141 trucks are gradually being replaced with more advanced, modern vehicles, they are still visible in large numbers, especially in smaller cities.
    This 1/24 FAW CA141 diecast model is exceptionally well done, with some surprising detail and was evidently intended as a promotional model for the truck manufacturer.  They can still  be found on Ebay from Chinese vendors with the prices ranging anywhere from around US$100 to about US$200.  When I purchased this one a few years ago, they were available in blue, white or dark yellow.   I think that they are an exceptional value.

    Notice the over-center style hood hold-downs and the separate wheel fasteners, etc.

    The CA141 posed with the earlier CA10 which it superceded

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  9. traditional added a post in a topic Monogram 1/24's - post 'em up !!   

    Done in the '70s but kept in displaycases....'40 ford Pickup and '36 Ford coupe


  10. traditional added a post in a topic Man, oh man... I miss Danbury Mint!   

    Yes, Franklin Mint made the '58 Chrysler 300D convertible in light blue.  It was a limited edition offering. See the listing below
  11. traditional added a post in a topic First Gear Freightliner Material Handler in 1/34   

    Although I don't have the Freightliner version of a 'Material Handler', I do have lots of FirstGear trucks including a previous Material Handler.....A Mack Granite with a Prentiice Boom.  FirstGear's trucks are generally exceptionally well done with lots of articulated parts.  I'd describe their models a excellent value for the money.
    I don't know what the Freightliner's features are, but here are some examples of the Lafarge Mack Granite's details.  

  12. traditional added a post in a topic Man, oh man... I miss Danbury Mint!   

      I believe that Harry's DM '53 Buick Skylark was the first diecast model to improve on the dog-leg doors by making the front edge of the doors swing in instead of out.
  13. traditional added a post in a topic Man, oh man... I miss Danbury Mint!   

    Sorry,,Double post
  14. traditional added a post in a topic Man, oh man... I miss Danbury Mint!   

    Just one more of FM's early castings that I still enjoy looking at.......1956 Continental Mark II.   Their original edition was in black and this one was a later 'limited Special edition'....hence the goofy plaque in the trunk. 
    This casting was done when dog-leg doors were state of the art.   I believe that Harry's DM '53 Buick Skylark was the first diecast model to improve on the dog-leg doors by making the front edge of the doors swing in instead of out.

  15. traditional added a post in a topic Man, oh man... I miss Danbury Mint!   

    Here are a couple of models that Franklin Mint actually captured better than DM,............the early post war Chevy panel and Suburban.    FM got the windshield proportion fairly accurately while DMs version was too harsh and flat across the top.
    Incidentally, my panel version was never done in production by FM. The model was bought on ebay and was an FM prototype for the panel van, but done in the color and trim that was used only on FM's Suburban.  It's probably a 'one-off' and is one of my favorite diecast models.