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  1. Well done, it's a wonderful kit to build. I've built three now, including an MX5 Global cup car. I have some leftover white stripe decals if you're interested.

  2. Here's my Apollo 12 Vette built from a R of G '69 Corvette kit using a few pieces from a '67 Vette (wheels and some engine parts). I had to fabricate outer sills as the kit comes with sidepipes, and added some exhaust tips from aluminium tubing cut to shape. Paint is Tamiya Gold with a hint of Yellow Pearl over the top. The real car was leased for $1 by Al Bean, the Lunar Module Pilot, hence the LMP xii licence plate.


  3. Just finished this custom Lindberg '53 Ford which was started many years ago and then sat on the shelf of doom.  Paint is Tamiya Light Blue Metallic with a Mica Blue roof covered in Lame Flake and then some clear blue. The bumpers are from a '65 Mustang (front) and the rear is a cut-down '69 Mustang front. The rear lights are shaped clear red sprue.



  4. I recently read an article in the November 2020 issue of Octane magazine about the unique Corvettes leased to the Apollo 12 astronauts for the princely sum of $1 for a year.


    The only surviving example originally belonged to Lunar Module Pilot Alan Bean, and duly inspired I acquired a Revell coupe as a starting point. I had to fabricate lower sills and trim, because the kit came with sidepipes, and also open up exhaust outlets in the rear panel. The body is painted in Tamiya Gold under Yellow Pearl.20210204_160506.jpg.f83920a4053c3645a05b5b5156a6dfeb.jpg20210204_160450.jpg.28efd52dedf51c58240be13892d6e441.jpg20210208_133035.jpg.9a6892dc8d56f50f1263f07263d8a475.jpg20210208_132959.jpg.7b484028f01e31597dfe8a5c1ad51db2.jpg

  5. 8 hours ago, khier said:

    Beautiful. How did you treat the chrome parts? BMF?

    Thanks Walid. Yes, I used BMF for the chrome trim and Molotow for touching up the chrome parts. My kit also had all the moulding problems being experienced by GeeBee in his review, but they were a quick fix.

  6. 13 hours ago, 89AKurt said:

    Very nice job on all.  I like the Mercedes 540K, is that the Monogram kit?  I have the Cord kit, have plans for doing Tom Mix car.  The Duesenberg is awesome.

    Cheers Kurt, it's actually an old Johan kit, I also have the roadster version to build.

  7. Time for my annual review of additions to my fleet of cars - quite a productive year, what with COVID and no overseas trips or visitors, resulting in a record production of 30 kits. I also managed to place in a couple of competitions.










    20201103_100503 (2).jpg


    20201203_130803 (2).jpg





  8. 1 hour ago, iamsuperdan said:

    *opens can o' worms*


    Yeah, but manufacturers building cars that all look the same is nothing new.

    I agree, it happens throughout the decades. Here's a kit comparison, Camaro and Cuda. They are very similar apart from grilles, bumpers and some swage lines - a bit like the white cars above.


  9. 1 hour ago, RichCostello said:

    With 90%(or more) of the US kits being 1/25 scale, that wouldn't leave too much left! I say, get rid of the silly 1/24!

    Apart from all the vehicle kits produced by Aoshima, Fujimi, Hasegawa, Platz/Nunu, Tamiya, Beemax, Belkits, Revell Germany, Heller, Italeri, Airfix, ICM, Ebbro and multi media kits from the likes of Alpha Models, Model Factory Hiro, Hobby Design, USCP, Renaissance, Profil24........

  10. On 11/17/2020 at 9:08 AM, TeoL said:

    WOW!!! what a beautiful model, it looks incredible. Ted said it looked amazing

    Thank you so much 

    Cheers Teo, I feel humbled by your kind words and your grandfather's too - sincere thanks to him for providing the inspiration in the first place!

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