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  1. willysfan added a post in a topic New SMBC Mustang II resin kit   

    Another great job coming off your bench Raisin!
  2. willysfan added a post in a topic Custom Built Chevy II   

    Great job Floyd! Really like the AWB cars. That is certainly yellow!
  3. willysfan added a post in a topic Competition Coupe   

    That's a great coupe, Walter!
  4. willysfan added a post in a topic Pro Stock Monza   

    Like they said, Great job Chris! I saw that kit on your site, gotta get 1. Used to have a spyder and wanted to do that to it! See you are a newbie,you will see alot of familiar "faces" here.
  5. willysfan added a post in a topic kit in bag   

    There used to be a mail order company for models,tools and parts named Auto World,sounds like maybe just a grabbag of funny car parts from them.
  6. willysfan added a topic in General   

    I'm sure that this is here somewhere,but I haven't found it. Do we have to get Photobucket account or another service, or can pics just be uploaded as attached files? I see the attachment area below, but just wasn't sure if it was for pics or?
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  7. willysfan added a post in a topic All stand! The Doctor has entered the building!   

    Hi Mike! Another great and familiar "face".
  8. willysfan added a post in a topic Hubert Platt's Paul Harvey Ford   

    Very nice looking old Ford,Floyd. Good to see you over here too. I actually go to several forums,but mostly the other one.With all the blowing off steam there right now, I figured I'd come back here a little more.
  9. willysfan added a post in a topic Fast Eddie Schartman Comet   

    Another fine looking job. Can't say enough good things about your builds Raisin. Good to see you, Harry and Floyd here.
  10. willysfan added a post in a topic Johan Is Back   

    There is also this--- johanmodelsresurrected@yahoogroups.com
  11. willysfan added a post in a topic Not your father's Oldsmobile! BUT YET GrandMa's! 12/03/06   

    Not to push another publication here, but we all do read more than one mag I'm sure. The Oct 2006 issue of ScaleAuto has an article on almost the same subject, they made a two door wagon from four door. Has very good directions on scribing door lines and the details.
  12. willysfan added a post in a topic Outcast rod with parts from everywhere..   

    I was going to suggest the sbc from the 70 Impala with big tall injector tubes but as I read your thread and saw what you did it looks great. Gave me some ideas of what to do with an old beat up Outcast I have in the parts box.
  13. willysfan added a post in a topic New Members PLEASE READ THIS!   

    JUst a check to make sure I am a rule abiding member.