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  1. scbaker added a post in a topic Good bye my Friends   

    Not complaining ... : )
    Just pointing out some issues
    Thanks for noticing ...

    Steve B.
  2. scbaker added a post in a topic Good bye my Friends   

    Sorry Harry I spelled a word incorrectly ... Guess my college days have let me down again ... I'm sure you are perfect though ... Thanks for pointing it out !

    Exactly what I'm talking about
    Let it go ... Build something ... Don't knock people down !

    Steve B.
  3. scbaker added a post in a topic Good bye my Friends   

    Thats just it ... how do you know if another "Mod" is doing his job correctly ? ... You probably don't ... Because you don't communicate !

    Some people need thicker skin ... When my grandfather was called names when he came from Germany in 1945 that didn't keep him from building one of the united states biggest tooling manufacturing companys ... You know why ? Because he didn't care ! It was someone's opinion ... It made him stronger ... Made him dig deep and do great things ! ...

    Seriously it's a HOBBY ! ...

    Steve B.
  4. scbaker added a post in a topic You have to speek the language.   

    Is this a modeling forum or a "Think Tank" ?
    Seriously ... Let build something and have fun !

    Steve B.
  5. scbaker added a topic in General   

    Good bye my Friends
    I've greatly enjoyed my time here ... Astounded by great builds ... Inspired by great builders ... I really learned a lot ... Applied various techniques posted by great builders with great success to my own builds .... And to all of those I greatly thank you .... I will still check in to see the posts / builds but will not participate in any way shape or form because of the way members here are treated ... Everything can be worked out ... But to "stalk" , "hound" and disrespect members because of opinions and statements are totally and unconstitutionally frightening ... This is the United States of America ! ... It was built on opinions ... Rubbing people the wrong way ! , saying things that could hurt people's feeling ! ... Get a grip people ... !!! ... This is a place for our freedom of speech ... Our way to express ourselves .... And for god sakes a modeling forum ... not the Senent Floor ! If you have nothing to do but read every post on this forum you must have a sad existence ... Sorry but that is nothing but truth : /

    HEY MODIRATORS ! ... Why haven't you put a lock on every post of the General Lee ! ... I find that very offensive !!! ... Let's think about what's going on here ! ... Fair is FAIR !!!!

    New MODIRATORS are a must !
    Get a grip guys ... Or maybe a job ! ... : /

    You want this to be a success ...? ... Let it flow ... Let people express them selves ... America was and is built and our views and opinions ... Good bad or indifferent ... Lets get this thing squared away ... I'll check back in a few months to see how things are going ... Hopefully I will be suprised ... If not ... no big deal ... I will find new friends with open minds and big hearts ready to teach and learn ...
    Was going to subscribe to the mag ... MODIRATORS put a stop to that ... Hopefully Gregg reads this ... Ones not enough to throw up a flag but I'm sure there are others that feel the same way but stand firm hoping YOU will DO something ... Please DO something !

    Good bye my friend ... ( for now )
    Steve B.

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  6. scbaker added a post in a topic Why aren't the mods accountable for thier wrongdoings?!   

    These are the things that distroy a great forum ... I've been a member here for a few years and have posted minimally ... Mostly in one area ... Will not get envolved in long posts that have opinions of builds or other issues ... I've seen a lot of moderators just totally go off on members because "they" think it was out of line ... Our forum has rules and moderators need to read the rules and understand those before taking a moderators position ... I agree with MAGNUM ... We are all adults for the most part ... Although a few great youg builders visit and post and participate ... Yes we do need to be cautious in that respect ... This is a MODELING FORUM ! ... Let's build and post things that excite us and others ! ... Moderators will be the distruction and lack of participation of this forum ... Please if it's not political , religous , offensive to others let it go ... And most of all let's not single out others because your opinion differs from others ... JMO !!

    Steve B.
  7. scbaker added a post in a topic Detroit NNL   

    Heres a few ... Enjoyed the show.

    Will be going in April ... 7th 2013 ... Put it on the calendar .

    Steve B.
  8. scbaker added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    Got this today at the Detroit show ... Great time ... Could have spent a lot of $$$ but Christmas is comming .

  9. scbaker added a post in a topic Detroit NNL   

    I'll be attending this show also ... First show I've been to since getting back into the hobby ... Pretty excited ... Long drive though ... About 3.5 hours for us and the club members ... Should be a great time.
  10. scbaker added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    Another great Ford Pinto to add to my collection ... Not sure why I collect them ... I just think they are really cool kits ... I'm not even sure how many different Pinto kits there are ... Anybody know ? ...

    Steve B.
  11. scbaker added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    Three more in the mail on Saturday ... I think I should start building now ... My soon to be wife gives me dirty looks every time I come back smiling from the mailbox

  12. scbaker added a post in a topic 39 Chevy Modified   

    Looks great James ... Seen the build over on Fred's ... Great paint and detailing.
    Like that you made the front wheels moveable ... Adds a lot of realism.
  13. scbaker added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    A few new ones in the mail today

  14. scbaker added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    Got these yesterday at our club meeting ... Not too sure about the tires in the Datsun PU ... Kinda hard ... Anybody got replacement ?
  15. scbaker added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    Got these today ... Got a few more on the way ...

    Two sealed and one open but bags inside are factory sealed ... Might hold on to them for awhile ... But man I sure would like to build them all ... We will see ... I'm betting they get built ... That's why we buy models right ?

    Steve B.