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  1. traditional added a topic in Under Glass   

    '41 Chevy Standard Coupe...late '60s traditional street rod
    This one has taken a lot of time and although I'll be tweaking lots of details for a few days to come, these are the first pics of the vehicle in relatively finished condition. 
    This '41 Chevy coupe was done from a relatively crude and disproportionate 1/24 Testors kit, so there was a major amount of modification to the proportions in all respects, the most important of which were: raising and re-contouring the roof, opening up (and re-contouring) all windows, recessing the grille area, lowering and re-contouring the rocker panel, cutting open the trunk and forming a trunk-lid and its tiny hinges in aluminum, and fabricating tight swing door hinges. 
    I used simple and clean '40s Chev truck bumpers, and I've added subtle '60s era custom touches throughout  the model (including a brass fuel-filler door). 
    The kit engine is now replaced with a detailed 396" Chevy (wiring, plumbing, fuel line, linkage, return spring, mesh filter, etc.) and the wheels are Chevy disc-brake style, painted with Alclad and Humbrol orange. 
    The hood is louvered, interior (and trunk) carpeting is in felt, upholstery is custom tuck-n-roll, and the new front seat backs fold forward for access to the rear seat. 
    The complete exhaust system (including the lakes plugs) is custom made.
    When I decided to make a '41 Chevy coupe, I originally gave some thought to beginning this project with a Danbury Mint '41 Chevy coupe but they're expensive, very rare, and they, too, have a slightly too low and too flat roof. Besides, I really enjoy a challenge. 
    Paint is custom mixed 'pearl orange russet' and the building materials used include: styrene, clear polycarbonate, aluminum, brass, silver wire, Bondo, felt, vinyl, resin, and diecast.

    Full size '41 Chevy 'greenhouse area

    Testors' disproportionate body shapes
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  2. traditional added a post in a topic Bos-Models resin...1982 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham   

    Evidently, according to a few youtube restorations that I've watched for reference,, the Cadillac at that time (with all the emissions controls of the era) had only a single tailpipe. It, like most other American cars of the era, was bad on fuel and was quite slow in the performance department. I don't profess to be at all knowledgeable about any luxury cars,....they've never been my area of interest, but I do generally like the models being produced by BOS-MODELS in resin because they usually have nice finishes, are quite well detailed with fine trim and flush windows and, as far as limited edition resin models go, they're relatively inexpensive (around $98 US) . They also seem to only do models of cars that haven't been done at all by the diecast or plastic manufacturers, so they have a relatively interesting bunch of models of delightfully less popular vehicles, including some Eastern European cars (Trabant, Tatra, Wartburg, etc.).
    I still collect mostly 'opening ' diecast models, but I'm also just fine with the 'curbside' resin models as long as they're well done and reasonably inexpensive. My two favorite brands of 1/18 resin models are the Bos-Models and Otto Mobile (from France) as well as a few higher priced Neo resin models (although I haven't bought any of them for a while because of their higher price point).
    Most of the limited edition1/18 resin models manufacturers are asking upwards of around US$300 which I find excessive. When they went on sale at a local automotive collectible shop, I did buy a couple of '50s era Buick Motorama show cars from Minichamps.....the Wildcat, and Centurion shown below.

  3. traditional added a topic in Diecast and Resincast Models   

    Bos-Models resin...1982 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham
    I've just received this 1/18 resin model and, although I'm not a 'luxury car guy', this model is beautifully finished. of Bos-Models' best reproductions of an American car, in my opinion.
    In the last pic, I've added my two other 'Bos'  American cars...a Cadillac Eldorado and a '57 Imperial......both of which are quite attractive, but fall far short of this Fleetwood Brougham in proportion and detail.  The Eldorado required lots of added work with foil as well as changing the 'pimp style' whitewalls to more appropriate narrow white-walls, and the Imperial is disproportionately wide and low in the 'greenhouse' area.
    Bos-Models has done lots of well done European vehicles but it's taken them a few tries to get the American cars reasonably well.
    The best source that I've found for Bos-Models in the US is through 'American Excellence'.....their prices seem to usually be less than half of the typical Ebay prices.

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  4. traditional added a topic in Diecast and Resincast Models   

    Bos-Models' 1/18 Lotus XI (with modified windshield)
    The Lotus XI was built from 1956 until 1958 as a collaboration between Colin Chapman (Lotus cars) and Frank Costin (aerodynamic stylist).  I think that this lightweight race car was exceptionally pretty even by today's standards, and, for years, there have been companies producing reproductions of them for use as club racers. .
    Bos-Models' little racer originally depicted a version that was used for a speed record using an enclosed canopy.....very well done, but I wanted the more common open cockpit version using a low windscreen (but still with the headrest styling), so the canopy was removed and a polycarbonate windscreen was cut and formed to replace it.
    Bos also makes the non-headrest version of this Lotus for those who want an open cockpit racer that already uses a low windscreen.
    The best prices that I can find for Bos-Models in the US is from American Excellence.  I'm not affiliated with them in any way.

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  5. traditional added a post in a topic My old Revell 56 Mercury 1/32   

    I believe that once Revell modified the Mercury and the Buick versions into customs (circa 1960) , the tooling may have been too expensive to refurbish back into stock versions again. Fortunately, over the years, I've been able to find all the 1955 and 1956 versions of these kits in unbuilt condition. 
    I think that the 1955 tooling was probably modified to produce the 1956 versions so they, alsowouldnt be feasible for reintroduction.
  6. traditional added a post in a topic Maserati 3500 GT (an old Aurora kit)   

    Although I bought my setup in Canada,  this Ebay example from  the States  is similar to the one I bought..... In fact, it has even more equipment.
    It takes a few practice pics to get to know the appropriate lighting for model cars, but it certainly makes indoor photography easier.
  7. traditional added a post in a topic Another old model, finally photographed....MGTC   

    I guess that would certainly explain my interest in making my own hinges......a problem needing a solution
  8. traditional added a topic in Under Glass   

    Another 'Oldie'......Morgan 3 wheeler
    Another from decades ENTEX 'MOOG' stock and finished in basecoat/clearcoat.

