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  1. Jet Rod Community Build

    I agree, those intakes are cool. Hopefully I´ll have some time next weekend to build my `37 ragtop
  2. Jet Rod Community Build

    Daxman those redesigned rear side jets on your VW look way much better now.
  3. Jet Rod Community Build

    Something like this:
  4. Jet Rod Community Build

    I started schratching turbines for my '37: I used amt dagmars, amt 63 Corvette wheels, thimbles, some promo wheels with drilled out centers, white plastic tubing from childrens pen and star wars battle droid thing afterburner units. Lots of protective metal plating to be added but the basic stucture of engines is now there.
  5. Jet Rod Community Build

    Main parts for 37 chevy convertible engines have been found! Parts from star wars droid tri fighter engines, 63 Corvette wheels, some thimbles and some plastic tubing....
  6. Jet Rod Community Build

    Nice looking scratchbuild turbines on rocketwagen.. I will be using that AMT 37 Chevy ragtop then and it will be equipped with a sophisticated anti- gravitation device + powerful turbines. It will take a while for me to start this build though bacause I have to finish my current model project first.
  7. Jet Rod Community Build

    OK I have started searching a decent kit to start my Jet Rod build. So far have found only an AMT 37 Chevy Convertible model box including only body parts and interior bucket but I'd rather not use it because I don't want to copy your 37 Coupe build.
  8. 32 Ford Jet Rod - Hover car

    Sir! Your Jetrods are simply stunning! They are pieces of great modelbuilding art and truly inpirational models. I agree that jetpunk etc. Would make an interesting community build.
  9. 1937 Toyoda AA - Bagged Bomb

    Thank you for your kind comments! El Caballo: Being a Finn I had to look up what Ranfla means thanks for teaching me a new word!
  10. 1937 Toyoda AA - Bagged Bomb

    So this is my attempt to build Tamiya´s ´36 Toyoda AA as a ´37 Bagged lowrider bomb. Paint tamiya TS-11 Maroon, scratchbuild visor and many other small details, Modelhaus swamp cooler, AMT hubcaps with Pegasus wheels and tyres. I installed air bags front and rear and had to modify front section of the frame and oil pan to clear lowered and narrowed front axle. The air suspension is now supposed to be in its maximum lowlow posotion. Oh, I also decided to convert this to leht hand steering version. Pics:
  11. 1988 Buick Regal Lowrider

    HI! This lowrider model is based on a 1/25 promo which had no information of model company that has made it. Promo was packed in white cardboard box with color prints of drawn pics of red Regal and large Buick- logos. Maybe it´s made by Brooklin or MPC or AMT... I don´t know. Same company has obviously made the Buick Reatta promo bcause it it so similar to this Regal. But on to model: I Disassembled the promo and painted it with tamiya paints. Body has: Surfacer white + Light pearl red + lame flake ( PS) + clear + metallic orange ( thin mist layers ) + clear Some modifications to rear subrame was done also and finally I added Pegasus wheels. Pics:
  12. HI! This model started as a 1/25 snap rescue kit from MPC. Now it´s a model of a Search And Rescue vehicle with some extra detailing, scratchbuilt roofrack and so on.. Comments and questions are welcomed of course. Pics:
  13. 1988 VW Golf ( Rabbit )

    Well It should be yes but it isn't. Roofline is really a bit too low. I know this because I own a 1:1 1988 Jetta which has the same roofline height. Thank you for your nice comments and fot the rabbit info.
  14. 1988 VW Golf ( Rabbit )

    So this is 1988 VW Golf. It's called VW Golf here in Europe and VW Rabbit in U.S. if I'm right. Actually this kit represents a chopped 1986 model but I left fixed " went " windows off to make it look like '88 model with older side mirrors and grille. Fujimi has done a great job by molding a chopped Mk2 Golf body so it wasn't possible to build this this one as a stock version. Using tamiya bright orange spray led to other things in decal placement.
  15. 1988 Porsche Turbo

    Old Monogram kit with aftermarket brakes and Aoshima tyres & Revell wheels. Paint: Tamiya dark deck tan + clear. Local ( Finnish ) licence plates. Pics: