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  1. Oops, I wrong url. The correct link: https://www.highlightmodelstudio.com/en
  2. That sun visor is a multipiece PE- detail set found from this site: ( The link below is now corrected ) https://www.highlightmodelstudio.com/en
  3. Now this one is finished:
  4. Thank you for your nice comments! Meanwhile I have done some scratcbuilding to shut wheelwells for more streamlined look. Pics will follow when all body modifications are ready.
  5. First paint coats on. Otherwise this model is still in mock - up stage.
  6. Mock up pics of more recent modifications. Replacing rear wheels are fully adjustable rear thrusters with antigravitation coils.🤪
  7. More body modifications and new way to assemble main engines.
  8. I'm back with this build! Shortened those previously schratchbuild engines so now they are not too big for this car. Also deleted the convertible bodystyle by adding a top unit from 36 Ford.
  9. This is Evo X Ralliart from Aoshima with PE- parts and some other modifications. -Tinted windows made from smoke PVC- sheet from Raboesch. -Aftermarket seatbelts -Aoshima Skyline wheels -Tamiya 306 Peugeot tyres -Fujimi tyre decals -Tamiya cherry red and gun metal paint -computer generated local plates Thanks for looking!
  10. Thank you all of your nice comments. This model was really fun to plan and build. One does not always have to make the most obvious choices for starting point for a gasser. Thinking a bit out of the box keeps things more interesting.
  11. Actually those wheels and tires in front are about the same size than original ones that came with the kit. At rear those wheels and tyres are bigger than original in widht and height. I also think that this gasser is built as light as possible.
  12. Oh, and of course it has local ( Finnish ) licence plates and 80- sticker which means it only is allowed to drive 80 km /h on street ( this one really is NOT street legal here in finland. ) To keep it more on a suicide- style I also removed front brakes. Tyres are from modelhaus with chrome wheels from Revell 60 Chevy Street Fighter 2.
  13. HI. This is my latest version of 1967 VW Kastenwagen ( = Van ). Built as a sixties- style gasser it has a modified Corvair engine from AMT parts pak. Paint is from Tamiya, decals are from various Revell kits. I modified interior with revell seats and console. Axles are VW original but raised with schratchbuilt and revell parts. Comments are always welcomed!
  14. Thank you all of your comments! For cleaner side profile I decided to make kinda " HT- looking " side glass.
  15. And finally pics with my other pritchen from the same kit:
  16. Hello! So this one is a ´67 VW Pick - Up ( or pritchenwagen in Deutsch ) kit from Hasegawa. I decided to sand away any excess detail from it and to give it a typical 90´s custom show car look; clean appearance with semi gloss pearl white paint and modern wheels.. Those 13" BBS wheels and tyres came from Scaleproduction, paint is from Tamiya and seats are resin Volvo P1800 units from Air - Trax. Finnish custom ordered licence plates. glass is made from Raboesch smoke tinted PVC- sheet. pics:
  17. Hi! I built this Polar Lights - not - so - great - snap kit as a mild California looker. Paint: Tamiya Tyres: AMT Must fix that panel line in front of the windshield someday. Here you go with those pics:
  18. Hi!. This is my version of a well - known Tamiya kit. Local ( Finnish ) plates, pegasus wheels and tyres and some minor modifications. Tamiya spray paint layers in following order: - pink primer - gun metal - clear red - clear - clear green - clear - pearl - clear x 2 As usual, all comment and questions are more than welcomed. Into the pics we go:
  19. Hi! I build this one from an Airfix Quickbuilder snap kit in two days just to get something new to the shelf... Tamiya paints and some scrarchbuild parts and Revell wheels & tyres. I just wanted to see if a kit as simple as this could be converted into a decent looking shelf model..
  20. I don't know what that thing is I just found it from my partsbox.
  21. Sorry I ment MPC not AMT. MPC Pacer has those tyres - but only two tyres / kit ( for the rear axle ). So I went and bought several pacers to get enough tyres.
  22. There isn´t. The is not a single one 4x4 VW Bus kit available unfortunately. In Europe market that Vanagon is T23 and VW:s own name for 4x4 is Synchro.
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