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  9. traditional added a topic in Under Glass   

    Another old model, finally photographed....MGTC
    I'm enjoying photographing some of my old models that were completed decades before the digital photography age.
    This ENTEX MGTC model was done a couple of decades ago and the only modifications that I seem to have made were: my own metal hinges for the 'suicide' doors (I can't remember what the problem was with the original kit hinges), and also the spark-plug wiring (again, I can't remember whether the original model came with a wiring setup or not). I believe that the model was 1/16 scale.
    Paint is basecoat/clearcoat, so my build date was probably in the late '80s/early '90s.


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  10. traditional added a topic in Under Glass   

    Old model,..finally photographed: '57 Reventlow Scarab
    I'm enjoying photographing some of my old models that were completed decades before the digital photography age.
    This model was completed in the late '70s, mildly modified from a 1/25 Strombecker Scarab kit.  I was following an article in a sportscar book about one of the original Scarabs that had been modified into a street version back in the day. Mods included the hood scoop and the polished exhaust. 
    I do have an original unbuilt kit that I intend to build into the original race version one day soon.

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  11. traditional added a topic in Under Glass   

    A bunch of Merit racecar kit builds... first time photographed
    Seeing Dave Bantoft's cool Merit kit restorations here a few days ago made me realize that I've never photographed my old Merit kit builds that I completed in the mid '70s from some original '50s kits that I'd bought years before I built them.
    These were really simple basic kits of British and European racers and the only modifications that I made were scoring clear discs to simulate the wire wheels and finishing the models at their belt-lines where the upper and lower halves typically joined. I painted, back then, with a Binks Wren airbrush using Testors bottle paint thinned with (believe it or not) naptha fuel. Yes, I always painted outside, obviously, but even back then I prided myself in good shiny smooth paint finishes.These have all been kept together, dust free, in one of the original Monogram 'step style' display cases made to hold 6 or 7 smallish 1/25 scale models.  

    Early '50s Cooper with J.A.P. 500CC motor

    1955 Connaught Tybe B Grand prix racer

    1949/1950 Talbot Lago T26C Grand Prix racer

    1950/51 Alfa Romeo 159 Alfetta  Grand Prix racer

    1956 Aston Martin DB 3S

    1956-1958 Lotus Eleven

    1957 Vanwall VW5 Formula 1 Racer

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  12. traditional added a post in a topic Maserati 3500 GT (an old Aurora kit)   

    No, I bought a 2'x2'x2' translucent tent and appropriate lights on Ebay........quite inexpensive and, after a bit of experimentation, manage to take reasonable pics no matter what the outdoor weather is like.
    I still prefer to take pics outdoors in slightly overcast conditions, but at least now, I'm not stymied by the weather.
  13. traditional added a topic in Under Glass   

    Maserati 3500 GT (an old Aurora kit)
    This 1/25 Aurora 1957-1964 Maserati model kit was built years ago and was one of my first attempts at basecoat/clearcoat.  I'm just having some fun taking new pics in my photo-tent.

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  14. traditional added a topic in Under Glass: Pickups, Vans, SUVs, Light Commercial   

    HILUX VS Utility.....92 Toyota 4X4s
    These two 1/24 '92 Toyotas were completed a while ago (long while ago) but I was just having fun retaking pics using my recent photo tent.The HILUX is pretty much box stock Fujimi but the basic version is modified (using brochure reference) by removing the raised rubber side trim, filling in the sun-roof, fabricating a bench seat, and removing all the delux chrome trim and accessories. The stock basic wheels were pirated from a land cruiser kit, and the 'TOYOTA tailgate lettering' was done with Letraset pressure sensitive lettering.   Paint on both models is automotive basecoat/clearcoat.
    While I like both versions, I'm kind of partial to the 'utility version'.
    I'm also including a couple of pics of the Hilux with a couple of smaller scale models of virtually the same vehicle.....a 1/43 HI-STORY resin model and a 1/87th version that came in a chocolate egg.

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  15. traditional added a topic in Diecast and Resincast Models   

    Deuce 5 window...GMP kit and incomplete 5 window body

    I've just completed this traditional Deuce 5 window by modifying and combining a GMP roadster kit with an incomplete diecast 5 window body.
    All the parts were stripped of paint and the front window detail had to be modified for proportion by making the top of the window opening less curved (bonding a wire form to the metal body).  Simulated rubber running board detail was added to the fenders, and I also added the black top insert detail.
    I used the wheels from the GMP kit but substituted smaller diameter rear tires from my parts bin since the ones in the kit were a bit oversize in diameter. The simulated Mercury caps are plated fabric snaps.
    I wanted to use something a bit different for the drive train so I made a tri-carb 348 Chevy from the 409 used in an Ertl 'American Graffiti' '55 Chevy gasser.  The tri-carb intake is entirely scratchbuilt including all the fuel lines, carb linkages, filters, etc.  the capped header and exhaust system is also scratchbuilt using silver solder and polished aluminum tubing. 
    The interior is done in grey and blue base coat (satin finish) and the exterior paint is custom mixed pearl blue basecoat/clearcoat. The carpeting for the interior and trunk is done in grey felt.

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